As of 2019, Girls’ Day decided to not renew the contract with their label, but they also didn’t want to disband. Their last album up to now is “Girls’ Day Everyday #5.” Let’s check out their latest album on this Channel-Korea below!

7th EP, Girl’s Day Everyday #5

Girl’s Day has released their seventh extended play, namely “Girls’ Day’s Everyday#5,” on March 27, 2017. The South Korean girl band under Dream Tea Entertainment distributed their seventh extended play by Loen Entertainment. The title track of this album is “I’ll Be Yours,” which was also released on March 27 and was promoted on Inkigayo and Music Bank. The song was also released on several music portals, including Melon and iTunes. It turns out that “I’ll Be Yours” became a hit the Gaon Digital Chart, sitting at number 3 from March 26 to April 1, 2017. It also peaked at number 2 on the Genie Chart and eleventh on the Melon chart. To promote their latest mini album, Girl’s Day also uploaded a video on their YouTube Channel and 1theK channel, which exceeded more than 2 million views in less than 24 hours. Furthermore, Everyday#5 also made it onto Billboard’s Word Albums and peaked at number 7. The concept of their fifth mini album on the “I’ll Be Yours” is more elegant and sexy. Their outfits for dancing were blinked short outfits, and for their personal appearances, each girl wore something with an elegant mature look, like a gown or beautiful, formal dress. Check out their personal teaser for their fifth mini album, “Girls’ Day’s Everyday#5” On this preview teaser for #Girls Day Everyday#5 , they look very natural in their basic, monochrome outfits. This is showing their comfortableness and maturity. This is Hyeri, look at her natural face! Minah nailed it here! Sojin is so charming here! Yura never failed to create a natural pose, don’t you think?  

Comeback Stage

For this comeback stage on Music Core, Girls Day performed looking beautifully elegant and sexy, with white pants and blink outfits like they were wearing in the music video. Using the same props, Girls Day has succeed in showing alluring stage act with “I’ll Be Yours.” You will definitely feeling the energy in this song.

On Music Bank, Girls Day looked powerful with their red-black outfits, with black lines on the pants. They seemed so seductive, yet elegant. For this performance, the group showed their comfortable outfits and fit to the song, like they were dancing from their heart. On M Countdown, Girls Day gave a flawless performance. They used the same kind of outfits they wore on Music Bank, but in different colors. They maintained their energy the same all the way through, and put an extra cherry on top with their expressions duringtheir performance.

KCON 2017

KCON is the Korean wave concert that’s held annually in different location across the world. This concert is organized by CJ E&M, and the first occasion was held in Southern California, USA. Girls Day got chance to be one of the acts in the KCON 2017 LA edition, with ‘I’ll Be Yours”. In KCON LA, Girls Day gave an utterly authentic performance, and each member wore a different costume. They completely nailed their performance with their great dancing. Sojin, Minah, Yura, and Hyeri really have beautiful bodies and shapes. Some of the choreography really drew attention to their long legs, which are perfect and healthy. Wearing cropped tank tops and shorts, their outfits gave a bit added zip to the performance.

They also performed “Something”, and their moving performance was both enchanting and entertaining.

in KCON Australia, Girls Day gave a different opening stage, which is very refreshing. The background of the stage had silhouettes of dancing girls, complementing their stage act. Their performance was as stunning and energetic always. Their costumes were enchanting and fashionable, and each of them wore a different style.

Special Performance

Girls Day gives several performances that also hilarious, like the one below!

Special Clip

Performing in the middle of an amusement park with dancers and spotlights playing on the background, give extra drama to their choreography. They were wearing the same outfits they wore for their comeback stage. Their performance was so alluring and sexy, some additional lighting also give nice effects to the visual dance they did.

Dance Practice

Their dance practice is so powerful, and got a bit crazy, naturally. Each of the members put her name tag on their clothes because they were dancing without any uniforms, in order to make it easy to distinguish during choreography with dancers. During this dance practice, The group seemed more comfortable and energetic as they are using practice outfits. This dance practice really showed the effort they give to be their best at every performance. Hands up to the girls!

Dance Practice Cute Version

This version is flat-out adorable, it may even be better that original since every member is so effortlessly cute and lovable. Their outfits were so amusing too. The girls were wearing cropped sweaters and long, tight jeans. The were looking so cute, you just want to squeeze them. That’s all about Girls’ Day’s latest comeback with “I’ll Be Yours”. Which one do you like? Hoping Girls Day will make another comeback soon, since we miss them already. Rooting for their new music performances! Don’t forget to give your thoughts and share your comments below!

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