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Domenica Calarco is the cast of Married At First Sight 2022. Domenica Calarco is the cast of MAFS 2022. Besides, she is a professional makeup artist and a social media influencer. Calarco has gained much popularity and fame from social media after all she has amazed everyone with her amazing makeup skills. Further, Calarco’s fame has touched the height of the sky after she announced she will be in the cast of the popular Australian tv show MAFS 2022. Likewise, her fans and close ones are eager to see her appearance in the show. Moreover, Domenica is active on her Instagram account where she has gathered much love and supports from her fans and devotees. She is also an active model and content producer. MAFS cast Domenica Calarco is a model, make-up artist, and content producer. Majorly she has gathered limelight as the cast of MAFS 2022. Similarly, Calarco has worked with several brands including Canon, Mecca, and Michael Hill. No doubt she will be associating with many other brands in the upcoming days as her works are appreciated by everyone. Moreover, we can see many of her works on her social media handles. Domenica loves makeup and often shares her creativity online. Likewise, Calarco is expected to get featured on many other dramas in the future. She has had a youtube account where she had collected more than 17k subscribers, but recently she deleted it. Domenica Calarco is age assumed to be around 25-30. She hasn’t mentioned her exact age and her birth history is still missing from the web sources. Talking more about her personal life, Domenica Calarco holds Australian nationality. Calarco is an Australian-based model and influencer. Domenica Calarco’s parent’s details are still a mystery to us. Further, Domenica hasn’t shared any information related to her personal life publicly in the media as of now. So, sadly, we are not able to talk about her father and mother at this moment. Professional makeup artist and model Domenica Calarco is currently not available on Wikipedia. However, we can explore her profile on many available internet sources. Calarco is widely popular on social media platforms and recently she is known as part of the great Australian tv show MAFS 2022. The beauty influencer has worked as a beauty contributor on Studio 10 before starting a job as a social media executive. Likewise, Domenica Calarco is active on Instagram under the user name @domenica.calarco where she has gained 11.7k followers and has updated 1890 posts to the writing date. Calarco has kept her IG account private. domenica photo

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MAFS’s Domenica Calarco’s job ranges from being a fashion person to creating content and being an influencer. Domenica Calarco is one of the Married At First Sight (MAFS) 2022 contestants. She is all set to liven up the programme with her loud, honest, and outspoken demeanour. Domenica Calarco’s profession is that of a make-up artist. She is not only a make-up artist, but she also works in the modelling and content creation industries. Calarco’s skills, according to LinkedIn, include fashion, social media marketing, blogging, and more. She’s also worked with companies like Canon, Mecca, and Michael Hill. Domenica began her professional career in 2011 as a Sales Assistant at Cotton On Group. She later worked at EtailPR as an Australian Blogger or Ambassador for eight months beginning in January 2014. As the Australian Blogger Ambassador, she was in charge of all media and correspondence between the UK headquarters and individual Australian bloggers. Calarco’s employment history also includes a stint as a Beauty contributor on Studio 10 on Network 10 Australia. She then went to work at Vanity Group as a Social Media Executive, although she only stayed for three months. Domenica Calarco has teamed up with Jack O Millar, and the two have been making strides in their path together. In terms of her on-screen chemistry, she married Jack on the show. However, this is not Domenica’s first marriage; she was previously married for four years to her former boyfriend, according to Nine. Her marriage, however, was short-lived because she found it to be terrible and a disaster. As a result, the marriage lasted only two months. BFFs Domenica and Ella Ding have become partners and formed an alliance against Olivia and Carolina, who are thought to be mean girls. Domenica Calarco has Italian ancestors according to her mother’s family. She comes from a large and loud family and makes sure that her voice is heard. Calarco is looking for someone who will appreciate her eccentricities and encourage her to start a family of her own. At the time of writing, Domenica Calarco was 29 years old. Calarco has an excellent physical type and a towering stature as a model. Domenica Calarco has over 1900 Instagram followers. Similarly, the Sydney-based model has a following of over 70,000 people. Domenica Calarco is a member of the MAFS 2022 cast and a makeup artist. Know about Domenica Calarco’s parents, ethnicity, and birthday, as well as her Twitter account and relationship. Domenica Calarco is a well-known member of the MAFS 2022 cast. Domenica is also a skilled makeup artist who has amassed a sizable online following. Also, Calarco is a social media sensation who earned a lot of attention and renown as soon as she revealed her participation in the fantastic performance. Calarco, likewise, is a gifted makeup artist whose abilities and skills have always captured the hearts of many. People follow her for a reason, and she is consistently recognized and loved for her incredible makeup talents. Domenica was born in Australia, but she hasn’t revealed anything about her parents, so we don’t know who they are. Furthermore, Domenica has not published any details about her personal life in the media yet. As a result, we are unable to discuss her father and mother at this time. Domenica was born on February 26th, 1993. In terms of her personal life, Domenica Calarco is an Australian citizen.

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