ELRIS’ Chaejeong’s Profile

Birth Name: Lee Chae-jeong (이채정) Stage Name: Chaejeong (채정) Date of Birth: South Korea, August 26, 1999 Age: 21 years old Zodiac Sign: Virgo Blood Type: AB Height: 164 cm Weight: 48 kg Nationality: Korean Position: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper Years Active: 2018 – present Label: Hunus Entertainment Associated With: Produce 48, ELRIS

10 Facts About ELRIS’ Chaejeong That You Have to Know!

Chaejeong has raised her popularity after her appearance in Produce 48. Before she participated in Produce 48, Chaejeong used to be a trainee for 3 years and 6 months. In 2013, Chaejeong appeared on Dancing 9 show. Chaejeong was a part of the line-up for the seven-liner girl group under M&D17, but eventually, she left. Chaejeong also the part of the back dancer for IU‘s Twenty-three music video. She loves learning choreographies and collecting lipsticks. Dancing and ostrich imitation are her specialties. Chaejeong is very close with Rocket Punch‘s Sohee. Chaejeong was added to the group ELRIS in February 2020. During her performance with ELRIS, Chaejeong imagined the fans’ expression, which made her more energetic.

ELRIS’ Chaejeong and Her Journey to Become a K-Pop Idol

Previously, Chaejeong used to become a trainee in MND17 Entertainment. Later on, she participated as a contestant in the Produce 48 show as a representation from the agency. Then, how did she became the ELRIS members? Let’s find out the full story of ELRIS’ Chaejeong here!

Chaejeong’s Appearance on Produce 48

As of her first step in the entertainment industry, Chaejeong was made a breakthrough appearance as the Produce 48 contestant in June 2018! At that time, Chaejeong used to represent MND17 Entertainment and compete with a bunch of other contestants looking for a chance to debut as Mnet’s girl group. Chaejeong also made several performances throughout the show, such as the Roller Coaster performance, Boombayah performance, and many more. She was made people got amazed with her bright charms and passionate talent! However, Chaejeong didn’t make it until the final round. She was eliminated in the first elimination round with the final rank of #79. Watch ELRIS’ Chaejeong’s performance in Produce 48 here:

Chaejeong Debut with ELRIS

Two years after her elimination from Produce 48, Chaejeong was made people surprised and excited after Hunus Entertainment has announced that she became one of the added members in ELRIS! Chaejeong was officially debuted with ELRIS on February 26, 2020, which marked ELRIS’s comeback after one year and eight months. In ELRIS, Chaejeong was in charge as the main dancer, vocalist, and rapper as well. On her debut, ELRIS was released their fourth mini-album entitled Jackpot with the title track Jackpot. The group emphasized the playful girl concept with a fresh and bubbly dance-pop genre! Chaejeong also revealed her thoughts of debuted as ELRIS members. Since she was an added member, she used to feel nervous during their performance. But, she was also grateful because the other members were helping her throughout the time, and the support from the fans increased her confidence as well!

ELRIS’ Chaejeong’s Fancam & Dance Covers Performance

Chaejeong was looking adorable and sexy at the same time on ELRIS’ This Is Me live performance through the show Music Bank! With a white crop top and black shorts, Chaejeong has appeared with powerful dance and stunning visuals! Especially during her parts, Chaejeong, with her cute voice which made the crowds getting very excited!

Through a short dance cover video, Chaejeong showed her dance skill while performing the song ” How You Like That, ” originally performed by BLACKPINK! It was very nice for the fans to saw her during dance practice, as we could have noticed that Chaejeong was in the dance practice room with comfy outfits!

ELRIS’ Chaejeong’s amazing dance skill was definitely no doubt! She has also proven it through a special performance of Tinashe’s Superlove. With black casual outfits, Chaejeong was looking comfy while show-off her powerful dance! We could be focused on her charismatic vibes from the video, which made us craving for more performance from Chaejeong! That was all of the information regarding ELRIS’ Chaejeong! People could have noticed her hard work from her appearance in Produce 48 until her debut as ELRIS members. She has definitely had those charms and talents and successfully became one of the ‘breakthrough’ K-Pop idols! Comment below your thoughts about ELRIS’ Chaejeong, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media! Please stay connected with us for more K-Pop entertainment updates!

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