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ENHYPEN Announced Their Famdom Name: ENGENE

Each ENHYPEN member is already popular since the survival show aired so it is an advantage for the group’s branding. This group is headed by Jungwon and announced its fandom name a month before its official debut, which was on October 9, 2020. Through ENHYPEN‘s YouTube channel, the 7 members announced the fan club name that is “ENGENE.” So, here is the announcement video!

ENHYPEN’s Fandom Name Meaning

Behind the unique name, it turns out that it has a very beautiful meaning. According to Jake and Jay, “ENGENE” consists of two meanings. The first meaning is “machine.” It describes something that can push them to move forward. In other words, ENHYPEN is their support system. The second one is “Gene” which means gene. ENHYPEN and ENGENE are formed from one and the same DNA- they are related to each other and can grow together no matter what happens. Based on what ENHYPEN members said on Vlive, ENGENE means a lot to them because they get support and energy from their fans.

Fan Reactions to the Fandom Name Announcement

Every fan will be excited about the name of their fan club. It also happened to ENHYPEN’s fans. There are so many names that they have already given to ENHYPEN, but fans accept it gracefully and accepted the announcement that ENHYPEN made on October 9, 2020. There’s a fan on Twitter with the username @hypelocks that said: “Today is ENHYPEN’s fandom announcement. I hope you all who still have individual favorites start to accept all of the members (OT7). If you can’t love them just do not disrespect the other. Enhypen needs each other of you for being their supporter and fans. I hope you all understand.” Here are some reactions from fans about the fandom name announcement! Because of their fiery spirits, “ENGENE” trended #1 worldwide on Twitter in 13 countries!

ENHYPEN’s Fandom Name Ideas

Before the results of the vote showed “ENGENE” as their official fandom name, ENHYPEN allowed their fans to give their best ideas by submitting their own name suggestions. Then, fans scrambled to provide equal fandom names with beautiful meanings for consideration for ENHYPEN. So, here are some suggested names and their meanings!

  1. HiLite All ENHYPEN fans are connecting their fandom name version with ENHYPEN such as HiLite. There’s a fan given a suggestion that HiLite is matched with ENHYPEN as a play on the name “Highlight.”
  2. HYPER There’s a similarity between the “HYPER” and ENHYPEN names. ENHYPEN is based on the “hypen” word so there’s a fan suggesting this name. This suggested name was very popular among the ENHYPEN fans at that time.
  3. AFFINITY Affinity is something that refers to and connects to someone or something else who shares the same ideas or interests. In other words, the fans suggested it to be their official fandom name because ENHYPEN and fans are closely connected.
  4. ENFINITY This suggested name is a play on the name “Infinity,” and it was suggested by their fan on Twitter with the username @04shiningJW. The name aims to describe how fans will give their support and love with unlimited time and energy and will stay forever with ENHYPEN no matter what happens. Actually, there’s a lot of suggested names before they voted for ENGENE as the official name.

After knowing the meaning of ENGENE, on February 11, 2021, ENHYPEN shared the official logo of their fandom on weverse (ENHYPEN). The logo is black and white with a symbol similar to “ENGINE” which means machine. On weverse, they announced that the logo signifies a fandom like an engine/machine that connects and keeps ENHYPE moving forward. So, that’s all the information about ENHYPEN’s fandom name alongside the logo. For those of you who like this article, please kindly share it on your social media or with your fellow ENGENE friends to know more about your fandom name meaning!

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