But behind her bubbly personality, Chuu’s beauty is more than skin-deep since she has an equally charming personality. Are you curious to get to know her deeper? Please scroll down this article below to find out all about her!

Full Profile of Loona’s Chuu

Stage Name: Chuu (츄) Birth Name: Kim Ji-woo (김지우) Birthday: October 20, 1999 Zodiac Sign: Libra Birthplace: Chungcheong, South Korea Blood Type: A Sub-Unit: yyxy Instagram: @loonatheworld (Loona’s Instagram)

Interesting Facts about Loona’s Chuu

She was born in North Chungcheong, South Korea. She studied at Hanlim Multi Art School. She is the 10th member of Loona to be revealed. She was introduced to the public on December 14, 2017. She made her debut on December 27, 2017, as a solo with the song “Heart Attack”. She was Insta-famous before joining Loona, then finally, she deleted the IG. In the group, she represents the symbols of the peach (color) and the penguin (animal). She and Kim Lip were close friends before joining Loona because they went to the same school. On February 9, 2018, she and Kim Lip graduated from Hanlim. She is friends with Momoland’s JooE, Red Velvet’s Yeri, and Bang Suji (Polaris trainee). Her lullaby is “Upon your Existence, Ophelia” by Lucia. She has a very feminine personality. If she has to choose, she chooses to wear skirts over pants. She dislikes rain. To debut in a girl group is her life-long dream. She likes macaroni and mint chocolate. She has two younger brothers. She used to audition for JYP Entertainment, but sadly she didn’t pass. She used to be part of the FNC Academy during 2016. She was a former trainee of Music Works until early 2017. She is said to resemble Gugudan‘s Mina and April’s Naeun. She also is said to look like a female version of Lee Daehwi (Wanna One). But she said that she looks like her mother. She became a trainee for 1 month before her debut. She thinks her charming point is her cheerfulness. She did Taekwondo until she was in middle school and is a black belt holder. She is known among Loona members for her killer aegyo. Other members said that she & Yves are the ones who take selfies the most in yyxy. Sushi and sweet and sour pork are her favorite foods. She is a fan of bread. She doesn’t like Yaja Time. Her favorite color is red. Her favorite season is winter. She likes dodgeball, volleyball, badminton, and athletics. Her shoe sizes are 5.5 ~ 6 (US size). She comes from a musical family, and her mother is a classical music singer. At first, her mother doesn’t like her being an idol because her mother knows how hard it is to be a singer. Her father always supported her, so that was the reason why she kept going. Her father buys 50 Loona’s albums every time a new album is released She wrote in her diary twice a day (usually before going to bed). She used to watch comedy shows like Unstoppable High Kick when she was a child. She wrote her own song for pre-debut, which is called “지우 노래”, which means “Kim Ji-woo’s Song”. Her debut single managed to reach #11 on the Gaon Chart (it is the single from Loona that has reached the highest position until now). She has many classmates from among idols (Red Velvet‘s Yeri, Kim Lip, Astro‘s Rocky, WJSN’s Yeonjung, and Momoland‘s Jooe). Dean, MeloMance, Ariana Grande, and Paul Kim are her favorite artists. She shares a room with Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye. During the summer vacation of high school, she worked part-time at Subway, a sandwich food franchise. She was once locked outside the dormitory for 20 minutes because she forgot her key, and no one heard her call. While in Budapest, the other members left her in the toilet, and she ended up chasing them while they were already in the van. She and Yves met for the first time at the academy, and at first, Yves thought that she was a shy kid and asked for her phone number (but they eventually became good friends). She once said that her ideal type is a man like her father.

Loona’s Chuu’s Pre-debut and Official Debut with Loona

Born and raised in Chungju, Chungcheong Province, South Korea, Chuu had a life-long dream to be a singer ever since she was a child. At first, her mother tried to talk her out of her dream because her mother knows how hard it is to be a singer. But, due to her father’s constant support, she kept going to pursue her dream. She attended Hanlim Multi Arts High School in Seoul in 2015 and later got accepted to FNC Academy in 2016. However, she later left the academy and joined Music Works. Before her debut, she successfully built her Instagram as a cute Hallym high school student and aspiring singer, and she had over 13,000 followers. She was also known to be a hard worker as she worked part-time in Subway and Paris Baguette. She even has her own fan community since she was a trainee. On November 11, 2017, she bid her goodbyes to her followers before disappearing, only to reveal herself as Loona’s 10th member. Many fans have already had their suspicion that ‘Instagrammer Kim Ji-woo’ was going to debut. In the fall of 2016, Blockberry Creative, a Sunlight Polaris subsidiary agency, announced that they would debut a 12-member girl group through an 18-month debut project. Starting from October 2016, the members will be revealed one by one and the release of a single album for each member. Chuu was introduced to the public on December 14, 2017, as the 10th member of Loona. Along with the other 3 members, Yves, Gowon, and Olivia Hye, Chuu teamed up to make Loona’s subunit, yyxy.

Loona finally made their debut on August 19, 2018, with their extended play, [+ +] (2018), and the title track “Hi High”. They held their first debut showcase LOONAbirth within the same day. With the albums before their official debut, they have successfully entered the top 5 of the Billboard World Album Chart and gain various recognition, either domestic or international such as topping Melon chart and entered the Billboard 200 chart.

Loona’s Chuu’s Visual and Personality

In terms of appearance, Chuu was often mentioned to resemble Gugudan‘s Mina, April’s Na-eun, and even Lee Daehwi (Wanna One). Fans said that she resembles a penguin’s cute, which was also an animal that she represents in the group. Her e eyes are large and round, and she is said to be the cutest member of Loona as she often got called as ‘chute’. When asked, “What if I was born again as another member?”, 5 out of 11 Loona’s members Chuu answered that they wanted to be born because of her cute appearance. Her straight bangs became her trademark as she is the girl in charge of bangs in Loona. She also has a strong, soft, and cute image like a strawberry, but surprisingly, the girl crush concept matched her perfectly. At the promotion of Loona‘s 2nd mini album title song “So What”, the public also said it was surprising because they didn’t know that this concept would fit well with Chuu due to her cute image. But don’t be fooled by her smile. She got a strong pair of sharp eyes.  

She is generous in giving praises to the other members. She is good at boosting other’s self-esteem. She is also unique as she often uses third-person expressions to refer to herself. Despite her bubbliness, she seems to have a serious side. She sometimes shows seriousness in front of her younger siblings as the oldest. And has a lot of thoughts. He has a bright personality but seems to have a serious side.

From personality to appearance, she has this overall cute feeling. But, she can be strong and fierce at the same time.

Loona’s Chuu’s Solo Single 

As part of Loona’s debut project, each member released a single to introduce their unique colors to the public. Chuu was introduced as the 10th member of the group and released her solo single album Chuu on November 28, 2017, which consists of two songs: “Heart Attack” (solo) and “Girl’s Talk” (ft. Yves). This album told the journey of Chuu, who was already a famous trainee, to later joining Blockberry Creative. The title song “Heart Attack” is a song about the feelings of falling in love. The music video also reveals many various codes and symbolism such as Rene Magritte, The Matchmaker, Aphrodite, etc., to represent love. The meaning also can be seen from the sweet lyrics: Meanwhile, “Girl’s Talk” is a song that translates the everyday conversations of girls into a song. Sometimes sweet and sometimes secret, the preciousness of small talk of girls is recalled with music. Yves accompanied chuu in this song.

As a member who has been popular since her trainee days, it is no wonder that Chuu got a popular response from her fans. Her debut single managed to reach #11 on the Gaon Chart, and it even becomes Loona’s single that has reached the highest position until now.  

Loona’s Chuu’s Activities in Loona’s sub-unit, yyxy

As part of Loona’s debut project and the last line-up of the members that were introduced, Chuu, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye, teamed up together under the sub-unit Loona yyxy (이달 의 소녀 yyxy) on May 30, 2018, with the mini-album Beauty & The Beat and title track “love4eva”. The album talks about the love of youth that shines brightly. It becomes the medium where the members talked about the ‘self’. The title song, “love4eva” features various voice colors and emotional expressions from 4 girls. The song is about unrequited love that suddenly came. Check out their song below!


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