Talking about glowing, isn’t that remind us of this one girl group that has the word “glow” on their name? Not only their name, but they really do have that “glow” within their group. Can you guess who’s the group that we’re going to talk about? Yep, it’s Everglow! As you may or may not already know, Everglow is a girl group that made its debut on March 18, 2019, under Yuehua Entertainment. Everglow has six pretty and talented members, which are, E:U, Mia, Aisha, Shihyeon, Onda, and Yiren. Their shining charisma really got us to fall in love with them even on the first look! But we’re not going to talk about Everglow in general. Instead, we will talk about one specific member and it’s Sihyeon! Having an amazing performance on stage, as well as gorgeous visuals, Sihyeon is pointed as one of the vocalists and represented as the face of the group in Everglow. She’s also one of the eldest members of Everglow. Now, let’s see more of Everglow’s Sihyeon in the sections below. Just scroll the page down to find out more about Sihyeon. Get ready to fall in love with her charm, we’ve warned you!

Everglow’s Sihyeon’s Profile

Sihyeon really does have a stunning visual that makes our jaws drop just the second when we see her face. But it’s better to not only adoring her face but also the talents that she has, especially while performing in Everglow. In this section, we will also learn basic info about Everglow’s Sihyeon. She might have the same birthday as you or someone you know or share the same MBTI type as you. So, let’s see some basic info about Sihyeon on her full profile down below! Full name: Kim Sihyeon Korean Name: 김시현 Chinese Name: 金施賢 Stage name: Sihyeon Nickname: Syeon, Queen Sihyeon, King Sihyeon, Mochi Sihyeon, Positive King, Flower Sihyeon Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, Seongnam-si, Bundang-gu, Seouth Korea Nationality: Korean Birthdate: August 5, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Leo Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit Education:

Sampyeong Middle School Evergreen High School

Pets: Dog (Haerong), Cat (Darong) Hobby: Nail art, cooking Instrument: Guitar Position: Lead vocalist, visual, the face of the group Occupation: Singer, idol Blood Type: B MBTI: ENTP Family: Parents, 1 older brother, grandma Debut date: March 18 Debut year: 2019 Agency: Yuehua Entertainment Official Site: Everglow’s Official Homepage Official Twitter: Everglow’s Official Twitter Member’s Twitter: Everglow’s Official Member’s Twitter Official Instagram: Everglow’s Official Instagram Member’s Instagram: Everglow’s Official Instagram by Members Weibo: Everglow’s Official Weibo Page Twitch: Everglow’s Official Twitch TikTok: Everglow’s Official Twitter VLive: Everglow’s Official VLive Fan Cafe: Everglow’s Official Fan Cafe (Daum) YouTube: Everglow’s Official Youtube Channel

Everglow’s Sihyeon’s Facts

Now that we have learned about Sihyeon’s profile, it does feel like we get to know her better, right? But it’s still not enough because that was all just the basic info of her. Don’t worry, we provide you some interesting facts about Sihyeon that will make you feel like you could understand her better. So, here are the lists of Everglow’s Sihyeon’s facts!

Sihyeon came from the same practical music academy as Yeonjung from WJSN or Cosmic Girls. In the company, Sihyeon shares the same birthday as Yibo and Woodz, which is on August 5. Sihyeon likes Chicago pizza and she believes that pineapple does belong to pizza as she likes pineapple on pizza’s topping. In 2019, Sihyeon dressed up as Maiden Ghost for V Live Halloween. And in 2020, Sihyeon dressed up as Scarlet Witch. Sihyeon has a close relationship with all IZ*ONE’s members especially Eunbi and Yena, since she joined the competition together. Sihyeon also closes with Kim Sohye from Produce 101 season 1 since they joined the competition together. Sihyeon is the only trainee who joined the competition Produce series two times, Produce 101 Season 1 and Produce 48. Sihyeon unintentionally appeared in a drama called “Backstreet Rookie” when she was an MC of The Show. Sihyeon has known Momoland’s JooE since high school and they are close until now.

Everglow’s Sihyeon’s Pre Debut

Before successfully become a member of a girl group called Everglow, Sihyeon was just a little girl from Gyeonggi, and for your information, it’s quite far away from Seoul. But the little girl does have a big dream. She didn’t want to waste her talent and was brave enough to move to Seoul to be a trainee. Luckily, her parents allowed her to go to the capital city, despite her being a high schooler at that time. She is also the only daughter in the family. It’s good that her family wasn’t so strict with her. Sihyeon who was born on August 5, 1999, became one of the participants in Produce 101 season 1, the survival program of trainees from various companies that will later on debut as a member of a temporary group. Sihyeon, at that time, was an independent trainee. She had an amazing talent to show the world despite her not being under any company. Here are some clips of Sihyeon at Produce 101 Season 1!

Sadly enough, Sihyeon didn’t make it to the final line-up. But at least now she signed in a company called Yuehua Entertainment, this company, later on, would be debuting her as well as other female trainees from their company. But she didn’t debut just like that. In fact, Yuehua Entertainment continued to give her the opportunity to be in the Produce 101 series, she joined the Produce48 or Produce 101 season 3. And for this time, she would be a trainee under Yuehua Entertainment. Here are some clips of Sihyeon when she was in the Produce48 show!

However, the final result is not what we expected. Sihyeon didn’t make it to the line-up. But at least Sihyeon learned a lot through the two Produce 101 Series! She also gained a lot of friends and fans who love her. Good job, Sihyeon!

Everglow’s Sihyeon’s Debut Story

Although Sihyeon didn’t finish in the top 11 of the participants in both Produce 101 that she went in, at least Sihyeon still got a hope to debut in the new girl group of Yuehua Entertainment. This good news has been shared with the world when Yuehua announced that they would be debuting a new girl group called Everglow on February 17, 2019. Sihyeon was the first member to be revealed. Here are the pictures and video of Sihyeon for their teaser!

What do you think of Sihyeon’s teaser pictures and video? She really looks stunning and angelic! And finally, Everglow officially made a debut in March 18, 2019. They released their first mini-album called “Arrival of Everglow”. Just like the name, it defines the arrival of six angels from Yuehua Entertainments, E:U, Sihyeon, Aisha, Mia, Onda, and Yiren. Their first single track was called “Bon Bon Chocolat”. Let’s see the music video of Everglow’s debut song, “Bon Bon Chocolat”!

The music video has reached over 85 million views on YouTube. The girls and the fans really did a great job! And now, for the stage’s performance, Everglow also did a great job in performing “Bon Bon Chocolat” as their first promotional stage. Even so, they did it professionally as if they’re not a rookie. No wonder they performed so well, Sihyeon has been on stage since Produce 101 Season 1!

If that was a debut stage, now let’s see the other stages of Everglow performing “Bon Bon Chocolat” in other music shows!

Everglow also released the dance performance of “Bon Bon Chocolat”. In this video, we can focus on the dancing better! Let’s see how talented our girl Sihyeon is!

What do you think of the dance practice video? Sihyeon really slayed the dance, right? She is great as a vocalist and even better as a dancer. Basically, Sihyeon is a full package!  

Everglow’s Sihyeon Cover

Being a multi-talented person must be hard. But Sihyeon makes it look easy! As you already know, Sihyeon can sing and perform the dance really well, inside or outside the stage. But we mentioned on her facts’ list, that Sihyeon also can play the guitar. Now let’s see some performance of Sihyeon playing the guitar, covering some songs with other members of Everglow, or just by herself. This is the time where Sihyeon and Mia performed Money Chord. Sihyeon played the guitar and singing together with Mia. They both look so cute together!

Or when Sihyeon did a cover of a song called “And July” by Heize. She showed us her great voice perfectly!

Sihyeon and Mia in action once again! They did a cover of a song called “Phonecert” by 10cm!

“Havana” by Camila Cabello? Easy as for Sihyeon, Aisha and Mia.

What do you think of Sihyeon’s performances? She really has a nice and calming voice. Hopefully, we can see more of her playing the guitar as well.

Everglow’s Sihyeon’s Cousin, BTS Jin

Who in the K-pop industry or K-pop community doesn’t know BTS? That’s almost impossible since even non-Kpop enthusiasts at least must have heard about the phenomenal boy group. But what’s the correlation between Sihyeon and BTS? There was a rumor saying that Sihyeon has a relationship with one of the BTS members. What?? Isn’t that shocking? But it’s not a romantic relationship as some of you might think. Sihyeon was rumored to have a relationship with this member, but the type of relationship is a related to cousin. However, there weren’t any confirmations on this from both parts. Not even a single hint from Sihyeon or Jin from BTS who said that they were related. That could be because the rumor is fake. But the rumor has been going around for quite a long time. Even so, let’s just admit that both Jin and Sihyeon are charming in their own way, even they’re related or not.

Everglow’s Sihyeon’s Covid-19 Case

We all know that the year 2020 is a cursed year where almost every event is postponed or even canceled. School is closed, some workers have to work at home, even when they go out, they have to follow the health protocols such as wear a mask and wash hands frequently. In that year full of crisis, at least we still have K-pop as our entertainment. The K-pop artists and staff are hardly working for the fans so we can still watch our favorite performances at home. But since they were working a lot, they forget that they’re also human that can get sick, especially the virus Covid-19. There are some staffs that tested positive Covid-19 that has to make the event to be postponed. Not only the staffs, but some of the artists also tested positive Covid-19. Some celebrities that tested positive are Chungha, Yiren, and Sihyeon. It was reported that on December 1, 2020, Sihyeon and Yiren of Everglow tested positive for the Coronavirus. Yuehua Entertainment stated that the rest of the members were tested negative, but they still need to do a quarantine for two weeks. As for Siheyeon and Yiren, they were absent for a while and took the time for recovering from the Coronavirus. But thankfully, on January 11, 2021, Yuehua Entertainment released a new statement that they are now tested negative for Covid-19. This means both Sihyeon and Yiren can continue the activities with Everglow. Hopefully, Sihyeon and other girls will always be happy and healthy in the future.   That’s all the info that we can gather to make you know more about Everglow’s Sihyeon. She’s indeed a lovable person. Not only having a pretty face, but she’s also a talented idol with various skills. It’s a good thing that she’s now doing well with her group, Everglow. Let’s continue to support Sihyeon and all projects that she will do later. Which Sihyeon’s charms that you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment, please!

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