“Don’t Call Me Again” is a song recorded by TWICE. The track was released on June 20th, 2020, as the 11th track of their ninth EP More and More. It is an ultimate post-breakup anthem that successfully brought a more mature vibe to TWICE. Being a more grownup version of “WooHoo” and “Touchdown”, this song demonstrates TWICE finally drifting away from themes of teenage love and naivety. Despite lacking rap lines and cuteness factor, the song brought its own flair to the mini-album through trumpeting horns and beautiful upbeat vocals by all the members. 

Background of “Don’t Call Me Again”

On May 20th, 2020, it was reported by NAVER that TWICE were preparing their new album and filming a music video. Later that day, JYP Entertainment officially confirmed the reports.  During the press release of TWICE’s YouTube documentary, “Seize The Light”, Jihyo also confirmed TWICE’s comeback on June 1st. It was also known that this would be a comeback for all nine members after Mina had taken a short break from the girl group’s activities due to mental health reasons.  On May 18th, 2020, the tracklist of the album was revealed through JYP Entertainment’s official Twitter account. This included the song “Don’t Call Me Again” as the sixth track in the album.  All the tracks in the mini-album, along with the music video “More and More” were released on June 1st, 2020, at 6 PM KST.

Story of “Don’t Call Me Again”

The song was composed by Markus “Mack” Sepehrmanes, Emanuel “Email” Abrahamsson, Imani Williams, Iman Conta Hultén, and arranged by Mack and Email. The lyrics were written by Park Lee Soo. In this case, JYP only contributed to the recording process, not the creation of the song. “Don’t Call Me Again” was distinctively characterized by its marching band-style instrumentals with trumpeting horns at the beginning. As the song progressed, the beats got a bit slower and less energetic towards the end. Nevertheless, Mina, Nayeon, and Tzuyu’s vocals successfully lifted the song by being able to hit all the high notes through falsettos in different parts of the song.  Some critics said that they enjoyed this song, however, this sort of musicality was also criticized for “being deficient in the group’s typical catchiness.” The absence of rap lines in “Don’t Call Me Again” also made the tune sound a bit flat and less dynamic compared to some other songs in the album. This track clearly tells about putting an ex-lover to shame, reminding them not to call again, as the heart has already gone cold for them. The song attempted to convey a more mature and straightforward idea of love, where it would be better to end the relationship soon, once it started to become toxic or unhealthy.

“Don’t Call Me Again” MV

This song did not have an official music video since it was not appointed as the title track in this album. However, JYP Entertainment uploaded the official audio for this track on YouTube right after the mini-album was released. As of July 2021, “Don’t Call Me Again” has been viewed 792,428 times on YouTube.

“Don’t Call Me Again” Performance

“Don’t Call Me Again” was not the lead single nor the title track of More and More, hence there are no stage or live performances of this song.

“Don’t Call Me Again” Achievements 

The song has ranked on South Korean digital music platforms weekly charts such as Bugs, GAON, Genie, Soribada, and Line. Since “Don’t Call Me Again” wasn’t the lead single nor the title track the song hasn’t made it to mainstream music charts like Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 yet. As of now, “Don’t Call Me Again” also has not yet received any award nominations.

“Don’t Call Me Again” Weekly Charts


“Don’t Call Me Again” Fun Facts

“Don’t Call Me Again” is a track with the shortest duration in the More and More mini-album, with only 2:53, while the rest of the songs last for more than 3 minutes. Don t Call Me Again  2020  by TWICE - 12