Dongkiz are actively releasing new songs, appearing in tv programs, and using their social media as a platform to promote in order to gain more fans in their fandom, Dong-ari. In this article, we are going to explore the detailed information provided about one of the Dongkiz members—Lee Kyoungyoon, who holds the position of vocalist of the group. Let’s learn more about Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon, starting from his full profile, fun facts, and getting up close and personal with his visual, focus fancams, cover song content, and latest news, in this article below.

Dongkiz’ Kyoungyoon’s Full Profile

Real Name: Lee Kyoung-yoon (Hangul: 이경윤) Stage Name: Kyoungyoon (Hangul: 경윤) Place and Date of Birth: North Gyeongsang Province, Yeongdeok Country, South Korea, February 21st, 2000 Star Sign: Pisces Height: 177 cm (5’10″) Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs) Blood Type: O Position in the group: Main Vocalist Family Members: Parents and brother Education:

Yeongduk Middle School Yeongduk High School Global Cyber ​​University (Broadcasting Entertainment/Attended)

Official Sites:

Instagram (dongkiz_dy) Twitter (dongkiz_dy) Fan Café (DONGKIZ) Facebook (dongkizofficial) V Live (DONGKIZ) TikTok (@dongkiz_dy)

Dongkiz’ Kyoungyoon’s Fun Facts

Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s Visual

Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon is a member who was born in 2000. From this, we can see that his aura as a young K-Pop idol also has a high spirit. One of his charming points is that he can show aegyo naturally like in the picture above; he seems to be attending a fan signing event and interacting with his fans by posing while poking his cheek. Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon looks cute, right? The member who holds the position of vocalist of the group also always looks playful wherever he is. Like in the picture above, he seemed to be present at one of the events and a fan captured his moments while smiling at the fans who also attended the event. Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon looks so cool with his casual outfit and this hairstyle seems to be well-suited with his image, exuding his charm of a teenager. Just like the personality, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon looks very bright and every picture of him displays his charm of being a member with a great image with teenager vibes. Such is the picture above which may be a teaser picture of Dongkiz where Kyoungyoon looks very handsome with a casual outfit and also curly hair which is one of the trademark hairstyles he wears most often. While looking over his shoulder and hiding his smile, his charm doesn’t stay hidden and it is obvious that he is one of the most cheerful members of the group. You can also see it in the photo above which shows how cheerful Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon is. He was seen attending one of the fan signing events wearing a green t-shirt and also a magician’s hat which was one of the gifts given by his fans who came to the event. As if he was cosplaying as a witch, he looks like the cheerful witch who doesn’t have any mysterious side, he even smiles very widely in this photo and waves his hand at his fans, which makes him very funny to look at. It can be seen from the photo above that Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon seems to often have brown and curly hairstyle when promoting with his group in any era. He also often looks stunning and shining when he has to deal with many people. Like posing with heart fingers just like in the picture above; he looks like one of the young actors coming to a drama press conference, right? His aura is no joke and he also has that vibe of prince charming as well. What do you think about Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s visual?

Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s Song Covers

Without waiting any longer, let’s check out the information about Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s song covers in this section below. On September 11th, 2020, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon uploaded his latest single cover while playing the guitar. Wearing a formal outfit with a blue shirt and black trousers, he seemed to be deeply immersed in every verse of the lyrics of the song he sang at that time. Not only proficient in singing, but Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon also demonstrates proficiency in playing the guitar in the current song cover of a song popularized by Sondia titled “Grown Ups”.

On March 26th, 2021, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon was again seen uploading his latest song cover content by singing “Juice” from Lizzo. Different from the previous cover song concept, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon was seen dancing to the fast tempo song while enjoying a sunny day at the café and also on the rooftop of the building. He also looks very playful in this song cover content because the concept is made like a music video remake.

On May 8th, 2019, Dongkiz, who at that time were present as guest stars on Idol Radio, displayed the talents of one of the members, namely Kyoungyoon, by singing ballad songs live on the program. At first, he acted funny by playing and didn’t show any nervousness at all when asked by Jung Ilhoon as the DJ of the radio, then he showed his singing ability well in front of the members who also gave him support.

On August 18th, 2020, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon once again showed his singing talent very well when he appeared on a tv program. The member who holds the position of vocalist of the group is not shy when he has to sing live, as is readily visible in the footage of the video above; Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon was seen singing “Downtown Baby” with a very melodious voice and made several guest stars on the show mesmerized by his beautiful voice.

On December 22nd, 2020, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon was back to greet his fans by uploading song cover content on Dongkiz’s official YouTube account. In the cover song above, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon sings one of the songs popularized by South Korean solo artist Jung Seung-hwan, a song titled “My Christmas Wish”. This cover song was uploaded very beautifully, featuring Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon singing live in a clean white studio with a very neat semi-formal outfit.

On May 28th, 2021, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon, who had previously shown his guitar playing skills, was back with his newest song cover content while singing one of the songs popularized by Jason Mraz, “I’m Yours”. His melodious voice seems to create its own atmosphere in the middle of summer and he also looks very handsome in the casual outfit he wore in the video above, like boyfriend material singing for his lover. What do you think about Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s cover songs?

Dongkiz’ Kyoungyoon’s Focus Fancams

Check out Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s focus fancams in this section below! On May 14th, 2021, Dongkiz held their comeback stage by bringing “Universe” that was aired on Simply K-Pop. In their comeback stage, each member appeared very cheerfully, including Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon who was in the focus of the fancam above, who was seen wearing a white sweater with a pink bear in the middle of the sweater and also pink trousers which looked very cute. Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon looks very passionate about bringing the choreography of “Universe” and also makes very cheerful facial expressions.

On July 9th, 2021, Dongkiz were back in Simply K-Pop and put on a performance of their latest single “Crazy Night”. Like the previous Dongkiz concept, they looked very cheerful in bringing the “Crazy Night” performance. Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon in the focus of the fancam above is again seen wearing a casual outfit concept and looks very relaxed in performing a very difficult choreography with so much footwork. But Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon looks very maximal and stunning with his dance moves. It turns out that besides having a beautiful voice, Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon is also really a great dancer, right?

On March 20th, 2020, Dongkiz performed their comeback song at that time, “Lupin”. This comeback stage includes having a different concept from other songs, because “Lupin” has a more mature side which is shown in the choreography and also the outfits worn by each of the members. Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon usually looks more relaxed with casual outfits, such as a sweater and short pants while having a comeback stage, but he looks much more masculine by wearing a suit and tie and also a white bow tie. Beside that, “Lupin” also has a stick as one of the hallmarks of his choreography.

On May 12th, 2019, Dongkiz, who were holding a fan signing event at the time, showed Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s very playful behavior when he came to the event. Not only he interacted with his fans, but Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon also received some gifts and immediately wore them at the fan signing event. In the focus fancam above, we can see Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon very cheerfully playing with a toy gun wearing a police hat as if he was about to shoot something. What do you think about Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon’s focus fancams?


Dongkiz were the first K-Pop group to make a comeback in July 2021. On July 1st, 2021, at 12:00 South Korean time, Dongkiz released their latest music video titled “Crazy Night”. “Crazy Night” is the title track of Dongkiz’s fifth single album titled CHASE EPISODE 1. GGUM.

Through this music video, we can see the excitement of Dongkiz members when camping in the summer by using a van. With groovy and funky dance music, making this song perfect for listening in the summer. In addition, in the music video, we can also see the energetic choreography of the Dongkiz members, as well as their acting skills when they find a mysterious egg. Well, that is all the information about Dongkiz’s Kyoungyoon that you need to know. While Kyoungyoon is still active as a member of Dongkiz, it will be great for us to continue to give support and love as much as possible and hope that the careers of Dongkiz and Kyoungyoon can shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media, and stay tuned for more interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!

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