After releasing the teaser for the MV “Likey” on October 16, 2017, JYP Entertainment released the tracklist for Twice’s full comeback album titled Twicetagram. The Twicetagram tracklist was released on October 21, 2017. Twicetagram‘s full album contains 13 songs with the title track “Likey.” This album was produced by JYP Entertainment and distributed through Genie Music. Twicetagram was released on October 30, 2017. Twice‘s members contributed to writing lyrics for several songs on their comeback full album. They are Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Nayeon, Jihyo, and Jeongyeon. Dahyun and Chaeyoung wrote the rap part for the song “Missing U” as the third track, Nayeon and Jihyo wrote the lyrics for the seventh track titled “24/7,” Jeongyeon wrote the tenth track “Love Line,” and Chaeyoung wrote “Don’t Give Up” as the eleventh track. Chaeyoung is one of the members who was very active in participating in writing songs for Twice’s comeback album. In 2016, Chaeyoung participated in writing the lyrics for “Precious Love” for the EP Page Two, and “Eyes, Eyes, Eyes” for Twice’s fourth mini album in 2017, Signal. And, for the Twicetagram album, Chaeyoung wrote “Missing U” with Dahyun and wrote the lyrics for “Don’t Give Up.” “Don’t Give Up” is a song that tells about confidence while facing a bad day, and everyone has their own worries and difficulties. This song is a song that inspires Twice’s fans to not give up, as the title of this song suggests.

Background of “Don’t Give Up”

“Don’t Give Up” is the eleventh track on the Twicetagram album. This song is also known as “Himnae!” The “Don’t Give Up” lyrics were written by Chaeyoung, composed by Darren Smith, Thomas Harsem, Chris Wahle, Andreas Ohrn, and Tammy Infusino, and arranged by Darren Smith. “Don’t Give Up” is a song within the K-pop dance genre. This song is about self-confidence to keep shining and not give up. This 2-minute, 58-second song has a cheerful melody with a strong and clear beat. “Don’t Give Up”‘s music fits perfectly with the lyrics of this song which tells the story of self-confidence.

Chaeyoung Wrote the Unique Lyrics

Even though she was still 18 years old when she wrote the lyrics for “Don’t Give Up,” Chaeyoung proved her skills in writing song lyrics. She wrote the song “Don’t Give Up” with very beautiful and unique lyrics. This song has genuine, unique, and very cheerful lyrics. One of the most interesting lyrics in this song is the part sung by Sana. The lyrics are “My mom always tells me ‘You’re the prettiest as you are.’” The lyrics are very unique and suitable to encourage young people. In addition to the lyrics sung by Sana, the lyrics sung by Nayeon and Mina are also very beautiful and interesting: “The reason it was hard today is all for tomorrow. Live for my sake every day, adore me more than anything today.” The lyrics in the first verse of the song that Sana and Jihyo sing are also very pure and genuine: “You can’t always be happy every day, there’s a lot of fun but there’s a lot of worry. I’m not the only one who lives thinking this way, everyone lives embracing worries.” Very cheerful and beautiful lyrics and music can help you be more excited and confident while welcoming a new day.

Audio of “Don’t Give Up”

The audio of “Don’t Give Up” was released on Twice’s YouTube channel on November 19, 2017. The audio of this song has been played more than 251 thousand times and received 7.1 thousand likes.

Achievements of “Don’t Give Up”

“Don’t Give Up” didn’t get any special awards. However, “Don’t Give Up” with the 12 other songs managed to make the Twicetagram album a commercial success, and it received prestigious awards. The Twicetagram album managed to occupy position 1 on Billboard World Albums. Twice’s first Korean studio album also made it into the top 5 of the US iTunes real-time charts after half a day of release and got more than 330,000 pre-orders for the album before its release. Twicetagram won a prestigious award in South Korea. Twice became the winner at the 32nd Golden Disc Awards in the Bonsang Album category with Twicetagram.

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