In I-LAND, Sunoo got the most votes from global fans. He was the global fans’ most favorite contestant because of his dual persona. He looks cute and bright when he is off the stage but he transforms into a cold and mysterious persona in front of the camera. In this article, Channel Korea will talk about Enhypen Sunoo. So stay tuned!

Enhypen’s Sunoo’s Full Profile

Name                          : Kim Sun-oo Stage Name                : Sunoo Birthday                       : June 24, 2003 Place of birth               : Gyeonggi Province, Suwon City Height                          : 175 cm Zodiac                         : Cancer Chinese Zodiac           : The Year of the Goat Blood type                   : O Position                       : Vocal Instagram                    : enhypen Twitter                         : ENHYPEN_members Facebook                    : ENHYPENOFFICIAL Youtube                       : ENHYPEN VLive                           : 9A0CA5 Tiktok                           : @enhypen

Enhypen’s Sunoo’s Facts

His favorite motto is “Let’s Work Hard every day” Sunoo’s facial features in very prominent. He has full lips, a high nose bridge, and a white face. He has a childlike appearance. Even though Sunoo has sharp-looking eyes, he can transform into a cute and baby-like appearance when he smiles. He was registered as a student council and even became class president in middle school. He loves taking selfies. Among Enhypen members, he is the best at making expressions when performing on the stage He has no favorite season. He loves every season in Korea. He prefers being with people to being alone. He loves making cute expressions He has a bright and expressive personality His favorite hobbies are listening to music, watching movies, and playing games. His favorite food is grilled beef intestine. To set up his mood, he listens to romantic music and lights up fragrant candles. He loves using perfumes, his favorite scent is the lemon scent.

Enhypen’s Sunoo’s Pre Debut

Sunoo dreamed of becoming an entertainer since childhood. He always watched music programs with his sister and dreamed that one day he can perform on the same stage. He was never a shy person and he has a bright personality. There is a video when he performed with female students in front of the school. In the video, his group performed Itzy’s Dalla Dalla. He clearly remembered the choreography and dance according to the choreography. Even as a boy, he can perform feminine and cute choreography from the idol girl group.

Enhypen’s Sunoo’s Appearance in I-LAND

In May 2020, Mnet announced a new idol survival program called I-LAND. The program was a collaboration project between Big Hit Entertainment and Mnet’s main company, CJ ENM. 23 male trainees competed from June 26 to September 18, 2020 for a chance to debut in a new group. As one of the contestants, Sunoo stood out due to his bright personality and charming visual. Even though his training period was short, only 10 months, his talent was exceptional.

In term of visual, Sunoo has the face of a fox due to his sharp eyes, pure white skin, angled chin, sharp nose and bright red lips. Off the stage, he was smiling all the time but on the stage he transformed into sexy and charismatic persona. He became friends with most of the contestants and was known as the atmosphere maker. Throughout the program, Sunoo always ranked at no 1 position from global fans’ vote. He got the chance to debut not by global fan vote but by producer selection route. He thanked the producer and apologized for his lack of talent. He promised to work hard and trained hard with other members.

Sunoo Official Debut with Enhypen

Enhypen, the first idol group formed by Belift Lab. The company is made from a joint project between Big Hit Entertainment and media-retail company CJ ENM. Sunoo got the chance to debut with Enhypen after surviving in idol competition series I-Land. He competed with 23 trainees and made it to the final stage. Enhypen consisted of seven members, six of them were selected from the final stage and one member was selected by the program producer. Sunoo joined Enhypen by producer selection. Other Enhypen members are Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghooh, Jungwon, and Niki. The meaning of the groups is to connect all the members and grow with each other.

Belift Lab released two long teaser videos to Enhypen’s official Youtube account in October 2020. The group finally made the long-awaited debut on November 2020. They released debut EP titled Border: Day One. Sunoo made his first official debut performance on KBS Music Bank. Sunoo said that he was finally able to fulfill his childhood dream. He remembered the days he watched music program with his older sister. He felt really happy when performing on the stage in front of many people. He knew that he was born as entertainer because he wanted to dance and sing on the stage.

Enhypen’s Sunoo’s Focus Fancam

Sunoo has several kinds of attractive duality. On the stage, he is dark, mysterious and cool but off the stage he is cute, child-like and bright. Fans have divided opinions on whether he is masculine or feminine. It is like watching a woman dance in a man’s body. But all of them agree that he is versatile. He is not all about visual but he has a talent for singing and dancing. Even though he has limited screen time and few singing parts, fans love him whenever he performs on the stage.

When performing on the stage, Sunoo usually kept his expression minimum. He rarely shows any expression even a single smile. His face is very white and his lips are very red. Whether it was his concept, he always looks like a mysterious vampire. In Given-Taken choreography, Sunoo is usually positioned at the center of the formation. Sometimes, the cameraman confused Sunoo with Jungwon due to their similar appearance.

Enhypen’s Sunoo’s Dance Cover

Sunoo smiles a lot when he covers BTS’ Boy With Luv. Enhypen Sunoo’s dance moves are smooth, light, and efficient even though lacking power and energy. Due to his lanky frame, Sunoo is more comfortable with cute and simple moves rather than explosive and energetic moves. He is always a member with extra energy. When other members are resting, he continuously practices and warms his body. He has the least training period among Enhypen members, therefore, he always practices and improves his skill. In most Enhypen practice videos, we rarely see Sunoo rest or take a break. He is like a long-lasting battery that has endless energy. Perhaps, he also memorized more choreography than other members. We can clearly see him dance smoothly and flawlessly according to the music when some members dance hesitantly. I don’t know whether he is so quick in memorizing all choreography or he practice so much that his body remembers all the moves. We can clearly see that other members were amazed by his dance moves. That was all the information about Enhypen Sunoo. Find out about the information of other Enhypen members in Channel-Korea articles. Don’t forget to share your opinion about Enhypen Sunoo.

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