Check out the age and age order of all Enhypen members in this article.

Enhypen Members’ Age Order

These are the birthdays and the age order of all Enhypen members.  

Enhypen’s Hyung Line

Enhypen’s hyung line consists of Heeseung, Jay, Jake, and Sunghoon. From the oldest member in the hyung line, Heesung, to the youngest member of the hyung line, Sunghoon, they have only a year of age difference. It is the reason why the hyung line is very comfortable with each other, and they often play around and make fun of one another.

Enhypen’s hyung line is more chaotic and playful than the maknae line. One of the reasons is because the hyung line has Jake, the most playful and active member. However, Jake can transform into another person, a serious and intense performer, when he is on stage.

Enhypen’s Maknae Line

The youngest line or maknae line consists of Sunoo, Jungwon, and Niki. Niki, Enhypen’s only Japanese member, is the youngest member. It is very uncommon to have a member of the maknae line as the leader of a group. Enhypen’s leader, Jungwoon, breaks the stereotype and leads Enhypen even though he is the second-youngest member.

As the leader of Enhypen, Jungwon is the most mature member compared to the rest. Even the older members are very proud of him and want to learn many things from Jungwon. Compared to the other members, Jungwon looks calm and reserved, but he has strong confidence and can lead the group.

The youngest member, Niki, is Enhypen’s little baby. He has a very cute face and dorky attitude that makes fans fall in love with him. Niki loves to be around Jungwon, and he loves to be pet by him. With its talented and lovable members, Enhypen is set to follow the success path of its senior, BTS. Who is your favorite Enhypen member? Tell us your opinion about Enhypen’s members and Enhypen’s age order in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your social media account.

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