Today, we want to make some recommendation from the work of the male K-pop singer Kim Kyung-ho! Kim Kyung-ho is a well known as a South Korean rock singer. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the top six songs from Kim Kyung-ho for your new song playlist, so stay tuned!

Forbidden Love

First, there’s Forbidden Love from Kim Kyung-ho! It was released on June 30, 1997, and it comes from his second album, 2집 kim:kyung ho. Even though the title is kinda sad, Forbidden Love is still a rock song! As you might guess, the song tells a story about forbidden love. It’s about two people who married each other, but they also received a lot of conflict from their respective families, which is why their relationship was forbidden. They were the only two people at their wedding, but the guy promised the girl that they would live happily, and one day there would be no regret in their life, because they loved each other. The song gained a lot of recognition in 1997 and 1998, since at that time rock music wasn’t very common in South Korea, but Kim Kyung-ho proved that his masterpiece was worth releasing. Watch one of Kim Kyung-ho’s performances of Forbidden Love here:


Let’s move on to his hit single Heartless! The song came from Kim Kyung-ho’s fourth studio album, Kim Kyung Ho IV – For 2000 AD, which was released on July 1, 2000! Heartless is about someone who has lost their meaning in life, specifically, a man who lost his girl. All of a sudden, the girl came by and asked him how he’s been, as if nothing ever happened between them. The word ‘heartless’ also referred to their love story, when the man was still suffering from heartbreak, but the girl seemed alright with their separation. One of the most heartbreaking parts in this song translates as, “Don’t worry about me if you can’t come back, leave me alone like this so that I can erase you.” Watch one of Kim Kyung-ho’s performances of the song here:


People Who Make Me Sorrow

The next recommendation is the song People Who Make Me Sorrow, sometimes known as People Who Make Me Sad! Just like the single Forbidden Love, the song was part of Kim Kyung-ho’s album from June 30 1997, 2집 kim:kyung ho, which was his second studio album. As you can probably guess from the song title, this song is a ballad. From the lyrics translation, we can know the meaning of People Who Make Me Sorrow. It told a story about a guy who fell in love with a girl. However, the girl chose another guy. But still, the guy was in loved with her even though she didn’t choose him. The saddest part is that the guy thought that even though he sacrificed his life, he wouldn’t have a girl like her in his life. Such a deep meaning, right? Since it was released, People Who Make Me Sorrow gained a lot of attention, especially for people who love Korean rock music. According to One Hallyu, the song successfully hit the highest rank in all the South Korean music charts! Watch the music video concept for People Who Make Me Sorrow here:

Though I Loved

The next song to discuss is Though I Love! The song is also known as Even Though I Love or Though I Love You, as well. It also came from Kim Kyung-ho’s album and succesfully gained a lot of attention! If we take a look at the English translation, we can get to know more about the meaning behind the song! Though I Love is about love that has never been voiced to its recipient. It’s also written in English as “Though I love you, all I can do is look at you from afar like this.” It seems like the guy was really in love with her, but he had no choice and ended up leaving without revealing his feelings. We can feel the mixture of rock rhythm and ballad melody within the song! Moreover, the beautiful and deep lyrics make the song compelling. No wonder that it was one of the hit singles at that time! Watch one of Kim Kyung-ho’s performances of Though I Loved here:

Tears Of The Moon

On Kim Kyung-ho’s thirteenth studio album, Kim Kyung Ho 10 – 共存/공존, which was released on February 22, 2003, there’s a beautiful song which was titled Tears Of The Moon! This track is clearly a K-pop song, but with elements of a rock ballad, as well. Even though the title is beautiful, the story behind the song is a bit sad. The song tells a story about separation in a relationship. Even though the two people in the relationship won’t admit it, they weren’t meant for each other. Then, just after the moon arrived, the memory of their love would gone. Well, Tears Of The Moon was really poetic and deep at the same time, right? Tears Of The Moon reminds listeners of a ’90s power ballad, melancholic, but with a rousing growl. The mixture of all those elements went very well, and it was completed by the sweet-cheesy title, as well! Listen to Kim Kyung-ho’s Tears Of The Moon here:

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