ELRIS’ Hyeseong’s Profile

Name: Yang Hye Sun (양혜선) Stage Name: Hyeseong (혜성) Nickname: Hyemster Birthday date: October 15, 1999 Birthday place: Jeolla, Gwangju, South Korea Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs) Blood type: B Zodiac: Libra Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Nationality: Korean Occupation: Singer, Musical Actress, Dancer Years active: 2017 – presents Agency: HUNUS Entertainment Group: ELRIS

ELRIS’ Hyeseong’s Facts

Hyeseong had studied at Hwaseong School and Hanlim Multi Art School. Hyeseong has a younger sister. Hyeseong is the cousin of Red Velvet‘s Irene. HUNUS Entertainment gave her “Hyeseong” as her stage name, and she received it and loved it because the name means “comet”. On November 4, 2015, she appeared on ROMEO’s music video “TARGET”, and she also appeared on the chicken commercial with IU. Hyeseong can keep 7 cherry tomatoes in her mouth. Hyeseong’s unique talents are can impersonating Pikachu, Spongebob, and several characters. Hyeseong really likes gummy and chocolate also drinks watermelon juice. Hyeseong can beatbox. Hyeseong and Bella sang the OST “Single Heart” for the drama Rich Man. Hyeseong starred in the musical drama “Hello Jadoo” as Eunhee in 2018. Hyeseong is friends with H.U.B’s Rui and CLC‘s Eunbin. Hyeseong often sleeps in the living room if she feels her bedroom is too hot. Hyeseong can speak some Japanese.

ELRIS’ Hyeseong Appearance In ‘MixNine’

Before debuting with ELRIS, Hyeseong had participated and became a contestant in a South Korean survival reality show named Mix Nine. The program aired on JTBC from 2017 to 2018, a survival program founded by YG Entertainment founder and producer Yang Hyun-suk. This program formed 1 female team and 1 male team with 9 members, then both of the teams had to compete to become a winner and debut as idols. During the first showcase, Hyeseong entered grade A along with ITZY’s Ryujin (Shin Ryu-jin), Lee So-min, Choi Moon-he, Kim So-ri, Kim Hyun-jin, Jung Sa-ra, Baek Hyeon-joo, Hwang Ji-min, Go A-ra, and more. Unfortunately, after several episodes and survive in episode 10, Hyeseong had to be eliminated with ranked 43rd. So, here is the one of Hyeseong with the team performance. And if you want to see Hyeseong, she wore a simple yellow headband!

Hyeseong’s Debut With ELRIS

ELRIS is a girl group from South Korea that formed by HUNUS Entertainment. This girl group is consists of 7 members, namely Bella, Karin, Sohee, Yukyung, EJ, Chaejeong, and Hyeseong. At the first of their debut, the original line-up only consisted 5 members. They are Sohee, Bella, Karin, Yukyung, and Hyeseong. ELRIS debuted on June 1, 2017, releasing their first Extended Play (EP) entitled We, First.  In this group, Hyeseong got the position of the leader of dance and vocals. This is because she has an amazing and beautiful voice as well as good dancing talent. Hyeseong and her group debuted with did promotions in every weekly music program. One of them is Music Bank. They made their first stage (debut stage) on June 2, 2017, on the program by singing to their first single, “We, First (First Time)” cutely and perfect. So, here is the appearance of Hyeseong and her group when they made a hot debut on Music Bank with their original line-up!

Rumors About ELRIS’ Hyeseong’s Pregnancy

As we all know that Hyeseong has not in a relationship or marriage yet, but her fans were surprised because of one photo that she uploaded. May 5, 2020, is the National Children’s Day in South Korea, and usually, people will celebrate it by uploading their childhood photos. But unlike Hyeseong, she actually uploaded an ultrasound photo that made people shocked. K-Netz or even her fans thought that she was pregnant by writing many questions in the comment box, such as: “Are you pregnant?” “Is she pregnant?”  “Geez, shouldn’t you be doing social distancing?” Not only that, people thought that Hyeseong would become a single mother. But apparently, she isn’t pregnant, but the photo is of herself when she was still in her mother’s womb, which was in 1999. So, that’s all information about the lead dancer of ELRIS, namely Hyeseong, that you should know. After reading this article, what do you think about the article or Hyeseong? Put your opinion about it in the comment section, and don’t forget to follow out Twitter @CKoreaOfficial to know about our new updates!

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