Moreover, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyu have become a powerful couple who were given the nickname SpartAce Couple. Here are all their romantic moments from the show that you shouldn’t miss, gathered in the Channel-Korea article below! Get ready to be in love!

Kim Jong-kook Steal Song Ji-hyo’s Heart By Calling Her ‘Honey’

In episode 440 of Running Man, Song Ji-hyo got the chance to get 300,000 won (300 dollars) after winning the game. Later on, Kim Jong-kook approached her and called her “Yeobo..,” which what a husband might call his wife. This made Song Ji-hyo smile and blush, and she gave all the money to Kim Jong-kook. So many fans marked this moment as cute and romantic. Nothing quite like Kim Jong-kook bravely and happily saying “Wife..” to Song Ji-hyo had ever happened before on the popular show. This moment left all the Running Man member shocked and laughing, and you can check out that scene below!

Kim Jong-kook Mentioned Song Ji-hyo As The Prettiest Actress

Another moment when love was in the air on Running Man happened on episode 387. Kim Jong-kook and Song-Ji hyo were in the car with the other host members. They were playing a game where each member would get asked a question and they had to answer it with a lie.  A whistle would be blown if a true answer was given. Song Ji-hyo was asked who her real name is and she answered Kim Jong-kook. Then she was asked which of the other cast members she was least comfortable with, and she again answered Kim Jong-kook. Since the rule of the game was to answer with a lie, she was saying she was the most comfortable with Kim Jong-kook. member. When he was asked, what actress he thought was the prettiest, Kim Jong-kook delightfully answered “Song Ji-hyo.” Song Ji-hyo blew the whistle, indicating that Kim Jong-kook didn’t tell a lie. Then Yoo Jae-seok commented that must be why the two of them kept saying each other’s names. This scene hilarious!

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo Made A Pinky Promise

On Running Man episode 439, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were at a restaurant together with two other members of the cast from the show. They were forced to hold hands and to play rock, paper, scissors in order to get to eat the food. Kim Jong-kook was against it right away, then they were just asked to do the pinky-promise gesture. They agreed and Kim Jong-kook got to win, but he refused to eat and just let Song Ji-hyo have the food. On the other hand, Song Ji-hyo didn’t want to take it. This moment was a little confusing, since it was supposed to be a competition between them, but instead they kept trying to give the food up for each other. The love line and tension increased, and it become an awkward scene. So many fans have commented that this scene is one of their favorite moments and makes them want the two members to be a real couple. Some others remarked that Running Man was really selling the shipping of their romantic line, but it was still very entertaining to watch. Check out the SpartAce moment above!

Kim Jong-kook Gets A Hug From Song Ji-hyo

This episode captured the true feelings of the SpartAce couple. All the members and guest stars had been divided into couples, and Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were one of the two-person teams All of the pairs attached their names on the on the lottery to get a chance to be chosen by the spinning circle board. Kim Jong-kook and Song JI-hyo only had a few stickers with their names attached, but they were still the couple that was chosen. All the members and guest stars were shocked, so unbelievable. In that moment, Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were hugging each other, celebrating their lottery win! Yoo Jae-seok saw them, and confronted them by pointing out they were hugging each other. It showed their true feelings because of their unexpected, happy win. Some of the members were jealous since the couple always seemed to get a lot of good things. Besides, many people commented that seeing them as a couple is dream come true, and that Song JI-hyo is indeed gifted with luck.

Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo’s Fortune

In Running Man episode 384, Song Ji-hyo got the opportunity to have her fortune told. It said that Song Ji-hyo is in wood element. In the reading, the fortune-teller told her that she would be lucky with money, yet a bit pickier on choosing a guy. She said that a lot of men couldn’t meet her standards. Song Ji-hyo became visibly embarrassed and started laughing. The fortune-teller advised her to look for a man that could look up to her, too. The problem was there were only very few men that she could look up to, but she would have some luck in meeting a man in March and April. Suddenly Song Ji-hyo asked about her relationship with Kim Jong-kook, leaving him and the other member shocked that she would ask that question. The fortune-teller said that Song Ji-hyo is dry wood that always thirsty for something and that Kim Jong-kook is huge water. So it might they would be a perfect match, don’t you think? Ji-hyo is a tree born in summer who needs water, and Jong-kook is huge water, which means he could make Ji-hyo grow. Kim Jong-kook had a remarkable expression on his face and said he would be careful in March or April. In summary, the score from the fortune-telling was 85-95 from 100. It was great!

Kim Jong-kook Got Slapped By Song Ji-hyo

On episode 381 of Running Man, Song Ji-hyo was playing rock, paper, scissors. Whoever won got to slap their opponent’s head. Over time, she kept winning and getting to slap her opponent. Coming to Kim Jong-kook, other members offered ideas about changing the rules so that whoever lost the game would get a chance to slap their opponent. Surprisingly, Song Ji-hyo, the queen of luck, finally lost a round and got to slap Kim Jong-kook’s head. The brave Kim Jong-kook tried to brace himself to resist the slap, but he couldn’t. Not only did the slap on his forehead hurt, it also made an impressive sound. Ji-hyo hugged him right after delivering the slap to poor Kim Jong-kook! How sweet she was being! All the fans commented on how Ji-hyo naturally hugged and soothed Jong-kook! Do you see that? That’s all about Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo and their SpartAce moments. Do you ship them in Running Man? Supporting them to share love and happiness everywhere! Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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