Full Profile of EVERGLOW’s Yiren

Birth Name: Wang Yiren (王怡人) Korean Name: Wang Yi-reon (왕이런) Stage Name: Yiren (이런) Date of Birth: Zhejiang, Hangzhou, China, December 29, 2000 Age: 20 years old Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Nationality: Chinese Height: 163 cm Weight: 42.3 kg Blood Type: AB Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Center, Face of the Group, Maknae Years Active: 2019 – present Label: Yuehua Entertainment Associated With: EVERGLOW, Produce 48

Fun Facts About Yiren That You Shouldn’t Have Missed!

Yiren’s nickname is Pomeranian She used to participate as the contestant on Produce 48 Before her debut, Yiren who was still 15 years old was a Chinese magazine model named Middle School Life  Yiren was the fourth member to be revealed Yiren’s special talent are Chinese traditional dancing and voice mimicry One of her hidden talent is rapping Yiren has studied dancing for 10 years She could speaks Chinese and Korean She loves to cooking and shopping Yiren loves pasta and doesn’t like fish She was the EVERGLOW members who ate vegetables the most Yiren’s role models are SNSD’s Yoona and Jun Ji-hyun Yiren’s favorite Greek goddess is Aphrodite When Yiren is happy or angry, she would be talk very fast

Details About EVERGLOW’s Yiren’s Career

Wang Yiren has joined Yuehua Entertainment for one year before she made an appearance on the survival show Produce 48! She has pursued her dream to be a K-Pop idol since a young age, and eventually, her dream became true when she debuted as EVERGLOW members!

Check Out Yiren’s Pre-debut Appearance on Produce 48 Here!

In May 2018, Wang Yiren was one of the Produce 48 contestants which have already known as the famous survival show to created a new girl group. She was one of the representations from Yuehua Entertainment. Yiren has gained a lot of attention due to her visuals, her charms, and her amazing dancing skills! From the introduction clip, Yiren appeared with her Chinese traditional dance and introduced her various charms! In Produce 48, she was known as the ‘dancing girl’ since her dancing performances have been very great! Yiren also voted to be the #1 visual center in the show as well! Yiren has made a bunch of stage performances, whether it was group or individual performances. Unfortunately, Yiren didn’t make it to the final round. She was eliminated on the 11th episode with her final rank on #28. Let’s take a look at Wang Yiren’s performances in Produce 48 here:



Yiren’s Debut with EVERGLOW

Wang Yiren’s fans were getting very excited after Yuehua Entertainment has announced that Yiren would be debuting as EVERGLOW members on February 18, 2019! Yiren was officially debuted as EVERGLOW members on March 18, 2019, while the group releasing a single album entitled Arrival of EVERGLOW with Bon Bon Chocolat as the title track. In the group, Yiren was in charge of the lead dancer, vocalist, visual, center, the face of the group, and maknae as well. She was also the only Chinese member in EVERGLOW who has such a stunning visual appearance! Yiren and other EVERGLOW members were made their popularity not only among South Korea or China but also to other international fame! EVERGLOW also released the second single album Hush with Adios as the title track, then surprised the fans by releasing the first mini-album entitled Reminiscence. In early January 2020, the group has announced their first world tour EVERGLOW: Everlasting Tour and making stops at Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and more countries in the U.S!

EVERGLOW’s Yiren’s Stunning Live Stage Performance

Here are some of EVERGLOW’s Yiren’s amazing live performance that makes you couldn’t take off your eyes from her:

From the first appearance, Yiren has gained a lot of attention since she was the center during Dun Dun‘s live stage performance! She appeared with a mixture of elegant and sexy concepts which suited with the upbeat music as well. The moment when Yiren became the center again during the chorus part and sang with her low voice, it was looking very mesmerizing and hypnotizing at the same time!

Through one of the Bon Bon Chocolat live performances, Yiren was looked adorable with school uniform style! Not to mention that Yiren has performed the song with powerful dance and nice vocal as well. Moreover, her visual also emphasized her performance has made the crowds getting very loud!

EVERGLOW’s Yiren: Diagnosed with COVID-19, What Is She Doing Now?

EVERGLOW fandom was getting very surprised after Yiren has tested positive for COVID-19. Not only her but other EVERGLOW members Sihyeon also tested positive. Due to the case, all of the EVERGLOW members have to undergo self-isolation for two weeks as a preventive measure. It was reported that Yiren was the first one who tested positive in December 2020. Turns out, Yiren and other EVERGLOW members had direct contact with people who later tested positive for COVID-19 in November 2020. Currently, Yiren and Sihyeon have been recovered from the illness after their test result has shown negative results. They would continue their activities with the group as well. The news was also confirmed by Yuehua Entertainment through EVERGLOW’s official Twitter account in January 2021. That was all of the information about EVERGLOW’s Yiren! She has made people have amazed by her talent and visuals since her appearance on Produce 48, and her fame was increased rapidly after her debut with EVERGLOW afterward. Well, all of her hard work has been pay off eventually, right? Let us know your thoughts on EVERGLOW’s Yiren through the comment below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media! Stay connected with Channel Korea for more Korean entertainment updates!

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