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Duetto Group and Members’ Profile

Duetto is known as the male duo that was formed under Starship Entertainment. They made their debut on May 17th, 2017, by releasing Duetto, a self-titled Extended Play (EP). Duetto consists of two members, Yoo Seulgi and Paek Intae. Both of them used to attend the same university, which is Hanyang University and practiced classical tenors together. Here’s the general information about Duetto: Group Name: Duetto Fandom Name: Duetti Instagram: @Official_Duetto Facebook: OfficialDuetto Twitter: @Official_Duetto Fan Café: 듀에토 (DUETTO)

Duetto’s Yoo Seulgi’s Profile

Birth Name: Yoo Seul-gi (유슬기) Stage Name: Yoo Seulgi (유슬기) Date of Birth: July 31st, 1986 Age: 34 years old Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 173 cm Blood Type: B Position: Vocalist Years Active: 2017–present Label: Starship Entertainment Associated With: Duetto Instagram: yooseulgi_duetto

5 Interesting Facts About Duetto’s Yoo Seulgi

Yoo Seulgi used to attend Hanyang University along with Paek Intae He is also known as a classical tenor Yoo Seulgi was a part of the InGiHyunSang group as a lead member He has appeared in The King of Masked Singer He appeared in Video Star as well

Duetto’s Paek Intae’s Profile

Birth Name: Paek In-tae (백인태) Stage Name: Paek Intae (백인태) Date of Birth: August 9th, 1986 Age: 34 years old Zodiac Sign: Leo Height: 183 cm Blood Type: A Position: Vocalist, Maknae Years Active: 2017–present Label: Starship Entertainment Associated With: Duetto Instagram: duetto_paekintae

5 Interesting Facts About Duetto’s Paek Intae

Paek Intae used to attend Hanyang University along with Yoo Seulgi He is also known as a classical tenor He is famous as a solo artist Paek Intae has appeared in I Can See Your Voice 6 Paek Intae was a part of InGiHyunSang along with Yoo Seulgi

The Story of Duetto’s Career Journey

Before their official debut as Duetto, Yoo Seulgi and Paek Intae used to be known as classical tenors from Hanyang University. Yoo Seulgi led his class every year in college and master’s program, while Paek Intae was active as a solo artist. After several years of practicing and learning together, Yoo Seulgi and Paek Intae took part as a contestant and lead member of InGiHyunSang on JTBC’s Phantom Singer in 2017 and finished in the second rank. In the same year, Yoo Seulgi and Paek Intae made their debut as a male duo by the name Duetto, which was formed by Starship Entertainment. The self-titled mini-album Duetto marked their debut project and was successfully welcomed by people. Other than that, Duetto released a music video for “Yearnings” that was included in the Duetto mini-album. Duetto has participated in K-Drama soundtracks such as “Hidden Tears” for the Love In Sadness drama, as well as releasing other singles such as “Dream,” “Reminisce,” and many more. For other activities, Duetto have also participated in a special radio program titled Duetto’s The Classic where they appeared as the Radio DJ guest. It was broadcast on YTN NEWS FM which is famously known as the radio show dedicated to classic and musical stories every weekend. Duetto also shared their college experience along with another guest, Professor Ko Sung-hyun, who used to be their lecturer while they were in the college.

Duetto’s MV and Live Performances

Duetto has released a bunch of great music through an extended play, digital singles, music videos, and many more. The mixture of amazing voices, impressive live performances, and incredible music also made Duetto’s charm acknowledged by people. Let’s take a look at Duetto’s live stage performances and music videos throughout the years, here.

Live Stage Performances

On Korean Music Wave, Duetto managed to amaze people with their live performance through a medley song cover. They performed a mixture of various singles such as “Cheer Up,” “Ddu-du Ddu-du,” and “Bboom Bboom” as well. Their performance also sounded incredible and impressive since their medley song cover was very different from the real version of those songs.

Duetto also amazed their fans with the “Miracle” live stage performance on One K Concert! They appeared with a pair of fancy-classic blazers and pants which made their visual appearance even more gorgeous. Meanwhile, their live performance sounded as incredible as ever since Duetto’s amazing vocal skills are something that is completely undeniable!

One of the best live stage performances of Duetto was broadcast on DMC Festival. Yoo Seulgi and Paek Intae appeared in navy and black outfits with vintage and classical concept on the stage. The song “Grande Amore” was sung perfectly harmonized by Duetto which made the crowds overwhelmed by emotions. Their high-pitched voices during the live performance sounded amazing, right?

Music Video

From the “Yearnings” music video, Duetto has emphasized the mixture of monochrome and vintage concept. It is also suitable with their classical music genre, and the scenes of the “Yearnings” music video are filled with nature views and are focused on the members’ appearance as well. That was all the information about Duetto. The duo has appeared with their characteristic and unique genre which made them look different from other K-Pop music groups. Moreover, people have also welcomed them wholeheartedly and seem to love their music too. What do you guys think about Duetto and their music? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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