Running Man VS GOT7

In Episode 418, Running Man members competed in “Dangereous Delivery.” All the members had to compete in three games and deliver a briefcase to a final destination within 6 hours. If they are successful in delivering the briefcase, only one member will be punished, but if they fail the mission, all the members will be punished. During the third and final game, all the GOT7 members appeared for a little while to compete with the Running Man members. The game was physical one, and the most physically fit members of Running Man and Got7 had to compete in the Toe Jump game. In the Toe Jump game, contestants had to jump while squatting and holding their toes. Kim Jong-kook was the first contestant, and he jumped as far as 32 cm. Jackson of GOT7 took his turn, and jumped as far as 57 cm, a new record for Toe Jump on the show. The funny thing was when Jackson exhaled deeply, maybe even cursed a little, when preparing for his jump. Perhaps he felt the pressure, but unintentionally showed it to other members. All the Running Man and GOT7 members heard  him and immediately started laughing. Kim Jong-kook and Lee Kwang-soo calmed him down and said that they understood the pressure, but asked him to keep it to himself. Feeling superior, Jackson taunted and challenged Kim Jong-kook to beat him in a normal long jump matchup. Well-known for his competitive nature, Kim Jong-kook accepted the challenge and easily beat Jackson’s record. Jackson removed his shirt and jumped as far as he could for the second matchup. He beat Kim Jong-kook’s previous record. Kim Jong-kook was shocked and decided to surrender, admitting Jackson’s victory without even trying. Jackson won the matchup, but he was disappointed because Kim Jong-kok surrendered and refused to compete again.

BLACKPINK’S Jennie Became A Scaredy Cat

Blackpink’s Jisoo and Jennie made a much-anticipated appearance in Running Man episode 409. News about their upcoming participation on the show surfaced before they appeared in the program. Episode 409 is a couples race episode, and the other guests who appeared were Hwang Chi-yeol, Pyo Ye-jin, Heo Eun-jong, and former Sistar member Yoon Bora. Lee Kwang-soo was lucky, and he picked Jennie as his couples partner. The title for the episode was Catch My Heart. During one of the missions, Jennie and Lee Kwang-soo decided to choose the Horror House Challenge. They had to go through a Horror House, with a cup of water on their head. If there was much water remaining in the cup when they passed through the horror house, they would succeed in completing the mission. At first, Jennie and Lee Kwang-soo were extremely confident with their mission selection. Jennie, with overflowing confidence, asked her partner to stand behind her as she led the way through the horror house. But as soon as she entered it, she became frightened. Lee Kwang-soo made it worse by being a coward and was easily startled. Jennie started screaming and yelling at Lee Kwang-soo, and asked him to hurry. At the exit door, Jennie couldn’t hide her fear and started sobbing. She cried as they were walking to the waiting room. Lee Kwang-soo tried to calm her down and praised her courage. As soon as Jennie and Lee Kwang-soo got tot the waiting room, Jennie confronted Yoon Bora and Haha for telling her lies. They had told her that there were no surprises and nothing would pop out at them in the horror house. The scene was very hilarious, and became the most watched video during the airing week. All day long, Lee Kwang-soo and Jennie tried hard to complete the missions, but ended up as the worst couple. This episode clearly shows Jennie’s charm, but also reveals her bad luck.

Lee Sang-yeob VS Lee Kwang-soo

The title for Episode 391 was Global Random Tour. Cast members from the show got to choose their celebrity friends as their travel partners. They called their friends, and whoever arrived first at the airport would travel with the Running Man cast. Their travel companions were comedian Heo Kyeong-hwan, actor Lee Sang-yeob, Apink’s Son Na-eun, rapper Shorry, and comedian Yoo Byung-jae. As they travelled, they brought along a step counter, and the team with highest number of steps would receive punishment. The person with the highest number of steps wouldl receive additional punishment. Lee Kwang-soo, Song Ji-hyo, Haha, and Lee Sang-yeon were grouped as a team. In their lodging room, the team gathered and discussed their plan and strategy to complete the mission. Lee Kwang-soo, who is very well known for his back-stabber character, started causing problems with his teammate, Haha. He tried to hide Haha’s step counter, but he get caught by Haha. However, he managed to get Lee Sang-yeob’s step counter and started to shake it, to increase the number of steps. The same goes to Lee Sang-yeon, he found Lee Kwang-soo’s step counter and shook it, as well. Both refused to let go of their partner’s step counter, even though they agreed to stop shaking them. Neither cared whether their team lost, as long as they didn’t finish the mission as the person with the highest number of steps.

Queen of Trot, Hong Jin-young’s Hair Smells Bad?

Trot singer Hong Jin-young, actor Lee Sang-yeob, actress Lee Da-hee, and Kang Han-na appeared on Running Man episode 395. The title for the episode was “Find The Coach.” The cast members and guests were divided into three groups: athletes, coaches, and gold medalists. Athletes had to find and eliminate coaches before eliminating the gold medalist to complete the mission. On one of their missions, the contestants had to spell several Korean words backwards. The words started three characters long, and ended with 7 characters. They would get a hint if they successfully spelled the words backward. While the rules were being explained, beautiful actress Lee Da-hee scratched her hair wildly. Yoo Jae-suk noticed, and said that her hair must be very itchy. He later said that her hair had to smell better than Jung So-min’s hair. Lee Da-hee smelled Jung So-min’s hair, but she didnn’t complain. On the contrary, Jung So-min smelled Lee Da-hee’s, and immediately threw her face to the side. It must smell very bad. All the members and guest laughed because of her facial expression. Jung So-min tried to smell Hong Jin-young’s hair, and she showed an even stronger facial expression, indicating a much worse odor. Yoo Jae-suk came forward and tried to get a sniff of her hair. He was shocked with the odor, but tried hard to hide his facial expression and give a nicer opinion. Lee Kwang-soo voluntarily checked the smell of Hong Jin-young’s hair, but immediately pushed her hair farther away. His facial expression clearly indicated that Hong Jin-young’s hair smelled pretty bad.

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