But don’t worry, in this article, Channel-Korea already provides information about Kim Taehyung’s siblings, from their names to interesting information about them. So, keep on reading this article!

Kim Taehyung Has Never Confirmed Anything About His Siblings

ARMY already knows that Kim Taehyung has a little brother and a little sister, but he has never shared the number of siblings he has. Since debut, a video spread showing Taehyung with his little brother has appeared. Apparently, the kids that are playing with him are his little cousins. Here’s the video!

He has never talked about his sister or brother, he only mentions his mother, father, and his beloved pet dog, Yeontanie.

BTS’s Taehyung’s Sister and Brother

Based on ARMY’s evidence, Taehyung’s statements, and even the circulating information regarding his siblings, Taehyung has one little brother and one little sister, namely Kim Eun-jun and Kim Jeong-gyu, respectively. So, here is their information!

Taehyung’s Sister: Kim Eun-jun

The claim that Taehyung has a sister is absolutely true; it is because Taehyung once mentioned his sister. In 2020, Taehyung once said that he didn’t want his sister and Jimin to be close and match up. He said that Jimin is actually very kind, and innocent, so he believes that Jimin can take care of everyone, including his sister. However, when he was asked by Jin, does he want to match his sister with Jimin, Taehyung immediately said, “No” and laughed. His sister’s identity is still not known how for sure, but one thing about her is her name. BTS’s V (Taehyung)’s sister’s name is Kim Eun-jun, but her private identity such as age, birth date, and social media accounts are not exposed.

Taehyung’s Brother: Kim Jeong-gyu

Taehyung and his father definitely look alike, but reportedly, his brother is also the same as him. His brother’s name is Kim Jeong-gyu and in the last few years, it has been exposed through the Instagram account @jjeong_gyu. Kim Jeong-gyu opened his personal Instagram in 2021 and he sometimes posts photos, he has posted 13 photos so far. From his posts, people think that he’s the real Taehyung’s brother because he looks similar to Taehyung and is also an animal lover like his brother. Not only that, but Jeon_gyu also posted a photo of Taehyung taking a picture of the scenery near the river, here’s the photo! Although he is rarely active on his Instagram, he already has 120k followers! However, there’s still no official statement from Taehyung or Jeong_gyu about this, moreover, Taehyung has never mentioned or revealed anything about his siblings to the public. So, that’s all the information about BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung)’s siblings that you have to know! From the photos above, do you think that they have similar faces to Taehyung? Don’t forget to kindly share this article with your fellow ARMY and people who want to know Taehyung well. Also, follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and always look out for our new updates on our website, here!

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