Find out about Jay’s family and how rich his family is in this article. Stay tuned!

Enhypen’s Jay’s Family Background

The Seattle-born idol was brought by his family from Seattle to Korea when he was only 10 years old. At the time, he was just a 4th grade in elementary school. Since he was born in the USA, Jay owns dual citizenship for South Korea and the USA. Jay can speak both English and Korean very well. Nowadays, he prefers to use the Korean language rather than English. At first, he wasn’t really interested in being an idol. He got a casting offer from a casting agency when he was walking down the street. However, after several days, he decided to leave the agency. He registered for an audition at Big Hit Entertainment after seeing BTS perform.

Enhypen’s Jay’s Family Member

Enhypen’s Jay is the only child in his family. Jay was born in Seattle, Washington, USA, on April 20, 2002, and his birth name is Park Jong-seong. Jay loves sports and playing musical instruments. He tried hiking, snowboarding, golfing, and baseball. Apparently, his favorite sport is badminton. Regarding musical instruments, his favorite is the guitar, both acoustic and electric.

Enhypen’s Jay’s Family Business and Wealth

There is a rumor that Jay’s father is the co-owner and president of Sinar Tours. His father, James Park, saw an opportunity with the rising trend of South Korean tourists in Brunei. In 2015, there was no direct flight from Incheon International Airport to Brunei International Airport. Sinar Tours provided chartered flights to tourists traveling from South Korea to Brunei Darussalam.

Enhypen’s Jay as a Rich Idol

Pre-debut pictures of Jay while vacationing in Brunei can be seen on social media. We can see a young Jay riding a jet ski, posing with a snowboard, or just enjoying the ocean view on a luxurious yacht. Another proof of Jay’s family’s richness was his high school. Jay attended Hanlim Multi Art School that is located in Songpa District, one of the most expensive regions in Seoul. The school has very expensive tuition fees and has connections with various entertainment agencies. A lot of idols completed their education at Hanlin Multi Art school.

During an appearance on MNet’s TMI News, Enhypen members revealed proof of Jay’s wealthy background. When the group went on a vacation trip, Jay paid all the expenses, including the stay at a 7-star hotel. What do you think about Jay’s family background? He deserved to debut not because of his rich parents but because of his talent and determination. Find other articles about Enhypen on Channel-Korea, and don’t forget to share this article with your social media account.

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