Their chemistry on screen is undeniable, so that it makes people remember them so much. This time, Channel-Korea will show you the hot moments between Park Bo-young and Jo Jung-suk in Oh My Ghost that you may have missed, stay tuned!

Park Bo-young and Jo Jung-suk’s Hot Moments in ‘Oh My Ghost’

Oh My Ghost is the complete package, as it consisted of sweet romance, fresh comedy, and the tension of a thriller. The drama was aired on TvN from July 3 to August 22, 2015, and has 16 episodes. This drama was directed by Yoo Je-won, and reached 8% rating on television. The story revolves around Na Bong-sun, an assistant chief who is extremely timid and has low self-esteem. Because of her personality, she doesn’t have any friends nor boyfriend. She does however, have the gift of seeing ghosts since she was a kid. She ends up meeting the seductive ghost Shin Soon-Ae, who wants to relieve her grudge by losing her virginity. In order to do that, she possesses Na Bong-sun to do the mission. Na Bong-sun suddenly changes into a confident and dynamic woman, catching her secret crush, Kang Sun-woo, who is her boss and can’t move on from his college ex-girlfriend. Over time, Shin Soon-ae’s death mystery is about to be revealed and involves Kang Sun-woo’s brother-in-law, Choi Sung-jae, who appeared as a kind police officer but might not be what he seems. The character of Na Bong-sun was played by Park Bo-young, while Kang Sun-woo was played by Jo Jung-suk. At first, their relationship grows from co-workers, the denial feelings by Sun-woo to Bong-sun, until they realize what they mean to each other.

The Kissing Scenes and Adorable Moments

Surprisingly, Park Bo-young revealed that she never kissed before in ten years of her acting career, so her kissing scenes with Jo Jung-suk were the first ones. Jo Jung-suk said it was a pressure to know that, but he decided to give her the best he can to show viewers that he was the right co-star to take Bo-young’s first kiss. In this drama, they did around six kissing scenes. Below is a compilation:

Some of their adorable moments were quite memorable. The first one is their very first kissing scene in the drama, in episode 4. Sun-woo was sick at the time, so Bong-sun decided to give him porridge. When she came in, Sun-woo instantly kissed her, because he thought it was his ex-girlfriend due to his sickness hallucination. Bong-sun seemed to enjoy that hot kiss so well (it runs for some minutes),  but after Sun-woo realized who she was he dodged fast and said it was a mistake. Poor Bong-sun! The second is when Bong-sun forced Sun-woo to have sex with her because of the ghost’s wish. It more like a rape by Bong-sun than a polite demand! Sun-woo thinks she’s crazy and he moves quickly to put on his clothes as the staff is looking for him. The third is not a kissing scene, but a quite romantic moment. One night, Bong-sun sat one Sun-woo’s lap at the corner of the street. Bong-sun is about to go overseas for her studies, and Sun-woo gaveher a necklace and put it on her. When Sun-woo is crying, you can heard him laugh a little because he said that he couldn’t deny Bo-young’s cuteness although she’s not acting cute! The last and the most memorable moment in this drama, the end kissing scene! At the end of the episode 16, Bong-sun comes back to Korea and visited the restaurant. Bo-young met Sun-woo to release her longing and then they kissed so beautifully, and naturally! This end scene was many viewers’ favorite scene in the entire drama.

Off-Screen Moments

There is a secret behind the epic kissing scene at the end. The script was meant to end when they were kissing and Bong-sun sat above the table. But Jo Jung-suk said he wanted to carry Bo-young and kiss her, he thought that would be better and the director agreed. When they kissed, the director should have ended the scene, but he staid quiet. This made Bo-young improvise by saying “Are you tired? Can I kiss you again and again?”, Jo Jung-suk said yes and they kissed once more, then hugged at the end. Because of that, their chemistry were naturally formed and really matched each other! In an interview, Jo Jung-suk confessed that working with Park Bo-young was fun. Hhe said, “I think I could communicate well with her. The atmosphere in shooting scenes was nice. I’m glad every time director said cut.” He also said Park Bo-young had been born with natural aegyo, he couldn’t hold his laughter every time Park Bo-young did something funny with her aegyo. Park Bo-young also revealed that she accepted the challenge to do the kissing scene for raising the ratings. After her first kiss, she said that she felt comfortable with him and that made it easier to do. Park Bo-young said, “Jo Jung-suk really cared about this after I told him that I never did kissing scene so this is my first time.” She was also sure that he wouldn’t tease her, so they could do it professionally.

Their Relationship Now

Park Bo-young and Jo Jung-suk’s relationship is that of co-workers and friends that only have contact in their professional relationship. they each have their own special relationship already. Park Bo-young known to have a relationship with her partner from Strong Girl Do Bong Soon, Park Hyun-sik, since they fell in love in the set in December, 2018 . Jo Jung-suk was married secretly in the fall of 2018, with his long-time girlfriend, the pop diva Gummy, whom he’s dated since 2013. Park Bo-young’s latest project in 2019 was tvN’s drama, titled Abyss, while Jo Jung-suk had the chance to be partnered with the famous idol SNSD’s Yoona, in the action movie titled Exit. 

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