Just like this one idol that we’re going to talk about in this article. He’s a talented dancer, rapper, and singer in his group. He also has been a member of a popular boy group at a very young age. Not only that, but he also has a great and outgoing personality. And lastly, this idol is an English speaker! We can talk with him without the language barrier! This idol with a full package is none other than Eric Sohn from The Boyz! We promise you won’t regret knowing him better. Let’s learn more about Eric from The Boyz in the sections below!

The Boyz’s Eric’s Profile

Eric is one of the eleven members of The Boyz. He is in charge of the lead rapper, lead dancer, and subvocal positions. As we mentioned before, he’s also one of the English speakers in The Boyz. And, as you may have predicted, Eric is using his English name for his stage name. It’s the name that he used given by his mom when he lived in the States. No wonder he has great English skills. There are a lot of things about Eric that you have to know. We have gathered it all in the profile of Eric down below! Full Name: Sohn Young Jae Korean Name: 손영재 Chinese Name: 孫英宰 Stage Name: Eric Nicknames: Chick or 병아리 (Byeongari), Egging, Little Dol, Ppangjae, 101st The B, Bolt, etc. Birthplace: Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea Nationality: Korean-American Birthdate: December 22, 2000 Zodiac Sign: Carpicorn Chinese Zodiac: Dragon Education: Northwood High School -> Korea Kent Foreign High School -> Seoul of Performing Arts Position: Lead rapper, lead dancer, sub-vocal Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: A Weight: 56 kg Height: 174 cm MBTI: ENFJ-T Hobbies and Specialties: Baseball, skating, surfing, writing lyrics, playing rubrics, watching movies Family: Parents, 1 older sister Debut Date: December 6 Debut Year: 2017 Agency: Crek.er Entertainment Instagram: @official_theboyz

The Boyz’s Eric’s Facts

Now that we have seen Eric from The Boyz’s profile, there is a lot of basic info about him that you may or may not know. But, it’s not enough just to see Eric’s basic info from his profile to understand him better. Don’t worry, we have gathered some interesting facts about Eric that probably will make you realize that Eric is charming! Let’s learn about Eric’s interesting facts!

Eric is very diligent and energetic. Although good at sports, Eric had good grades in school. He had a 3.7 out of 4.0 GPA. Eric is in the 00liner gang with some other K-pop idols who were born in the same year as him, such as Felix from Stray Kids, Daehwi from AB6IX, Astro’s Sanha, Golden Child’s Bomin, etc. When he first came to Korea after living in LA, his skin tone was darker than now, so some people thought that he was a foreigner. Eric likes to clean, although he’s not that obsessive. Eric likes to play with Rubik’s cubes. If Eric could have a superpower, he would want to be able to teleport. Eric was a baseball athlete in high school when he was in LA.

The Boyz’s Eric’s Pre-Debut

You may be shocked when you see that Eric wasn’t born in the States. That’s because he was born in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea on December 22, 2000. He spent his childhood life in Korea. Eric lived with his older sister and his parents. They moved to the States when Eric was in elementary school. By that time, he started to use his English name given by his mom, Eric. Eric was born with the name Son Young-jae. It’s the registered name that was written on his passport, too. However, when he moved to LA, he used Eric as his nickname. That’s why he’s popular with the name Eric Sohn now. Back when Eric was a kid, he used to like K-pop groups such as SHINee. Eric said that he likes SHINee‘s “Lucifer.” But after he moved to the States, he preferred to listen to EDM music more. He even listened to EDM music while he was in the backyard or the swimming pool. Even so, he wasn’t a big fan of music- he was more into sports. Eric has played a lot of sports such as baseball, soccer, football, etc. You may be curious how a sports guy in school ended up as a K-pop idol. Eric honestly didn’t predict that, either. He was into baseball and even thought that he would end up playing in major league baseball. However, his sister showed him a music video of EXO with their popular song “Growl,” and Eric couldn’t stop thinking about it even while at baseball practice. He wondered, what if I was that guy in the music video? Eric then decided to join dance lessons with her sister and said to his mom that he will be a K-pop idol. He planned to join dance lessons for about six months and then join some global auditions. Thankfully, his mom was okay with it. But suddenly, things were moving too fast. Eric who joined the dance lessons about three times was asked to join a global audition of a K-pop company. Eric didn’t want to join at first, but his mom convinced him to. His mom said that he definitely will fail but just take it as an experience. But, little did they predict, the company staff was interested in him. Despite not being able to dance well or sing, Eric was asked to join the next round of the audition. Long story short, Eric passed the audition and moved to Korea. He wasn’t a trainee at first. He was being tested to become a trainee for a while to show he could improve his skills. Fortunately, Eric improved, and his status upgraded to “trainee.” In October 2015, Eric officially became a trainee in Korea.

The Boyz’s Eric’s Debut with The Boyz

After a long journey to become an idol, Eric spent around two years in trainee life before finally making his debut on December 6, 2017, under Cre.Ker Entertainment. Eric became one of the members of The Boyz and became in charge of rapping, dancing, and vocals. He’s also the youngest member of the team. Congratulations, Eric! The Boyz released their first single called “Boy” which was released on December 6, 2017. Here is the music video of The Boyz’s first single called “Boy!”

The group made a debut with 12 members who were Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Juyeon, Hyunjae, Ju Haknyeon, Kevin, Hwall, Q, Sunwoo, New, and Eric. The Boyz made an amazing performance for their debut stage, so go check it out down below!

And now for the dance performance, let’s see how good The Boyz performed their debut song in their dance practice room!

Even though they were so young back then, The Boyz did a great job in their debut era. It’s so great to see how they have grown into the men they are now.

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