After performing and receiving an evaluation, the seven members of the debut team were selected. The final lineup for the debut group includes Yang Jung Won, Lee Hee Seung, Park Sung Hoon, Jay, Jake, Kim Sunoo, and Ni-ki. They debuted as the group ENHYPEN. Chosen among 23 contestants make ENHYPEN members someone that shouldn’t be taken lightly. From singing abilities, to dancing synchronously, and though it’s not showcased much in their song, the members are also able to rap. It’s reasonable to call the members of ENHYPEN all-rounder idols.

ENHYPEN with No Positions Announced Since Debut

Since their debut on November 30th, 2020, ENHYPEN have something unique about them. Unlike other K-pop groups, ENHYPEN don’t have assigned roles for each member except the leader and maknae. In K-pop, the roles of each member are usually assigned when they are trained as a trainee is trying to excel in one aspect like vocal, dance, or rap. But in ENHYPEN’s case, no positions have been announced since their debut. Although in I-Land fans guessed which roles suit each member, ENHYPEN left the positions empty. Whether it is the main vocal, main dancer, or main rapper. As for visuals, even though there’s no official position, Sunghoon was chosen as the main visual during I-Land. Meanwhile, because of his stunning performance, Heeseung was chosen as the center of ENHYPEN. But ENGENEs also believe that because of his performance and formation in ENHYPEN, Jungwon is also able to carry the center role.

ENHYPEN Don’t Have Fixed Positions to Help the Members Keep Growing

In the K-pop group, assigned positions are given to members who excel in certain areas when compared to other members. While the others members might be improving their skills over time, the roles of the assigned positions wouldn’t change. In ENHYPEN, no fixed position means they can keep improving their skills over time. In an interview with Eric Nam, Jungwon as ENHYPEN’s leader said that ENHYPEN members have the ambition to keep improving so they can fulfill all positions with high quality. This system led Eric Nam to conclude that ENHYPEN is a group with 7 aces because they can fulfill any position. This system also gives a big chance to ENHYPEN members to have different parts in their songs, so it can be a surprise as ENHYPEN have shown something new to the fans and also keep open the possibility to attract new fans. Having no assigned position is something new for a K-pop group: while this system might be new, it could become a good strategy as the members could improve themselves and eventually show something new to the fans. So, what do you think about the system of no fixed positions in ENHYPEN? Do you think it is something that could become a trend?

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