Sunghoon is known a professional international South Korean figure skater that has been trained for 10 years. Are you curious about what happened and why he joined as a member of the boy group? Read about Sunghoon Enhypen on this Channel-Korea below! Stay curious!

Enhypen’s Sunghoon’s Full Profile

Stage Name: Sunghoon (성훈) Birth Name: Park Sung-hoon (박성훈) Position: Vocalist*, Dancer*, Visual* Birthday: December 8, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Chinese Zodiac Sign: Horse Height: 177 cm (5’10”) Weight: N/A Blood Type: O Nationality: Korean Solo Fandom Name: Penguins Instagram: @sunghoon.enhypen

Enhypen’s Sunghoon’s Fun Facts

— Sunghoo is from Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea — Sunghoo has a sister, Park Yeji, 5 years old. — Sunghoo is a doggy person, his pet named Gaeul (Autumn in English) that born in July 8th, 2017. — He graduated from Pangok High School. — His nicknames are Ice Prince (chosen by himself), Figure Skate Prince, ENHYPEN’s Handsome Member — Sunghoo has an MBTI personality type which is ISTJ — Sunghoo along with Heesung, Jay, and Jungwon were trainees under Big Hit Entertainment. — Sunghoo becomes a trainee two years and one month before taking part in I-LAND. — Sunghoo was in sixth place on the survival show I-LAND. — He ever performed The 7th Sense with NCT U along with Jay. — Sunghoo was described as someone who rarely smiles by Jungwon. — Sunghoo ever chosen as the top visual. — Sunghoo has good ability in ice skating. – He trained as a figure skater for 10 years. — Sunghoo is ever got two silver medals in international ice skating competitions. — He won the 2015 Asian Open Trophy and Lombardia Trophy as a novice skater — Sunghoo got silver medals in the Men’s Junior Division at the 2016 Asian Open Trophy — His face signature are his dimple, eye smile, and nose. — Sunghoo has talent in contemporary dance — Sunghoo experts in facial expression. — White is his favorite color. — Autumn is his favorite season. — His favorite coffee is ice-cream flavor. — Sunghoon loves to listen to hip-hop music. — He hates are mint chocolate, bugs, hat, and ghost. – Sunghoon admitted that he more like a rabbit and has the same character as a penguin. character to a penguin. — Sunghoon dream to have a concert. — Sunghoon has goals to have a successful debut and also win a prize as he recently debuts with Enhypen. — He loves samgyeopsal and could pick it as food that he could eat through life. — Some of the words that he chooses to describe himself are “The Little Prince”, “ice” and “luxury” — When he was young, he suffered from a severe form of amblyopia (lazy eye). — Sunghoon’s motto is ‘Just do it’. — His girl type is Irene Red Velvet.

Enhypen’s Sunghoon’s Ice Skating Prince

Sunghoon is constantly trained as a figure skater since young for 10 years. His parents persuaded him to have active exercise. He happened to see Yuna Kim, the Olympic South Korean figure skater winner, and inspired him to pursue something like her. Through hard work and perseverance, he nailed to get silver medals at the international level. Sunghoon has been training for 10 years as a figure skater. He collected two international ice skating competitions including Asian Figure Skating Trophy and Lombardia Trophy. He represented South Korea and make his country proud at the international competition level. Such a hero! His medals come from ISU Junior Grandprix 2016-17 in Estonia and ISU Junior Grandprix in Poland 2017. Sunghoon indeed talented and professional in many ways he mastered at.

Enhypen’s Sunghoon’s Debut Story

In 2020, Sunghoon as a member of the new boy group Enhypen released ‘Let Me In (20 CUBE)’ Official MV. Check their debut MV! Before its debut, particularly in June 2020, Sunghoon was joining the survival show called I-Land managed by Mnet and Belift Lab in collaboration with CJ E&M and Big Entertainment. This survival show has brought him into the idol group. He won placement as a 12 finalist due to his talent in dancing and singing. Enhypen debuted on November 30, 2020.

Enhypen’s Sunghoon’s Instagram Activity

Sunghoon got an interview about his activity after his debut with Enhypen. He expresses that his family is his number one supporter, they did everything to always take care of him. Sunghoon expressed that the Enhypen member has the same interest and already likes family for him. One of the members, Jay, cooked Buchimchigae, however, it’s resulted too salty. They laugh and still enjoy it together. Sunghoon admitted that he close to Jay because his character that carefree and not pretentious or humorous. Sunghoon revealed that he joined figure skating since his parents want him to get into the active activity. He chooses ice skating after seeing Yuna Kim. At first, Sunghoon did it for fun, but it becomes more intense and he loves the vibe of competition to get higher scores and medals. Later on, Big Hit Entertainment called him several times, and his parents suggest him to try it once. The parents encouraged him since Sunghoon already has good facial expression and basic dancing during figure skating training for 10 years. They believe that it could be helping him in the idol world. Sunghoon admitted that he is doing both between idol and figure skating, What a perseverance idol!

Launched ‘Given-Taken’ Official MV with Enhypen

Sunghoon along with Enhypen released Given-Taken in November 2020. They hope to get the vote for rookie categories on music. Sunghoon revealed that he adores BTS and he put much effort to show what kind of team they are. He is full of vision and unbeatable! That’s all about Sunghoon, his profile, and his pre-debut journey and debut with Enhypen. What do you think about his cross path from a figure skater to an idol? Give your comments below and don’t forget to share them on Twitter as well!

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