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Everglow E:U’s Full Profile

Name                    : Park Ji-won Stage name          : E:U Birthday                 : May 19th, 1998 Place of birth         : Gyeonggi Province, Hanam Nationality             : Korean Zodiac                   : Taurus Chinese Zodiac     : The Year of the Tiger Height                    : 161 cm Weight                   : 43 kg Blood Type             : O Position                 : Leader, main dancer, main rapper

Everglow E:U’s Facts

E:U’s exotic appearance makes people thinking that she is a foreign member. She resembles CLS’s Son and Everglow member, Aisha. She has the same birth name as Fromis_9’s Park Ji-won. However, she was born two months later than Fromis_9’s Park Ji-won. E:U has an older sister who is 2 years older than her. She loves eating fritters, hamburgers, fries, and black noodles. Her favorite fruits are mangos and melons. E:U is the oldest member of Everglow. She used to be a model for a shoe company. She loves watching SBS’s Law of the Jungle, and she wants to appear in the program. E:U’s favorite role model is idol queen Lee Hyo-ri. Her character is outspoken and honest. She said that her hands and feet are tiny. She loves eating large-size pizza. E:U was introduced to fans during Everglow’s debut showcase.

Everglow E:U’s Official Debut

In 2017, she appeared on the video series Yuehua Girls, an online documentary program that shows the daily activities of Yuehue trainees. Later, in the same year, she also appeared on SBS’ A Delicious Class, an educational kid program that broadcast cooking lessons and culture lessons. In the program, she made delicious dishes for tv guests. In the following year, she got a contract as a model for a shoe company. In 2019, she finally made an official debut with Everglow. Everglow is a multinational idol group that debuted on March 18th, 2019. The group was formed by Yuehua Entertainment, a Chinese multinational entertainment agency that is based in Beijing. Everglow members consisted of 6 idols: E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda Aisha, and Yiren. E:U was the fifth member to be revealed in the video trailer. The group released the single album Arrival of Everglow that includes the title single Bon Bon Chocolat. Everglow leader E:U (pronounced eeyu) was one of the longest idol trainees in the Yuehua agency. She is a strict but good leader in terms of working spirit and stage performance. During practice sessions, she wasn’t afraid to point each member’s mistake and made corrections, one by one.

Everglow E:U’s Focus Fancam

Fans notice that E:U have the strongest stamina among Everglow member. She rarely gets tired or runs out of breath at the end of every performance. If you noticed, she constantly interacts with audiences through her eyes.  Although she rarely smiles, she expresses herself through dance moves and facial expressions.

Everglow E:U’s Dance Cover

On an appearance in the music program Weekly Idol, E:U performed a solo dance. Global fans loved her performance and praised her outfit. She had the aura of a confident girl but also the aura of a girl crush type. As a leader and main rapper, she rarely smiles on stage. Perhaps that was a way to keep her sulky and cool image. However, she looked adorable when she made a small mistake in her performance.

In every choreography, E:U always performs with power and precision. She is the role model dancer of every idol. She knows when to smile at the audience and when to focus on her moves.

E:U introduced herself in this spoiler video before the official announcement of Everglow. In the video, she was dancing at the top of a skyscraper. It seemed that Yuehua wanted to show her as the top dancer in her group. From that moment on, she became the girl crush of every fan. That was all the information about Everglow E:U. Find out the information and facts of other Everglow members in Channel-Korea. Don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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