The variety show has been visited by a lot of guest stars, whether it was actresses, actors, boy groups and girl groups, female and male singers, and many more. This time, Channel-Korea will provide you with the details of the Knowing Brothers episode featuring Hyuna and E’Dawn’s appearance. So stay tuned and let’s jump right in!

1st Variety Show As A Couple

Knowing Brothers is the first appearance of Hyuna and E’Dawn as a couple. Previously, Hyuna had already appeared in Knowing Brothers once. Meanwhile, for E’Dawn, it was his first appearance in Knowing Brothers and also his appearance as a couple along with Hyuna. They appeared with such a cute school uniform, even E’Dawn was carrying a red backpack on his back. The opening of this particular episode of Knowing Brothers also featured a cute introduction where Hyuna talks about her boyfriend who is attending the same school as her. Additionally, the rest of the cast members of Knowing Brothers also shared their reactions to the fact that she came to the show with her boyfriend. When she revealed that she actually came to the show with her real boyfriend, one of the cast members even got mad at her and told her that if it was up to him, he would never allow her to come with a boyfriend. The rest of the cast members found this matter funny and thought that Kang Hoo-dong was mad because he was jealous of Hyuna bringing her real boyfriend along. E-Dawn entered the classroom waving his hands as a form of greeting all the people in the classroom. All of them were surprised and amazed at the same time, with Hyuna being unable to stop giggling. Everyone immediately started asking questions, such as how long have they been in a relationship, or which one of them confessed their feelings first, and so on. At the time, they had been in a relationship for four years already, and Hyuna confessed that she waited for a year and a half to confess her feelings. Meanwhile, E’Dawn revealed that he couldn’t even dream of Hyuna having feelings for him since he was just a trainee and she was already a well-known K-Pop star when they met, and they saw each other all the time as their practice schedules overlapped. Then, they both shared the story of their romance from the first time they met each other. All the cast members of Knowing Brothers started blushing and fluttering at the sight of the couple revealing their love story.

Arguing When Playing Games

Let’s continue with another fun part of Hyuna and E’Dawn’s appearance in Knowing Brothers: a game session! Following the concept of the show, Hyuna and E’Dawn took part in various games and they competed with the rest of the cast members of Knowing Brothers. One of the games involved guessing a song, and in this game, Hyuna and E’Dawn were partnered up. It was quite a funny sight to see Hyuna getting angry at E’Dawn because he couldn’t guess the correct song title. E’Dawn on the other hand stayed as calm as ever. Hyuna and E’Dawn’s team was the first team to get the chance to guess the title, but they often made mistakes. Hyuna would get mad at E’Dawn and vice versa, but their interaction was really cute and adorable at the same time! When Hyuna and E’Dawn would give the right answer, both of them would dance together and cover the Girls’ Generation’s song, “Gee” and TWICE’s song “Cheer Up.” Their cover was really adorable since Hyuna was the one who knew it better, meanwhile, E’Dawn had no idea about the dance moves of the song. Another funny scene happened when they had to guess Hyuna’s song “Bubble Pop.” Hyuna had already pressed her team’s bell but it turned out that E’Dawn didn’t know the correct answer. Meanwhile, Heechul and his partner had the right answer: Hyuna’s song “Bubble Pop” and they even covered the dance moves as well. Hyuna was really surprised that E’Dawn didn’t know the answer to which he giggled as a response and apology. Kang Ho-dong also commented that it is supposed to be Hyuna’s song, so E’Dawn should be able to answer it correctly. It also made the other Knowing Brothers cast members burst into laughter since Hyuna got really annoyed with E’Dawn. Then E’Dawn said that he was flustered, but then he got nothing to say but giggle with the others. Next, there was a game called “the potato game.” Hyuna and E’Dawn were crouching down wearing potato costumes, then standing face to face. E’Dawn said that he will win, to which Hyuna replied that she isn’t easy to deal with. Both of them had to keep their balance, so they don’t fall on the ground. However, their movements were really cute and made the rest of the cast members blush. But, Hyuna got really serious and she bumped her body into E’Dawn’s and made him fall to the ground. Watch their adorable interaction while playing a game in Knowing Brothers in the video below:

QnA Session

Last but not least, there’s also the Question and Answer session for Hyuna and E’Dawn in Knowing Brothers. Both of them did it together, with E’Dawn holding the camera and recording the video as well. Meanwhile, Hyuna was holding a card with some of the questions for the two of them. The Q&A session started with an introduction from Hyuna and E’Dawn. The questions were addressed to both of them. E’Dawn answered the first question about their transfer to the new school, namely Knowing Brothers. Then he revealed his real name Kim Hyo-jong and explained that this was his first-ever school transfer in Knowing Brothers. He also shared information about his agency being P Nation Entertainment and his recent debut. Additionally, he reminded people of his work thinking that many might not have recognized him so he wanted to refresh their memories. Meanwhile, Hyuna shared that this was her second school transfer. Previously, she had come to Knowing Brothers alone, back in 2017, and she felt very lonely at that time. But since her second transfer was with E’Dawn she thought it would be fun and entertaining. Next question: is there something that they want to do in Knowing Brothers? E’Dawn said there’s a lot of things, one of them was playing a game. He also wanted to meet some of his sunbaes, it really excited him but also made him nervous as well. And also for Hyuna, she wanted both of them to try a lot of things in Knowing Brothers without being nervous or something else. Then the Q&A session continued with a question for E’Dawn’s explanation about his new song and the highlighted part at that time. The song was titled “Money,” and it was about youth, serious money as a monologue in the time of youth between childhood and adulthood. After that, E’Dawn showed the highlighted part of “Money” while he was dancing. For Hyuna, she explained her single “Flower Shower.” The single is a kind of metaphor for flowers which are blooming and fading at different times. It also represents the loneliness within fanciness and is a kind of a fairytale. Just like E’Dawn, Hyuna also showed us the highlighted part of “Flower Shower” along with the dancing part. Both of them ended the Question and Answer session with their reminder about Knowing Brothers‘ airing schedule and they shared with the audience that they are looking forward to people’s support for them. Hyuna also said that they are growing like a blooming flower, and asked people to keep watering them so they could grow and bloom as a flower in the future. And that was all of the information about Hyuna and E’Dawn’s appearance as a couple in Knowing Brothers! From the episodes featuring them, we were able to get to know them better, and also find out how their love had blossomed since their first encounter. Hyuna and E’Dawn also revealed about their music, and their thoughts about their respective singles as well. So, let’s keep supporting both Hyuna and E’Dawn, and wait for another appearance from them as a couple! Also, don’t forget to kindly share with us your opinions about the topic above and write a comment in the section below!

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