The actor, known for having a very charismatic and handsome face, has another talent besides acting, namely singing. On several occasions, Lee Jong-suk was present at a fanmeeting to show his singing talent in front of the fans, and it made his fans amazed and feeling as if he was the most perfect actor. If you are curious about Lee Jong-suk’s singing, let’s look at the details in the article below!

I Will Give You All

At one of Lee Jong-suk’s fan meetings in 2014, the actor performed a song called I Will Give You All in front of his fans. The song, originally released by Lee Seung Gi, is no less good when it is sung by Lee Jong-suk. Although both are well-known actors, the song released in 2008 tells the story of a lover who feels sad because the past always haunts him.

However, this song is also about the days of the past when they had a relationship together and it did not go well. The lyrics say that the love is still there, and one of the lovers wants to improve their relationship by giving all he has. Even with such a sad song, Lee Jong-suk was able to exude charm when he was in front of the fans, and the melodious voice of the 1989-born actor received much praise.

Come To Me

Lee Jong-suk also sang the OST While You Were Sleeping at a fan meeting held in 2017. He confidently performed the song in front of his fans with two other actors who had also appeared in the drama. Lee Jong-suk, who was sitting in the middle and only wearing a black t-shirt, was very comfortable singing in front of his fans.

Come To Me is the title of a song sung by Lee Jong-suk in a fanmeeting in 2017. This song is from the OST for While You Were Sleeping, which he himself sang. However, on this occasion, the fans were able to witness Lee Jong-suk’s performance firsthand while he performed the drama soundtrack. Come To Me tells about a man who can take care of someone he loves in any condition or joy and sorrow.


Not limiting himself to performing at fan meetings, Lee Jong-suk also sang and danced on the SBS Inkigayo stage when he was one of the MCs for the music program. Although the concept of this song is sexy, Lee Jong-suk performed it with a bit of cuteness, leaving the the fans a little surprised because he was skillfully able to perform the HyunA and Hyunseung song that was a big hit at that time.

Accompanied by several dancers who became his partners, Lee Jong-suk danced very well, and there were no mistakes at all. His facial expression was also very flat, but looked very sexy because he could show his smirk, which made the fans scream hysterically. Troublemaker is a seductive song, and the lyrics are about teasing someone because they feel excited to be with their lover.

Only Then

In the 2018 Crank Up fan meeting, Lee Jong-suk showed the fans his singing talent to entertain them. Wearing a neat shirt, in the below video you can watch how Lee Jong-suk’s charisma and charm radiate when he sings. The song, sung by the actor who plays as Kang Chul in W, shows the personality of an actor, as well as an angel who can easily hypnotize many people.

The song, sung by Lee Jong-suk at Crank Up 2018, is titled Only Then, and was originally released by Roy Kim. The song is romantic, telling a story of loving oneself, and the lyrics say that when the relationship is over, it’s actually not a difficulty that must be faced. They should be able to love themselves more, or even love others.

Do You Know

Lee Jong-suk also sang other songs for the soundtrack of While You Were Sleeping. One of them is titled Do You Know, which is the drama’s soundtrack. Earlier, Lee Jong-suk sang a soundtrack titled Come To Me, and this time he performed the OST from While You Were Sleeping titled Do You Know.

This song tells about the feelings of a man who is comfortable and eager to confess to a loved woman that he wants them to be together. Do You Know was been performed at the Lee Jong-suk Private Stage in Japan 2017. His distinctive voice sounds very compatible with the actor’s image, which is very soft and charming. Lee Jong-suk’s voice is very suitable for lullabies, and he has the characteristic of singing very smoothly.


Let’s look at the throwback a few years ago, when Lee Jong-suk sang Friend at one of the fan meeting opportunities in 2014. This song was originally sung by Ahn Jae-wook, and was released in 2003. This is an old song that is widely known by South Korean people. Lee Jong-suk seemed to be having some difficulty singing the song, and made the fans laugh when he couldn’t reach the high notes.

As the title of the song, Friend is a song that tells a story of friendship and is accompanied by a pleasant melody. This song makes anyone who hears it immediately remember their best friend who has faithfully accompanied them through both joy and sorrow. The fans felt very happy and excited when watching Lee Jong-suk’s singing performance because he seemed to really be enjoying it. himself.     Many South Korean actors and actresses have talents besides acting. They can be said to be celebrities who are the complete package because they are not only charming because their charisma and acting are always good in every drama, but the actors and actresses are also able to sing or have other skills and talents that earn praise from their fans. Let’s continue praying for Lee Jong-suk so that he can make a comeback in a drama or other schedule as soon as possible!

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