But, we’re not going to talk about celebrities with the same name. Instead, we will talk about the one idol from a K-pop girl group who has the same name as some celebrities. Her name is Sohee, but you probably think of a lot of people named Sohee that you know in the Korean entertainment industry. Some that come to mind might be Ahn Sohee, a former member of Wonder Girls; Yoon Sohee, an actress from SM Entertainment; and Han Sohee, the actress who got popular with her role in The World of the Married. Well, it’s Kim Sohee from the girl group Elris that we’re going to talk about. Did she come to your mind? As we mentioned before, Sohee is a member of a girl group called Elris. She debuted on June 1, 2017, with a song called “We, First.” Before she made her debut, she joined a competition called K-Pop Star Season 6. Now, let’s explore more about Sohee from Elris!

Elris’ Sohee’s Profile

Let’s see Sohee’s profile down below! Full Name: Kim Sohee Korean Name: 김소희 Chinese Name: 金昭喜 Stage Name: Sohee Nicknames: Soh, Ttohee, Kim Ttochi, Queen Sohee, Sofia, etc. Birthplace: Michuhol-gu, Incheon-si, South Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: December 31, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Carpicorn Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Education:

Gwankyo Girls Middle School Hakin Girls High School

Position: Leader, center, main vocal, lead dancer Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: A Weight: 46 kg Height: 163 cm Foot Size: 240 mm Motto: Amor Fati Hobbies: Watching a drama and crying, chatting in a café, cleaning, etc. Favorite Food: Seafood, mint chocolate, watermelon, meat Favorite Color: Pink, red Family: Parents, 1 older sister Debut Day: June 1 Debut Year: 2017 Agency: Hunus Entertainment

Elris’ Sohee’s Facts

Let’s learn more about her by reading some interesting facts about Sohee!

Sohee is a big fan of APINK’s Bomi. Sohee’s favorite fruit is watermelon. Sohee always drinks watermelon juice when she goes to the showroom. Sohee is in charge of being the “dad” of the group. Sohee is one of the members who talks a lot, and she has a lot of cuteness or aegyo, too. The first thing Sohee did when she turned into an adult was buy a lottery ticket. Sohee hates Math but she likes science. She once got a 20 in Math and a 90 in science. The shortest relationship that Sohee had was when she was in 6th grade of elementary school; it was only for a week. Sohee is the spokesperson in the team since she talks a lot. She’s also a chatter. Sohee didn’t want to get her hair cut short because she did that once when she was in middle school and she didn’t like it. Sohee remembers the faces of her fans even after only meeting them once. Sohee likes green tea flavored ice cream, but she said that Haagendaz’s Peanut Butter Crunch is the ice cream of her life.

Elris’ Sohee’s Pre-Debut

Way before Sohee debuted in Elris as the leader, she was just a small girl from a district in Incheon called Michuhol. Sohee lived with her parents and her older sister. From elementary school until high school, Sohee spent her childhood to her teenage life in her hometown. But, things changed when Sohee joined a survival program from SBS in 2016. The show was called K-Pop Star Season 6: The Last Chance. Just like the name, this is the last season of the show which had been airing since 2011. If you know American Idol or The Voice, K-Pop Star is just like those shows. Sometimes, K-Pop Star‘s contestants become a K-pop idol and get recruited by some agencies after the show. As this was the last chance for Sohee, she was brave enough to leave her hometown for Seoul and participated in the program before the season ended. Thankfully, Sohee passed the audition. She even made it to the top 8. In the show, she performed some songs from various musicians with other contestants. And, Sohee did it all so well. Let’s see some of Sohee’s performances while she was on K-Pop Star Season 6.

Sohee who was only 17 years old or 18 years old in the Korean age system at that time showed us her best! Her vocals were so great even at her young age. Sohee’s amazing performances throughout the show led to her being accepted as a JYP Entertainment trainee. Congrats!

Sohee’s Debut with Elris

Although when Sohee joined K-Pop Star Season 6, she was accepted as JYP Entertainment’s trainee, Sohee moved to Hunus Entertainment. As you may know, moving from one company to another is such a normal thing in the K-pop industry. The good thing is that Sohee didn’t need to wait a long time to be a trainee like some other idols. On June 1, 2017, Sohee made her debut in Elris under Hunus Entertainment. It was only several months after K-Pop Star Season 6 ended. Congrats, Sohee! Elris made its debut with five members who are Sohee as the leader, Yukyung, Garin who was also a contestant in K-Pop Star Season 6, Hyeseong, and Bella. The girls officially debuted by releasing their first title track called “We, First” on the mini-album with the same title. Let’s see the music video of “We, First” by Elris!

What do you think of the music video? As a center of the group as well as the main vocalist, Sohee really rocks it! Great job, Sohee! And, let’s see how good Sohee’s dancing performance is in the dance version of “We, First!”

Not only is she good at singing, but Sohee is also good at dancing, too! What a full package Sohee is!

Elris’ Sohee’s Performances on Stage

After we’ve seen some moments from Sohee’s debut era, you probably wonder how Sohee has changed. She made her debut over four years. There must be a lot of things that have changed with her, including her singing skills that have improved, dancing skills, or anything! So, let’s see the performances of Sohee from time to time with Elris!

What do you think of Sohee’s performances on stage? Elris really did a great job in every performance they had. But, we can’t really focus on Sohee because the other members are interesting, too. So, let’s see the videos of Sohee’s fancams from Elris’ performances!

  What do you think of Sohee’s performances? Now, we realize that she’s a charismatic leader on stage. What a great performer she is.

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