Speaking of that matter, many fans have been curious about Jung Il-woo’s love life, even some of them wonder who is Jung Il-woo’s wife in real life. Are you curious too? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about Jung Il-woo’s potential wife and his love story, so stay tuned!

Jung Il-woo Hasn’t Married Yet

Actor Jung Il-woo has gained a lot of attention for his acting in various roles, but one of his breakthrough appearances was in Unstoppable High Kick. Ever since that, the actor has starred in other popular movies and dramas. Speaking of his acting career, Jung Il-woo was also amazed the viewers with his capable ability to immersed within his character. Moreover, he could portray such amazing chemistry alongside his female co-stars. Then, is Jung Il-woo have good chemistry in real life with his spouse? Well, Jung Il-woo hasn’t married yet and he doesn’t have a wife or girlfriend currently. However, Jung Il-woo made good friends with several female celebrities which somehow made people mistake them for a couple.

Jung Il-woo’s Love-Life

The actor has started his career over 15 years. During that time, there must be a lot of news regarding him, including his personal life. Many female celebrities have been linked to him and they were involved in dating rumors. Check out some of them here:

Jung Il-woo and Park So-dam

Jung Il-woo and actress Park So-dam were met through an acting project, a drama titled Cinderella and Four Knights. He played the role of Kang Ji-woon, meanwhile, she played the role of Eun Ha-won. The drama depicts Ha-won’s life who suffers a lot after her mother died and her father remarried. Until one day, she has to live with three men after her encounter with an old man who is also a chairman of a large corporation. Thus, Ha-won met with Ji-woon, one of those three men, and get to know each other. Through the drama, both Jung Il-woo and Park So-dam became an adorable couple, even many fans have desired more of their chemistry in real life. However, both of them were professional and didn’t date in real life despite how good they were together on-screen.

Jung Il-woo and Sandara Park “2NE1” Relationship

Next, there was a rumor between Jung Il-woo and Sandara Park, a female celebrity as well as a former member of YG Entertainment‘s girl group, 2NE1. Initially, both Jung Il-woo and Dara (short for Sandara Park) were well-known as close friends. Moreover, they became a friend over 13 years and know each other very well. Dara once appeared as a guest on Jung Il-woo’s YouTube channel, meanwhile, the actor cooked a special dish for his best friend in return. Jung Il-woo once revealed his thoughts on filming a video with her. “The concept of the video’s shoot was dating, but our hearts weren’t fluttered. That’s when I felt that we were friends.” Some people were speculating that there was a spark between the two of them, but it wasn’t true since Jung Il-woo and Dara are cherish their friendship very much.

Jung Il-woo and IU’s Relationship

Aside from Dara, Jung Il-woo was also involved in a dating rumor with singer and actress, IU. The rumor started when Jung Il-woo said that he likes IU and refers to her as his ideal type, but it was a confession from a fan to his idol, and it wasn’t a love confession. The actor also explained that he likes IU’s music, even he got inspired while listening to her song while filming the drama 49 Days. Furthermore, both Jung Il-woo and IU’s agency was denied the dating rumors and stated that they were just showing off support toward each other as the person who worked in the same industry.

Jung Il-woo’s Thoughts on Marriage

Well, it is stated that Jung Il-woo hasn’t married yet currently, but he used to talk about marriage and what kind of person that he would like to date. Jung Il-woo revealed that he wanted to date if he met a good person. To be exact, that good person is someone who he can learn from, someone who can understand him, and vice versa. For the marriage, he explained, “I think it’s too early to married, though. Of course, I could marry if I’d like. People say that we might be live to 100 nowadays, so I would like to more enjoy my life before getting married.” That’s everything about Jung Il-woo’s wife and his love story! Although the actor hasn’t married yet, we do hope that he will find someone as amazing as him for his love life partner! What do you think about Jung Il-woo? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and you can also share this article on your social media!

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