The owner of the real name Kim Minji was born on May 17th, 1994, in Daejeon, South Korea. Her position in the group other than the leader is the lead vocal, lead dancer, and visual. Although she called herself ‘Pink Princess’ because she really liked pink (if that has not been obvious enough), she likes listening to songs with rock and heavy metal genres and even idolizes Baby Metal which is a Japanese heavy metal genre group. Are you curious to learn more about this fairy leader? Check out this article below to find out everything about her!  

Full Profile of Dreamcatcher’s Jiu

Stage Name: JiU (지유) Birth Name: Kim Min Ji (김민지) English Name: Lily Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Visual Birthday: May 17th, 1994 Nationality: Korean Zodiac Sign: Taurus Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs) Blood Type: B


Interesting Facts about Dreamcatcher’s Jiu

Daejeon, South Korea, is her hometown She has one sibling (a younger brother) Her real name Minji is said to mean that ‘the more you share, the more blessed you are’ Her stage name Jiu, which is currently active, means that ‘the more you honor an adult, the more you will be blessed’ It was said that Jiu’s stage name was given to her by her parents rather than the company She is one of the original members of Dreamcatcher that previously debuted under the name Minx She debuted as a member of MINX on September 18th, 2014, with the first single “Why Did You Come To My Home?” She likes to eat, A LOT, but she also does workout religiously She called herself ‘Pink Princess’ because she really liked pink Although she is the oldest member of the group, she likes to act like a maknae She has a cute expression and can act expressively with her face She has a carefree and YOLO personality She likes to promote her group even to strangers She has a bright personality and she smiles a lot She dyed her hair red for the first time during the “Fly High” promotions and she likes it She likes listening to songs with rock and heavy metal genres She idolizes Baby Metal, which is a Japanese heavy metal genre group She participated in the Mnet survival show MIXNINE, and was ranked 95th She had a cameo appearance in the web drama Hororong Story If she hadn’t debuted with Dreamcatcher, she would have either opened a macaroon shop or became a cop She likes to work out to relieve stress, among her favorite workouts is aerobics In the group, she represents the nightmare of being chased by someone unknown In an interview, she claimed to have a close relationship with the other members and tried to show this through appearing on stage As a group, she confessed that the members enjoyed their work and tried to overcome difficult times together


Jiu’s Pre-Debut and Re-Debut as a Member of Dreamcatcher

Before debuting as a singer, Jiu had been dreaming of being one since childhood. She grew up listening to many songs by Country Coko and Finkle due to the influence of her parents. She then began to gain confidence through participation in the retreat with a talent show and asked her parents to allow her to sign for a vocal academy. While attending a vocal academy in Daejeon, she was invited to audition by the team leader of the academy who was the vocal trainer of Happy Face Entertainment at the time. She passed the audition after she sang Park Jung-hyun’s song “I Hope So Now.” Jiu first made her debut back in 2014 when Dreamcatcher was still under the name Minx. So, she is one of the original Dreamcatcher members since Minx. In November 2016, she re-debuted as a member of the group with the name Dreamcatcher. The name is derived from its concept where each member represents a different nightmare. In the first teaser concept of the group’s re-debut project, she represents the nightmare of being chased by someone unknown which was showcased through her wandering around the forest. She finally re-debuted with Dreamcatcher on January 13th, 2017, where they released their debut album titled Nightmare and the title track “Chase Me.” She is the leader of this group.

For her, their first album was a personal one as it was their (Dreamcatcher) way to pay for the love that has been given by everyone, including fans who stood by their side.  

Dreamcatcher’s Jiu’s Personality

As a person, Jiu has a versatile character that attracts attention with her innocent visuals and tall body ratio. She is also a very resourceful member as she participates in high-level dance, song, and lyrics, composition, and arrangement. Upon first look, Jiu gives the impression of ‘a good-looking older sister and friend who greets you with a sunny smile’ (according to other members). She also has a bright personality as can be traced by her kind eyes and tendency to easily laugh along. It is simply said that she has a playful personality. She is also an attentive leader as she likes to take care of her surroundings. She is also a member who does not hesitate to express her affection for others. She likes to give sweet compliments without any shame. Although on the outside she looks like a strong leader who can take everything, she actually has a soft heart. She is very sensitive and is not afraid to express her emotions. She even shed tears during the fan showcase to commemorate the release of the 2nd mini-album. She also cried when reading a fan letter. This sensitive quality of her is what makes her a very sincere and honest person.  

Dreamcatcher’s Jiu as a Leader

Apart from her being the oldest member of the group, it would seem that the leadership has already been embedded in her body. She likes to take care of her surroundings and she even likes to take the initiative to deal with the fans. She leads the team responsibly as a charismatic leader, but she also shows generous affection to the members. She is also a good leader as can be seen by how much the members really trust her deeply. – Jiu, in an interview with NEWSIS, January 2017

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