The seven BTS members attended the award in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. At the award ceremony, BTS interacted with many musical artists, and one of those artists is the newly-debuted young singer Olivia Rodrigo. So, what kind of interactions did they make during the show? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with everything you need to know about the interactions between BTS and Olivia Rodrigo at the Grammys.

BTS’s V Did Not Speak a Word to Olivia Rodrigo

During the 2022 Grammy Awards, the only BTS member Olivia Rodrigo spoke to was V. The singer was all over the news after the interactions he made with Rodrigo. The interaction of the two singers was seen when BTS started to perform “Butter“. As his opening act, V suddenly walked down the stage towards Rodrigo’s seat. At that time, the 19-year-old singer was sitting alone. In such a short time, the two singers chatted a bit. The brief conversation made Rodrigo blush and gasp. V even gave his flirty gaze to the young singer! Then, V whispered something into her ear and handed her a card from behind her hair. It wasn’t clear though whose card V took from her hair. This moment made many ARMYs curious soon after. The reason behind this curiosity is that many ARMYs were desperate to know what V talked to Rodrigo about. To satisfy their curiosity, ARMYs went on Weverse on April 6th, 2022, three days after the Grammys. They asked V directly about this, who was doing a live stream. When ARMYs asked what he talked about with Rodrigo, V admitted that this was an important business conversation. V directly said that ARMYs wouldn’t understand his interaction with Rodrigo. He then continued that he didn’t speak English with Rodrigo. In response to V’s statement, ARMYs asked V another question. They wondered if V spoke to Rodrigo in Korean, and V clarified that he didn’t talk in English. V then replied that he didn’t speak in Korean either. ARMYs later speculated that V didn’t say a word to Rodrigo. However, during the stream, it wasn’t clear if V really didn’t say anything to Rodrigo, as V didn’t confirm that clearly.

BTS’s V Admitted that He Was Nervous when Interacting with Olivia Rodrigo

After ARMYs speculated that he didn’t say a word to Rodrigo, V then gave a clear statement. In another post, a few days after the stream, the singer confessed that during the Grammys, he was extremely nervous, especially when he performed and interacted with Rodrigo. Being too nervous, he even forgot the words he whispered to Rodrigo. Since he forgot about what he talked to Rodrigo, V could only give a prediction about the things he might have talked about with Rodrigo. He said to ARMYs that he probably said “You have to be surprised now.” These were the statements from V about his nervousness.

ARMYs’ Reactions to BTS’s V’s and Olivia Rodrigo’s Interactions

Right after that moment happened, ARMYs got really fussy! Overall, the story of V and Rodrigo’s interactions made many ARMYs shocked and surprised. Many ARMYs felt that V was just so sweet to Rodrigo, and they both look amazing.

— Mar⁷ (@Kookietalkie) April 4, 2022

— dear jimin ☽ (@dearIyjmn) April 4, 2022 However, there were some negative responses regarding this matter. Many obsessed ARMYs felt jealous when they saw V with Rodrigo.

— `Sof⁷ (@bemyhope_7) April 4, 2022   A hater (or Rodrigo’s fan) also started a rumor, that Rodrigo felt assaulted by V, and personally asked BTS to leave the Grammys. This was just a rumor, as BTS weren’t reported to have left the Grammys early because of this issue.

— jayden (@bredatthetemple) April 4, 2022 After V gave his clarification, many ARMYs realized that V’s statements might be true. ARMYs finally realized that Rodrigo’s reaction right after V’s statements totally made sense. ARMYs kept re-watching that moment, when Rodrigo gasped and was surprised, right after V whispered those words. However, some ARMYs believed more that V didn’t say a word to her. They believed that Rodrigo’s gasping face was just an act because it was just a skit. ARMYs also noticed that V was totally nervous during the Grammys. They highlighted some of V’s most nervous moments, and one of them shows V’s hand trembling so much while taking out the card from Rodrigo’s back.

In the end, we don’t know for sure if V actually asked Rodrigo to be surprised, or if V didn’t say anything to her. We don’t and won’t be able to find out exactly what he whispered, because V himself has admitted that he forgot. That’s all you need to know about the interactions between BTS’s V and Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 Grammys. So, what do you think about these V-Rodrigo interactions? Do you think that their interaction is an early sign of their future collaboration?

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