Full Profile of EVERGLOW’s Aisha

Birth Name: Heo Yoo-rim (허유림) Stage Name: Aisha (아샤) Date of Birth: Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, July 21, 2000 Age: 20 years old Zodiac Sign: Cancer Nationality: Korean Height: 174 cm Weight: 55 kg Blood Type: B Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist Years Active: 2019 – present Label: Yuehua Entertainment Associated With: EVERGLOW

Get To Know: Fun Facts About EVERGLOW’s Aisha!

Previously, Aisha was a trainee under JYP Entertainment She has been trained for 11 years (9 years in  JYP Entertainment, 2 years in Yuehua Entertainment She used to take dance lesson at Night Dance Institute Her stage name ‘Aisha’ was inspired by Asia. It also means that Aisha would be an idol who take over Asia Her nicknames are Judy and Yoom Aisha was left-handed She could speaks Korean and Japanese She was attended Hanlim Multi Art High School Aisha’s favorite colors are purple, black, and mint Aisha doesn’t like fish and vegetables Her favorite Greek goddess is Athena Aisha’s role models are Sunmi and BLACKPINK She was known for her 4D personality Aisha was the last member to be revealed Aisha could break an apple and watermelon with her bare hands

Career Journey of EVERGLOW’s Aisha

Before her debut with EVERGLOW, Aisha has spent the majority of her time practicing dancing and singing. During that period of time, Aisha’s skill has been improved until she got the chance to make a debut as a girl group member! And here’s the complete story about EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s career journey:

Aisha’s Pre-debut Era

Aisha has started to pursue her dream to become a K-Pop idol at a young age! The public was acknowledged her for the first time as one of the JYP Entertainment trainees in 2016. At that time, Aisha was still a student at Hanlim Multi Art High School which was famously known as one of the K-Pop idols schools in South Korea. After she graduated from Hanlim, Aisha has joined the Night Dance Institute and took dance lessons. Shortly after that, Aisha has left JYP Entertainment and moved to Yuehua Entertainment to become one of their trainees. Let’s take a look at EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s pre-debut here:

— 선데이 ✦-77.82X-78.29 (@EVERGLOW_SMA) July 18, 2019

How She Made The Debut with EVERGLOW

Aisha was known for her long period of trainee days which made her debut was something that people have been looking forward to! Finally, Aisha was officially debuted as EVERGLOW members on March 18, 2019, with the group’s single album entitled Arrival of Everglow. For its title track, the group was served the single Bon Bon Chocolat. With the other 5 members, Aisha was made the group’s debut stage on the same date! In EVERGLOW, Aisha was in charge of the lead rapper and vocalist. Not only that but she also in charge of fashion and beauty in the group as well! For her individual concept, Aisha has emphasized the ‘girl crush’ concept along with EVERGLOW’s Mia and E:U. EVERGLOW’s debut was gained a lot of attention, especially for their mixture of Korean and Chinese members which made their popularity has expanded to global fame as well! EVERGLOW also released another single album such as H : U : S : H, the first mini-album entitled REMINISCENCE, and more!

EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s Performance on Live Stage

Check out some of EVERGLOW’s Aisha’s amazing live performance here!

EVERGLOW’s Aisha was looked extremely stunning with a mixture of sexy-fierce style through EVERGLOW’s Adios live stage performance! Aisha was let her long hair loosen down, using minimal makeup and a leather outfit. Her charisma during live stage performance has increased to another level!

Another live stage performance from EVERGLOW’s Aisha, and this time it’s a Dun Dun live performance! Aisha appeared with a white blazer and shorts with silvery details and a pair of white long boots as well. The outfit was matched her tall body very well! Meanwhile, Aisha’s dance and rap performance also sounded as amazing as ever!

EVERGLOW’s Aisha Being The Tallest K-Pop Female Idol

As a K-Pop idol, visual and body features are very important and something that people would pay attention to. Meanwhile, EVERGLOW’s Aisha is famously known as the tallest member in EVERGLOW as well as the tallest female K-Pop idol ever! Aisha’s height is 174 cm and that’s very tall compared to other EVERGLOW members. Their height commonly around 160-168 cm. Through a live stage performance or any photoshoot, people could have noticed that EVERGLOW’s Aisha was looked very tall! Especially her long legs which made her body features also looked stunning! That was all of the information about EVERGLOW’s Aisha! Currently, she already recognizes as one of the amazing K-Pop female idols with a bunch of talent as well! From her long period of training time, Aisha has made a lot of improvements in dancing, singing, and more! Well, what do you guys think about EVERGLOW’s Aisha? Let us know your thoughts about her through the comment section, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!

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