Jo Jung-suk is not just an ordinary actor or rookie, although his appearance in K-Dramas or movies counts from the 2010s, but his appearance either as supporting roles or lead roles still gets praise from many people who have watched it on television. In this article, we will discuss more about the top K-Dramas starring Jo Jung-suk that you should watch so you know the acting skills of the 1980-born actor who has managed to get many awards from the results of his hard work. Let’s scroll down and see more detailed information in the article below!

You Are the Best!

You Are The Best! (Hangul: 최고 다 이순신) is a drama that aired on KBS2 in 2013. This drama tells about the life journey of a woman named Lee Soon-shin, played by IU. One day, Soon-shin got a part-time job at a hotel. If she can work well then Soon-shin will be made a permanent employee. On the first day of work, Soon-shin worked at a book release of a famous artist named Song Mi-ryung (played by Lee Mi-sook) at a hotel. Shin Joon-ho (played by Jo Jung-suk) is a well-known agency owner who houses famous artists also attending the event. Joon-ho meets his ex-girlfriend named Choi Yoon-ah (played by Kim Yoon-seo) whom Joon-ho can’t forget. Being nervous after meeting her ex-boyfriend, accidentally Soon-shin and Joon-ho collide with each other when walking. So Joon-ho’s clothes get dirty because of being spilled on food brought by Soon-shin. Joon-ho also tells the hotel manager to fire Soon-shin, even though Soon-shin had begged, she still gets fired. On their way home, Soon-shin meets a man who claims to be named Shin Joon-ho, a well-known agency owner. He tells Soon-shin that Soon-shin seems to have the talent and gives him a business card. Soon-shin returns home excitedly. When dinner arrived, Soon-shin confessed that she was offered to be an artist. Yoo Shin, her second sister, didn’t believe it and laughed at her. The whole family doesn’t believe it. But the mother, who loved Soon-shin very much, felt that this was an opportunity for Soon-shin. Her mother and Soon-shin also meet a man who claims to be named Shin Joon-ho without knowing if they are being cheated. You Are The Best! received the highest ratings during episodes 48 and 50 when it was almost time for the drama to reach its end. Many viewers give praise to the lead actors in this drama because they can convey the message of a very valuable life through You Are The Best! and also the chemistry of each cast is very good. Not only that, but the drama starring Jo Jung-suk was also several times nominated for awards and won awards, such as Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama at the 2013 KBS Drama Awards won by Jo Jung-suk and Best Couple Award won by IU and Jo Jung-suk for their chemistry as a couple in You Are The Best!

Oh My Ghost

Oh, My Ghost (Hangul: 오 나의 귀신 님) is a drama that aired on tvN in 2015. This drama tells about Na Bong-soon (played by Park Bo-young) who has a very shy and inferior personality. She has no close friends and continues to get a reprimand at her job as a sous chef restaurant. However, thanks to a shaman’s grandmother, she was able to see ghosts. One day, Bong-soon meets with Shin Soon Ae (played by Kim Seul-gi). Soon Ae’s ghost is a lustful virgin ghost. Soon Ae wants to make up for the lack of romance in her short, first life. Soon Ae’s ghost is destined to seduce as many people as she can by becoming various women. Soon Ae’s ghost finally found the perfect container to ensnare men. Bong-soon is the woman chosen by Soon Ae. Bong-soon ‘s boss is an arrogant chef named Kang Sun-woo, apparently secretly likes Bong-soon. But Sun-woo hasn’t been able to move on from his old girlfriend. But that joy returns when Bong-soon, controlled by Soon Ae, changes her attitude and appearance. In the end, Bong-soon has shaken her shyness and turned into a dynamic, confident woman. Oh, My Ghost has a total of 16 episodes and this drama also had the highest rating when the last episode finished. Because at the ending of this drama, we can watch the fate of each cast who live their own lives. Also from this drama, many lead actors and actresses won awards, such as the Best Content Award, Drama and Two Star Award won by Jo Jung-suk at the 2016 TVN10 Awards and many more.

Jealousy Incarnate

Jealousy Incarnate (Hangul: 질투 의 화신) or also known by another title as Don’t Dare to Dream is a drama that aired on SBS in 2016. This romantic comedy-drama tells about a group of people who work in the same news company but each other hate and envy one another. In Jealousy Incarnate, Jo Jung-suk plays a lead role named Lee Hwa-sin and has a grumpy character, does not want to budge, is selfish, and is self-assertive when in fact the most fragile of them. Lee Hwa-shin worked as a news anchor at the news company, but due to a major incident that happened to his brother’s business caused by the news program that he brought last time, he finally fled to Thailand to become a freelance reporter. The first met Pyo Na-ri (played by Gong Hyo-jin) and the incident was super-duper funny. Pyo Na-ri is told that she forgot to bring an ID card to enter the building where her office works and she panicked and was confused about how she could get into the building. Finally, he saw a man who turned out to be Hwa-shin who was wearing a neat suit right walking in front of him almost sticking his ID to the sensor, then Pyo Na-ri immediately ran to push Lee Hwa-shin to join in, as a result, Lee Hwa- Shin fell on the floor with his face smashing against the elevator wall. With a shy expression on his face, he continued to stand and step into the elevator. In the scene, the awkward action between Pyo Na-ri and Lee Hwa-sin is seen when the elevator opens leaving Lee Hwa-shin and Pyo Na-ri inside, suddenly blood comes out of Lee Hwa-shin’s nose due to the collision earlier, but again he acted cool and only had a flat expression. In this K-Drama, Jo Jung-suk succeeded in bringing the arrogant role of Lee Hwa-shin to his style as well as entertaining many viewers with behavior and curses coming out of his own mouth. But behind his arrogant, angry, and selfish attitude he is the one who suffers the most with breast cancer and he is the most lonely because by his nature so, not many like his personality. With all these bad personalities, Lee Hwa-shin also has the advantage of being born with an intelligent brain and the ability to speak fluently, straightforwardly, and so that it is not a wrong choice if Director Oh maintains him in the news anchor. It turns out that without Pyo Na-ri realizing 3 years of sincere love for Lee Hwa-shin, Lee Hwa-shin’s heart was moved and he loved her back in pain. And the most annoying thing for Lee Hwa-shin is that he has to duel again with his best friend, Go Jung-won (played by Go Kyung-pyo) to win Pyo Na-ri’s heart. Jealousy Incarnate also managed to get the highest rating position in episodes 10 and 14. In this drama, Jo Jung-suk also managed to get several awards, such as Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Romantic Comedy Drama at the 1st Asia Artist Awards 2016, Top 10 Stars Award at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards, and several other nominations.

Two Cops

Two Cops (Hangul: 투 깝스) is a drama that aired on MBC in 2017-2018. This romantic comedy drama tells the story of Jo Jung-Suk who will play two characters as a police officer, where the original character (Cha Dong-tak) is a detective who is full of justice, dedicated and fierce in a serious and inflexible crime unit in life , but has an awkward and charming charm. But his body was possessed by a spirit imposer named Gong Soo-Chang. Gong Soo-Chang is a skilled con artist who deceives people with his cunning techniques. Cha Dong-Tak then looked for ways to resolve the case with the 2 characters. He is also involved in falling in love with Song Ji-ahn (played by Lee Hye-ri) who while running errands, chases a spoon and then gets involved with detective Cha Dong-tak (Jo Jung-Suk). The character of detective Cha Dong-tak is emotional, stubborn, and at will. Because his partner was suddenly killed and his superiors were impressed covering up the case. Trying to find the culprit, he meets conman Gong Soo-chang (played by Kim Sun-ho) who is possessing him. Besides that, Two Cops is more different than other crime dramas is that there is a mystical element. Dong-tak’s body could get possess by Soo-chang. So, a police officer puts Soo-chang, who was jailed for fraud, as the culprit of Jo Hang-joon’s murder. During the arrest process, Dong-tak and Soo-chang are surrounded by motorcycle gangs. Those who were bound by handcuffs jumped into the river to save themselves. However, upon awakening, Soo-chang is inside Dong-tak’s body. His body even lay in a coma in the ICU. A few days after Dong-tak, Soo-chang also tried to prove his innocence. In the process, the real Dong-tak awakens and Soo-chang’s spirit wanders. Only Dong-tak can hear his voice. The process when Soo-chang convinced Dong-tak that he really existed was very funny. The flow of this drama feels fast and is guaranteed not to be bored. After that, the romance that grew between Dong-tak and Song Ji-an was funny to watch. Two Cops also received the highest rating in episode 32, which was the last episode of the drama. Through his appearance and character played by Jo Jung-suk, the actor also managed to get awards, such as Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Monday-Tuesday Drama at the 2017 MBC Drama Awards and entered into several nominations, such as the Grand Prize (Daesang ), Popularity Award, Actor, and Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries.

Nokdu Flower

Nokdu Flower (Hangul: 녹두 꽃) or also known as a drama which has the title as Mung Bean Flour is a drama that aired on SBS in 2019. This drama is about a dispute between two half-brothers during the Donghak Peasants’ Revolution which lasted from 1894 to 1895 in 1895 in the Joseon era. Baek Yi-kang (played by Jo Jung-suk) is the first son of an elite family. His father was rich and he was famous as a local government official. But, Yi-kang’s mother is from the lowest class. Because his mother’s social class is low, people also look down on Baek Yi-kang. Then, Song Ja-in (played by Han Ye-ri) is the only daughter for the head of a large merchant group. Ja-in is the owner of ‘Jeonjoo Yeokak’, who sells merchandise and also owns the inn. She has a brave nature, remains calm under pressure, and also has charisma. Song Ja-in dreams of becoming the best trader in Joseon. While Baek Yi-hyun (played by Yoon Si Yoon) is Yi-kang’s younger half-brother, he is smart, handsome, and polite. Unlike Yi-kang, Baek Yi-hyun was not born out of wedlock. Yi-hyun has everything and he treats his stepbrother politely. During the Donghak Peasants’ Revolution in 1894, Yi-kang and Yi-hyun were separated. At that time, the Donghak (Eastern Religion) religious leaders and peasants in Jeolla Province joined together against the government that was driving Catholic growth at the time. Nokdu Flower gives a different story-line. Instead of focusing on the struggle for the power of the father or king but rather the struggle to revolutionize the fate of the Donghak peasants. Will they continue to be enemies until the end? Or instead, work together to form a new government that is more just? Everything is still a mystery. Through his appearance at Nokdu Flower, Jo Jung-suk won the Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-Length Drama at the 2019 SBS Drama Awards and entered into other nominations, such as the Grand Prize (Daesang) at the 12th Korean Drama Awards 2019, and Best Couple Award for his chemistry with Han Ye-ri for his appearance in Nokdu Flower. Besides that, Nokdu Flower won the highest rating in its second episode which aired on April 26, 2019, that reach 5th rank (11.5%) in AGB Nielsen Nationwide and 3rd rank (13.2%) on AGB Nielsen in Seoul.

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