It also happened to ENHYPEN’s Niki who has two sisters who becomes the attention of his fans, especially since they started to look for further information about them. Are you curious about further details of ENHYPEN’s Niki’s sister? Channel Korea will explain to you everything regarding that matter, so keep on reading!

Meet ENHYPEN’s Niki’s Sisters: Konon and Sola

Nishimura Riki or well-known as Niki is the youngest member of ENHYPEN, a group created from the I-LAND survival show and is currently managed under Belift Lab. Since Niki is a Japanese member of the group, he has an attractiveness that makes people curious about him such as his personality, his hometown, his family members, and even his siblings as well. Niki came from Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan, and was born on December 9, 2005. His family consists of a mother, father, older sister, younger sister, and a dog. Niki is very close with his family and his siblings and even protects their privacy very well. There is no full information about his sisters, but it is reported that Niki’s older sister named Konon was born in 2004, meanwhile, his younger sister named Sola was born in 2006. Their family runs a dance studio in Japan, so it makes sense how Niki was naturally attracted to dancing since he was younger. His older sister Konon is well-known as a dancer as well and she appeared while making dance covers several times.

Relationship Between Niki and His Sisters

Although Niki’s sisters are kept in privacy, from the pre-debut pictures people can tell how close their relationship is. Especially Niki and Konon since they are well-known for their amazing dancing skills!

In the past, there were also some videos where Niki and Konon were dancing together, and they could harmonize the rhythm with their body moves beautifully. Aside from that, Niki’s younger sister, Sola, is well-known for her fondness for dancing, and we can tell that their family genes are included dancing ability!

ENHYPEN’s Niki’s Sister’s Instagram

Although one of Niki’s sister’s Instagram has been leaked, there is no legit information on what is her real account since many people are pretending to be her and started making fake accounts. However back then, some fans found some Instagram accounts and thought that it was her real account with the name k.o.non__, although the truth is still unknown. It is also reported Niki’s older sister’s Instagram once got hacked, so she probably made a new account privately. That’s everything about ENHYPEN’s Niki sisters! Although many people probably are curious about them, let’s show them some respect and give them some privacy. After all, we can get to know that Niki has a beautiful relationship with his sisters, right? Well, don’t you also think that Niki is a great brother to his sisters? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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