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Itzy’s Debut Announcement and Teaser

Before their official debut, JYP Entertainment released member pictorial teasers, a “Dalla Dalla” voice teaser, and an MV teaser. Pictorial teasers of all five members revealed their stunning visuals. Each member’s picture has two different concepts, one is the cute concept, while the other concept is glamour. All the teasers were released in January 2019, a month earlier than their official debut.

Itzy’s Debut Concept

JYP Entertainment chose the girl crush concept when promoting Itzy for the first time. The girls are both sexy, badass, and cute at the same time. Their pictorial revealed their bright personalities and extreme confidence.

Itzy Members Before Debut

In an interview, Itzy members revealed that at one moment during their difficult trainee period, all the members almost gave up being idols. Chaeryong, the member with the longest training period of seven years, revealed that monthly evaluation was the hardest day. Because of this reason, they wanted to abandon their dream. Luckily, they stayed together and supported each other. Now, all the members are reaping the rewards of their hard work. Might be you like to check: WHO IS THE LEADER OF ITZY? FIND OUT WHO SHE IS AND HOW SHE HANDLES THE GROUP

K-pop fans had a glimpse of Itzy prior to their official debut in 2019. At the time, they immediately became the fans’ favorite. Check out the appearance of all Itzy members before their official debut.

Pre-Debut Itzy’s Lia

Compared to other members, Lia had no official appearance in any TV or radio program prior to her debut. She enrolled and passed the audition in The Singing Academy of Dream Vocal Academy. At the time, Lia used her birth name, Choi Ji-soo. According to her friends, Lia had three nicknames during her pre-debut days, Honey Lia, Cinnamon Lia, and Ariana Grande. She was famous for her voice and her language prowess. She can speak both Korean and English very well.

Pre-Debut Itzy’s Yuna

Yuna and three other Itzy members made up to reality program held by Park Jin-young, Mnet’s Stray Kids. She joined a group of 7 trainees that showed their talents in front of the judges. Among them, Yuna had the brightest and most cheerful personality. She was also very tall compared to her friends.

Pre-Debut Itzy’s Ryujin

In an interview with a radio station, Ryujin revealed how she got discovered and joined JYP Entertainment as an idol trainee. She said that she went to a Got7 fan meeting event and suddenly, one of the JYP Entertainment talent scouts approached her and asked for her number. At the time, Yuna and her friends were around the fan meeting venue. The scout made a good impression on Yuna and managed to convince her. She was suspicious at first, but after talking with the scout, she gave him her phone number.

Pre-Debut Itzy’s Yeji

Yeji actually went to a JYP Entertainment audition and tried her best during the audition. During the audition, she performed a choreography cover of TWICE’s “Like Ooh-Aah” and managed to captivate the judges. After becoming a trainee, she participated in JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids and gathered a huge amount of fans. Her unique eagle eyes made her stand out among other contestants.

Pre-Debut Itzy’s Chaeryong

Chaeryong became a JYP Entertainment trainee long before other Itzy members were found. She competed in the idol survival program Sixteen. The show discovered all of the TWICE members. Chaeryong was very young at the time and she stood out with her dancing talent. However, she didn’t pass the final cut and she had to wait for another chance. She was finally able to debut with Itzy in 2019.

Itzy’s Debut Chart Position and Win

Itzy stunned the world with its debut appearance. The girls made it to the global music charts and various streaming platforms. On their debut announcement, Itzy made it to the top 3 albums chart on iTunes and the top 16th single on the iTunes single chart. The single “Dalla Dalla” entered the Billboard chart and peaked at rank No. 3. They also peaked at rank No. 2 on the World Digital sales chart, Korea’s Gaon Digital Music Chart. “Dalla Dalla” was certified KMCA Platinum for amassing more than 100 million views. The lead single from their debut EP album Icy, peaked at No. 3 on the Gaon Music Chart, topped Korea’s Billboard Music chart at No. 1, and gathered 12 wins on MBC’s Show Champion. Might be you like to check: LET’S FIND OUT THE REASON WHY JEON SOMI FAILED TO DEBUT WITH TWICE!

Itzy’s Debut Sales and YouTube Views

Their debut EP It’s Icy was a huge success both in the Asian Market and the US Market. In Korea, the album sold 160.590 copies, while in Japan, it sold 15.114 copies. Even before their official debut, fans had already acknowledged their talent. It was only a matter of time before JYP Entertainment officially revealed Itzy’s formation. The most famous single in Itzy’s debut album must be “Dalla Dalla”. It amassed more than 17 million views within only 24 hours after the official release. Music critics praised “Dalla Dalla” for making a quick tempo, house music, and hip-hop mixture. YouTube recorded Itzy’s “Dalla Dalla” as Korea’s Top 10 Most-Watched music videos of 2019. As of June 2021, “Dalla Dalla” has recorded more than a quarter-billion views. Might be you like to check: THE TRUTH BEHIND JEON SO-MI’S DEPARTURE FROM JYP ENTERTAINMENT What do you think about Itzy’s debut album and debut singles? Which single from the album is your favorite? Give us your opinion about Itzy’s debut in the comment section below. Also, please don’t forget to share this article with your Twitter account.

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