Ryu Hye-young and Go Kyung-pyo play the roles of childhood friends. In the drama, they are involved in a romantic relationship. Although this couple is not the main focus of the series, they are still pretty popular among Korean fans.

Ryu Hye-young and Go Kyung-pyo in Reply 1988

Ryu Hye-young plays Sung Bo-ra, she is Deok-sun’s (Hyeri) older sister. As the oldest sibling, she may look terrifying. She doesn’t let Deok-Sun touch her stuff, and gets angry at her siblings when things don’t go her way. Despite her antics, she is a warm person and that is what makes Sun-woo (Go Kyung-pyo) fall in love with her. Bo-ra has a difficult relationship with her father, they often fight and don’t talk to each other for a long time. They have an awkward father-daughter aura. Despite the interaction, they still love each other and worry about each other. Sun-woo, on the other hand, is one of the main characters in the drama. He is friends with Jung-hwan, Dong-ryong, Deok-sun, and Choi-taek. When Sun-woo fell in love with Bo-ra, he was immediately rejected by her, though he still stayed beside her, being there for her whenever she needed him. The video below shows their first kiss. You should probably watch the previous episodes to get the touchy-feely sense of this series, because the drama doesn’t only focus on the romance, it is kind of a slice of life drama of South Korea in 1988. It will definitely lure you to binge watch until the end.

Off-screen Moments

The couple look so relaxed with each other in the series. Even when the kissing scene starts, it feels like they were falling in love with each other, for real! But the truth is, before meeting in the drama, Kyung-pyo and Hye-young were already close friends. They were comfortable with each other, which is what helps them sell the relationship so well. This couple is like a cure for heartbroken fans that support another couple that failed to be together. In Reply 1988, the main characters usually ended up together. You should watch it, you would not expect any cheap plot in here! The sweet moments between the couple make it hard for the fans to deny their real relationship. Even both of their real partners are jealous of Kyung-pyo and Hye-young’s relationship. They are fit for each other and the drama takes place in 1988, when everything was still simple, no smartphones or any technology. Conventional dating, where romantic act still shows love, not only a desire for sex, was still typical.

Their Relationship Now

Despite the comments from fans that they had feelings for each other, neither Kyung-pyo and Hye-young wants to spoil their relationships. They still wanted to see each other and be close for a long time. If they were together as a couple when they broke up, they might not see each other again, so they decided to treat each other as brother and sister. After the episode with their first kiss, fans commented that they might love each other for real and were kissing with their own desire. It could be why it looks so real if they were making using kissing scenes for their own personal feelings. But, the fans might be wrong and thinking about it too much. The actor and the actress both admit that the kiss was deep and they confessed that they were still awkward with each other a couple of days after filming the scene. Even though this couple is not the main couple, they still made themselves the main couple in the fans’ hearts. Many fans are still waiting for their good news. Hopefully, there will be another drama that uses them the main couple, because viewers couldn’t get enough of them. Twenty episodes weren’t enough to show their chemistry, as they weren’t the main couple. Today, they remain close friends. There is still hope for the fans to ship this pairing for real. There’s a good chance they will reveal their relationship a couple of years after the drama ends. Both Hye-young and Kyung-pyo are at the same university and have the same major. There might be some sparks between them after all these years.

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