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IAS Pradeep Gawande and Tina Dabi are officially engaged. Pradeep Gawande has grabbed the nation’s attention as he is all set to marry the first Dalit IAS female officer of India, Tina Dabi (UPSC Rank 1- 2015). Tina Dabi is a well known IAS officer and an even better known UPSC candidate of all times. She was 22 when she topped the Civil Services exam. This would be Tina Dabi’s second marriage. She was married to Athar Amir Khan who secured AIR 2 in 2015 UPSC Civil Services. Pradeep Gawande belongs to the Latur district of Maharashtra and was born on 9th December 1980. Pradeep’s father’s name is Keshaorao Gawande and his mother’s name is Satyabhama Gawande. Pradeep has simple roots and belonged to an upper-middle-class family. His family currently resides in Pune. He is currently 39 years of age. He is a doctor by profession. Pradeep completed his MBBS from Government Medical College in Aurangabad and then practised in many hospitals in New Delhi as a doctor. This is where he prepared for UPSC Civil Services also. Pradeep Gawande practised in hospitals of Delhi as a doctor when he decided to appear for UPSC Civil Services. Pradeep secured AIR 478 in UPSC Civil Services Exam 2012 and became an IAS officer of the 2013 Batch. His roll number was 442735. Pradeep, though a doctor, always dreamt of serving the nation by becoming an IAS officer. He got Rajasthan cadre, post his selection in the Civil Services exam. ias pradeep gawande age, ias pradeep gawande biography, pradeep gawande first wife, pradeep gawande ias wikipedia

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Currently, Pradeep Gawande is posted as Director, Archeology & Museums, Rajasthan. He is a 2013 batch IAS Officer who is three years senior to Tina Dabi. Earlier he was posted as the District Collector of Churu in Rajasthan. He made headlines when he was posted as the Managing Director of Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC) Jaipur. It was this time when Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) questioned him in a case related to bribery. It was reported at that time that Gawande failed to give convincing replies to ACB officers. He was questioned for more than two hours by the ACB officials in September 2021. Eight more officers were suspected at that time along with Gawande. “We had invited Pradeep Gawande, the managing director of RSLDC for questioning. Some specific questions were asked from him including why permission of a particular training form was cancelled and if it was cancelled under what circumstances the process of granting permission was started again,” said BL Soni, director General of ACB (statement given in September 2021). It was at this time when Tina Dabi was undergoing her separation formalities from Athar Amir Khan. Pradeep is going to marry IAS Tina Dabi soon. It is being speculated that Pradeep and Tina would get married in Jaipur on April 22, 2022. Their engagement was announced on March 28, 2022, on their social media accounts. In an interview with a leading media house, Tina Dabi said that she met Pradeep during the second wave of Covid 19 in the health department of Jaipur. This is where they developed their friendship which ultimately turned into a beautiful relationship. Meanwhile, people have shared their wedding reception card on Twitter. There is no authentication on it by any of the family members of the bride or the groom. Tina Dabi has come forward to inform the world that Pradeep Gawande was not married earlier. In an interview with Dainik Bhaskar, she clarified this detail. There is no detail shared by him on his social media accounts.

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