ENHYPEN itself derives from “hyphen” which means connection, discovery, and growth. This has a purpose “to come together to connect, discover, and grow together to create a new act.” Zodiac signs have become one of the belief systems about predicting something in life. Whether they are true or not, some people still use them and believe in them. Let’s see the members’ characters and personalities based on their zodiac signs in this Channel-Korea article! Stay tuned!

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung: Libra

Heeseung was born on October 15, 2001, which makes him a Libra. He became the center of the group with his charming looking and talent in language. Libras also value friendships and relationships.

ENHYPEN’s Jay: Taurus

A talented hip-hop dancer, Jay was born on April 20, 2002. He has the zodiac sign Taurus which explains a lot about his funny characteristics, energy, and being the group’s vitamin. Besides, the Taurus also always lives in the moment and sticks to their word. Do you feel the same as a Taurus?

ENHYPEN’s Jake: Scorpio

Born on November 15, 2002, Jake is a Scorpio. Jake who was raised in Australia is talented in math and is smart in his classes. Scorpio is popular for its loyalty to the core. Do you think Jake is a real Scorpion?

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon: Sagittarius

Park Sung-hoon was born on December 8, 2002, categorizing him as a Sagittarius. His motto of life, “Just do it,” aligns with the Sagittarius zodiac traits which having a free spirit, being outgoing, and being spontaneous. Are you a Sagittarius, too?

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo: Cancer

Sunoo‘s real name is Kim Seon-woo, and he was born on June 24, 2003, which makes him a Cancer. A Cancer usually loves family over everything and is stuck in love. Besides, Cancers are popular with their moody personality. Write your comment if you feel the same as a Cancer!

ENHYPEN’s Jungwon: Aquarius

Jungwon is a former SM Entertainment trainee born on February 9, 2004. This makes Jungwon an Aquarius. An Aquarius has independent traits which match with Jungwoon who is also the leader of the group. Moreover, Aquarius also sees beauty in imperfection. Who is an Aquarius here? Do you feel the same?

ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki: Sagittarius

Ni-ki is the second Sagittarius of ENHYPEN born on December 9, 2005. He is also the youngest member of ENHYPEN. Sagittarius members have positive-thinker traits and are free-spirited. Sagittarius is considered to be a match with Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius. That’s all about ENHYPEN’s zodiac signs and explanations. Who is your bias based on their zodiac sign? Keep supporting ENHYPEN in their career and whatever they do in the future. Put your comments and share your zodiac sign in the comments below. Don’t forget to share it on Twitter, too. We love to see your insights!