Tour To Big 3 Agency in South Korea

The first video on this list also quite interesting, since Joon Park went to the three huge entertainment agency in South Korea: JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment, and Joon Park was visiting JYP Entertainment’s new office at first. He went to have a sight on JYP Entertainment’s office room, and also the iconic organic cafeteria which also served healthy food for the employees and trainees there! And of course, he also took time to try the food in that organic cafeteria and also picked up the famous JYP Entertainment’s ice cream as well! Next, he went to SM Entertainment’s building, and the restaurant area was his first destination. He ordered an ice cream and have a sight on the area there. Joon Park also comparing the differences of meals between JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment since JYP has the healthier menu (which was organic ingredients-based), meanwhile SM also serving the kind of ‘food court’ meals. The most surprising part, Joon Park was accidentally met with Red Velvet while the members were on their lunch! They also went to the SM practice room along with Joon Park as well. And as the final activities, they went to SM Entertainment’s merchandise shop and bought several Red Velvet’s merchandises there! The last destination was the Big Hit Entertainment office. Unfortunately, he couldn’t get into the office since there were several personal procedures there, and Joon Park couldn’t contacting Bang Si-hyuk (CEO of Big Hit) at that time. Within the vlog, the subscribers of Wassup Man could be seen what would be like inside huge entertainment agencies in South Korea, even the special moment between Joon Park and K-Pop idols there as well!

Visiting Bokeria Market in Barcelona

The next destination was Barcelona, Spain! Joon Park also showed his vlogging tour while he was visiting La Boqueria Market and also eating several foods there, especially sweet snacks! As you guys could be expected, the video was food adventure-slash-making videos as well! During his food adventures, Joon Park also bought unique snacks, such as several candies, which also formed with unusual shapes: eye-shaped candy, jelly snake candy, and many more! Even he also bought some candies and gave it to the strangers there! Not only that, but he also tried several foods such as fried cod, a lot of olives, ham, and many more. When he was visiting the vegetable corner, Joon Park was also getting amazed as he found huge vegetables were sold over there! The measure of those vegetables was bigger than the usual measure of vegetables. He also tried a Spanish drink, which also made from tomato and onions, and his reaction was hilarious since he said that it tastes like watery kimchi! Joon Park’s vlogging tour was seemed to be always interesting since he was becoming really honest and hilarious during his experience! Then through the Barcelona vlogging tour, he also made us entertained as ever! Watch the full video of Barcelona’s market tour here:

Trying Roller Coaster Ride In Gyeongju World

Joon Park’s vlog tour also continued to an amusement park, and it was Gyeongju World! Before he went playing around and tried many game rides there, Joon Park also greeting some of the strangers happily there! Even he also made a few conversations with them, such as with kindergarten students, Gyeongju World’s staff, and also random couples who came from Seoul! Then the most awaited moment happened: trying to ride the Draken in Gyeongju World! Draken was looked like a roller-coaster rides with a huge dragon as its mascot. It also has a high drop of 63 m, falling at a 90-degree angle, and also known as the nation’s fastest roller-coaster as well! Joon Park was sitting right next kindergarten student, and also took off his sunglasses while riding the Draken. The rides also went smoothly at first, and following by the adrenaline rush afterward! Even though the rides scary, but Joon Park didn’t seem to be scared at all. He was enjoying there, and made several hilarious expression instead! Next stop, Joon Park also found another scarier, one ride, The Klake! Even though the rides looked scary, but Joon Park didn’t seem to be bothered at all. Through this vlog, Joon Park also shows his bravery and pleasant time in Gyeongju World amusement park! Watch the full video of amusement park adventure here:


Eating Local Foods From The First Time In Bali, Indonesia

The next one, Joon Park, went to Bali, Indonesia! Through his vlog, we could see his several activities while he was there, but mostly it was an Indonesian food testing vlog! He went to Bali traditional market food which called Badung Market, and also he was trying several traditional foods such as snakeskin fruit. The funny part also happened when he said that the fruit was looked like huge garlic! Joon Park was also trying to eat fish, but it seemed like he didn’t like it and trying hard not to throw up while he was chewing! Then his hilarious expressions also caught up by the camera! From his personal experience, Joon Park also thought that Bali people were warm-hearted, which made him told his subscribers to went there as well. Another funny moment happened when Joon Park also discovers traditional food, which also reminds him of Korean sundae. As curious as he used to be, he was asking to try the food but ended up vomiting all the way! Even though Joon Park was also taking a little break after trying that food and got himself a little bit surprised. Then he went to Tukad Badung River and had a sight on the scenery there! Overall, even though Joon Park wasn’t really eaten Indonesian food, but he seemed to enjoy his food adventure in Badung Market and had unforgettable moments there! Watch the full food adventure in Bali here:


Loopy & Nafla Help Joon Finding Budaejjiga At Uijeongbu

Last but not least, Joon Park’s vlogging tour along with his friends, Loopy and Nafla! They went to Uijeongbu together and looking for the original budaejjigae restaurant! The food is also known as sausage stew as well. Even though the weather was quite rainy, but the three of them looking excited about the budaejjigae hunting! And finally, they found the one that they have been looking for: the original budaejjigae restaurant! Even though there were several choices, but they chose the first restaurant that they found. Through this vlog, we can see the cooking process of budaejjigae as well! Meanwhile, the three of them also taking time to had several conversations together. Since Loopy and Nafla used to be the contestant of Show Me The Money (rapping music reality show), Joon Park also talked about rap meaning for them. Once the budaejjigae was served in front of them, they were eaten happily and said that Uijeongbu budaejjigae was tasted perfect! Joon Park and Loopy were in love with the food, meanwhile, Nafla, who was on his diet but ended up eating the budaejjigae as well! Right after the eating session, they also went to walking around in Uijeongbu neighborhood. They went to coin karaoke and spent a pleasant time there! If you watch this video, we bet you’ll be getting as hungry as possible since the three of them are eating very well in the budaejjigae restaurant! Watch the full video of budaejjigae hunting here:

That was all of the information about Joon Park’s YouTube channel, Wassup Man! Since his content was of variation and humorous, no wonder that people were in love with that, which also made him got millions of subscribers! Let’s always supporting Joon Park and his YouTube channel, and wait for another content from him! Comment down below, which one of your favorite Joon Park’s vlogging videos!

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