However, did he ever date for real? Or who is his current girlfriend? In this article, Channel Korea will explain everything about Eric Nam’s exes and relationship status, so stay tuned!

Eric Nam is Likely Single

The Korean-American solo singer and television host is likely single for now since he doesn’t confirm any relationship or talk about someone that he’d seen right now. However, Eric Nam admitted that he has been in a relationship before, although the relationship has been over, and he even talked about his exes in public. For further details, let’s move on to the next paragraph!

Eric Nam Admitted He Had a Girlfriend in South Korea

As people might already know, Eric Nam was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, before he eventually moved to South Korea to pursue his dream of being a musician. During his time in South Korea, Eric Nam admitted that he had a girlfriend in the past, which meant that the relationship was over. The truth was revealed when he appeared on the SBS Power FM’s Kim Young’s Chul’s Power FM as a guest. He was asked if he ever dated someone after coming to South Korea, and he simply said, “Yes.” However, Eric Nam didn’t give further detail regarding his ex-girlfriend in South Korea despite DJ Kim Young-chul having asked him about her, such as whether she is a celebrity or of Korean descent. “A person… I don’t know. There was a god woman..,” Eric Nam shyly responded.

Eric Nam Talked about His Ex-Girlfriend in the USA

Aside from having a girlfriend in South Korea in the past, Eric Nam also talked about his ex-girlfriend in the USA. No wonder Eric Nam has spent most of his entire life growing up in the USA, so it does make sense if he had some relationships there. Eric Nam revealed that he had been in a relationship twice before he came to South Korea, and two of his relationship has over for a pretty long time. Then he talked about his love experience and ex-USA girlfriend when he appeared on the Old House New House of JTBC. “I had a girlfriend for the first time when I was in the second year in college in the USA,” he started. “I’m the type of someone who looks at the opposite person for a long time [before dating], so my first dating experience was quite delayed. Seeing as how I date after I observe her for a while then feel that we would match well, my feelings for her don’t change easily once we start dating,” Eric Nam explained.

Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar’s Amazing Chemistry

Eric Nam once surprised everyone by his sudden ‘marriage’ alongside MAMAMOO’s Solar. Well, it wasn’t technically real marriage since they were just married virtually and became a couple for the show We Got Married. Thanks to their amazing and adorable chemistry, many people have fond of them and even desire to see more of their interactions outside the show. Although he was once surprised, Eric Nam even had a chance to meet other MAMAMOO members who are considered his sisters-in-law. “When other MAMAMOO members suddenly came, I was so surprised ’til I didn’t know where I was or what I should do,” Eric Nam admitted. He is also such an honest spouse for MAMAMOO’s Solar since he was sincere when the other members ‘investigated’ him regarding his love experiences in the past. After 8 months been together, Eric Nam and MAMAMOO’s Solar eventually ended their virtual marriage on We Got Married.

Eric Nam’s Dating Rumor with Son Seung-yeon Isn’t True

Aside from MAMAMOO’s Solar, Eric Name was once involved with a female singer, Son Seung-yeon. There was a source who claimed that both Eric Nam and Son Seung-yeon have similar music tastes and somehow led them to be in loved with each other, then revealed that the two of them usually enjoyed casual dating in a restaurant while listening to music. However, Eric Nam’s agency at that time denied the rumor and said that it was just an exaggeration of news. “Eric Nam and Son Seung-yeon weren’t dating. They probably look close because both of them have been on audition programs. It was true that Eric Nam and Son Seung-yeon did eat together, but their encounter was probably exaggerated,” stated the agency representative. Like ordinary people, Eric Nam has been through ups and downs in relationships, but somehow it is just a phase of life that everyone will pass. Let’s always support Eric Nam and his career, shall we? Don’t you also think Eric Nam is the ‘Nation’s Boyfriend’? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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