Whether you are a new fan or a senior fan of The Boyz, the ships we are going to present in the article below are going to be just your cup of tea. Check out all The Boyz ships provided for you in this Channel-Korea article. Stay curious!

List of All The Boyz Ships and Ship Names

The Famous The Boyz Ships: SangCob, BbangKyu, Canada Bros, Junew, SunHak

With thirteen members it is usually difficult for people to decide which one is their bias. However, all The Boyz ships below are quite popular among their fans. They are often discussed and talked about on many forums.

SangCob (Sangyeon x Jacob)

Look at the cute Sangyeon and Jacob interaction in the picture. This ship always brings happiness to everyone who sees them.

BbangKyu (Younghoon x Q)

Bbangkyu is Younghoon and Q of The Boyz ship. They are so mesmerizing!

Canada Bros/MoonBae (Kevin x Jacob)

They are both from Canada, therefore the ship between Kevin and Jacob is named the Canada Bros. Besides, it’s also called MoonBae.

JuhWall (Juyeon x Hwall)

Although Hwall already left the group, Juyeon and Hwall are an unforgettable ship. Look at Juhwall’s picture.

SunHak (Juhaknyeon x Sunwoo)

Sunhak represents The Boyz ship between Juhakyeon and Sunwoo. They are such an adorable couple!

The Boys Ships That You Shouldn’t Dismiss

Besides, those famous The Boyz ships, there are other ships you should know about and have been drawing interest since their debut!

JuRic (Juyeon x Eric)

Juric is the ship made between Juyeon and Eric. They are always looking lovable with each other. Do you like this ship?

NyuKyu (New x Q)

NyuKyu is the ship between New and Q. They always look comfortable with each other and stare into each other’s eyes deeply in some scenes together. Can you feel it?

JuJae (Hyunjae x Juyeon)

Juyeon and Hyunjae have never failed to give each other affection. Look at that picture, how they look so openly caring for each other.

NyuHoon (Younghoon x New)

Nyuhoon is The Boyz ship between New and Younghoon. New is quite outgoing and close to many members. New and Younghoon are quite a couple in this boy group too!

NewMoon (Kevin x New)

NewMoon are always finding their way to each other. New and Kevin are often caught doing aegyo or photo style in the same form.

SunNew (Sunwoo x New)

This ship, SunNew between Sunwoo and New is also memorable. They are close to each other and show jealousy in some of their interaction together.

SunKyu (Sunwoo x Q)

The interaction between Sunwoo and Q is also adorable. They aren’t afraid to show their love and support on many occasions. So, which one is your favorite ship? Write your comment below and also share it on Twitter, or any social media. Follow The Boyz’s Instagram, to stay up to date with their next project. Keep supporting The Boyz in everything they do in the future.

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