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DreamCatcher’s Gahyeon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Gahyeon (가현) Real Name: Lee Ga-hyeon (이가현) English Name: Lucy Lee Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae Birthday: February 3rd, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Nationality: Korean Height: 160 cm (5’3”) Blood Type: AB


Fun Facts about DreamCatcher’s Gahyeon

Seongnam, South Korea, is her hometown She is one of the two members that are not part of the original MINX line-up Gahyeonie is her nickname Before joining Happy Face, she was a former FNC Trainee It was revealed that she also passed the auditions for YG She graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts High School on February 10th, 2017, a month after debuting with DreamCatcher In school, she was a model student for three years and has many awards in various fields, especially mathematics She used to study in the Philippines for a few months She is an expert on math She also likes to eat and experiment with cooking She makes a delicious seaweed soup When she first debuted, she gained a little weight In 2018, she decided to lose weight by routinely exercising, but due to her yo-yo diet her weight fluctuates She can imitate the laugh of Spongebob As a math master, she can remember the dates very well as she knows the details of the DreamCatcher schedule As a maknae, she is known to be spoiled by the other members and she is often called ‘crying baby’ PRISTIN’s ex Yehana, Twice‘s Dahyun, (G)IDLE‘s Miyeon, Momoland‘s Jane, April‘s Chaewon, and ITZY‘s Yeji are some of her girl pals Her roommate in the dorm is Handong Her nightmare image in DreamCatcher is the girl who’s falling down from high places When asked about her ideal type, she said that she doesn’t have an exact ideal type, but she’d prefer someone who is fun and has a pretty smile and a handsome voice


Gahyeon’s Official Debut with DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher first debuted under the name Minx in 2014, but was later decided to change its name in 2016. In addition, they also added two new members to complete the name transformation, making it a seven-member girl group. Gahyeon is one of the two members beside Handong who joined DreamCatcher in the new line-up. Happy Face Entertainment introduced Gahyeon through the teaser image that represents her ‘nightmare’ concept. Happy Face said that they were making the concept of ‘nightmares’ where each member represents a different nightmare. “The two types of teaser images that are being revealed right now illustrate the “girl” images and the “nightmare character” version of each member. It’s like a compressed version of the singles and albums that DreamCatcher will release afterward,” it was said. With this teaser image, Gahyeon was introduced as the nightmare of the girl who’s falling down from high places. She shows her vulnerability while staring softly at the camera.

After the teaser releases, she finally debuted for the first time on January 13th, 2017, with DreamCatcher’s debut album Nightmare, with the main single “Chase Me.” By carrying out a rock theme, DreamCatcher managed to surprise fans with the change from their previously cute concept.

In their first year of debut, DreamCatcher managed to occupy the 19th position on the Billboard version of the Best K-Pop Songs of 2017 with their successful debut song. They also occupied the role of the 10 Best New K-Pop Acts in 2017 at the 3rd position.  

DreamCatcher’s Gahyeon’s Personality

Gahyeon’s personality is often described as ‘very expressive.’ It is also said that she has the loudest voice among the members. So, it is no wonder that her presence often makes the room atmosphere busier. To put it simply, she has a bright personality and has a lot of aegyo. Whether in fan signing events and busking, every moment is a mass of aegyo with her in the room. Thanks to this personality, she can get along well with the team. Even in VApp, she talks as much as the other members and is very active. Apart from having a cute personality, apparently, she also has a brainy personality! She is known as an idol who is good at math. Amazingly, she was also a model student for three consecutive years during middle school. As a model student, she won many awards in various fields, especially mathematics. This makes her the true definition of brain, beauty, and behavior!  

DreamCatcher’s Gahyeon As a Maknae

As a maknae, Gahyeon is known to be spoiled by the other members so she is often called the ‘crying baby.’ As if her childlike personality was reflected in her face, he has a pair of soft eyes. At the same time, she also carries a mischievous look that is ready to prank you. And unlike the former maknae Dami, this maknae is very active and bold. Her personality makes the other members welcome her wholeheartedly. Her fox-like cute face also reminds people of Red Velvet’s Seulgi and even national athlete, Yuna Kim, with double eyelids. Her unique cuteness and personality blend well and represents her childlike beauty. Take a look at her cuteness in the videos below!


Gahyeon’s Appearances in DreamCatcher’s Vlog

As to increase the engagement with fans, DreamCatcher occasionally posts each member’s activity through a YouTube vlog. Gahyeon often takes over the vlog episodes as she shares her day doing pilates and traveling in Australia. Check out her daily activities in her DreamCatcher vlogs below!


DreamCatcher’s Gahyeon’s Singing and Rapping Skills

Although Gahyeon is the group’s sub-vocalist, she is a member with full potential! As can be seen in the DreamCatcher debut song “Chase Me,” she was in charge of the bridge that leads the atmosphere of the song, but sadly in “Good Night,” she only received one part. Although she is just given a little part in the DreamCatcher songs, she is clearly revealing that she has grown in terms of vocals in the past years. By seeing this 2020 cover clip, you can see how much her voice has grown and improved!

As for her rapping skills, no one denied that she got a full-blown talent in rap, seeing that she occupied the rapper position of the group. Although often the DreamCatcher rap part requires trendy flow and a fairly difficult beat, she really digests it well. Take a look at a few of her rapping parts below!

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