Full Profile and Facts Of LOONA’s JinSoul

Stage Name: Jinsoul (진솔) Birth Name: Jung Jinsoul (정진솔) Date of Birth: June 13th, 1997 Zodiac Sign: Gemini Birthplace: Chuncheon, South Korea Blood Type: B Subunit: LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE Jinsoul Facts: – She made her debut on June 25th, 2017, as a member of LOONA with the song “Singing in the Rain” – Her favorite color is blue – Her favorite animal is a Siamese Fighter fish – Jinsoul said that for her audition she sang Gummy’s “If You Return” (171111 Jongro Fan signing with odd eye circle) – She is the tallest member of LOONA (ODD EYE CIRCLE INTERVIEW WITH XSports) – Jinsoul has dimples – Choerry says Jinsoul wears a Zootopia Judy hat to sleep – Jinsoul compares herself to a pig – Gowon wants to take care of Jinsoul – She ranked herself No.1 in coolness out of all the members – She has an older brother – Her designated colors are blue and black – She is a former DSP Entertainment trainee – Her nickname is Jindollie/Jindori – JinSoul had caught the eyes of the fans first with ViVi’s help during their encounter in Hong Kong – A lot of fans call Jinsoul mini Elkie since she was first spotted in Hong Kong – Jinsoul thinks her charm is her dumbness – She said that if she can choose another group, she’d love to be in Red Velvet – Her foot size is 240 – She likes spicy rice cakes, ramen, watermelon, and carbonated drinks – She studied piano for 9 year – She loves Doraemon – Jinsoul’s hobby is internet shopping – Jinsoul loves eating delicious food, small talk, and fulfilling a goal – Jinsoul hates gaining weight, hot weather, and when people get worried because of her – She loves webtoons – Her biggest interest is making abs – Jinsoul would love to be a teenager again – Jinsoul hopes that one day LOONA will shine like the fireworks they saw in the US – Krystal (f(x)) is her idol – Jinsoul is the closest with Hyunjin and Choerry. – Jinsoul’s favorite colors are indi-pink and black – One of her idols is Suzy. – Jinsoul has been nominated for 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2018 – Her ideal type of guy is a cute boy

LOONA’s JinSoul’s Pre-debut Story

As the final bars of LOONA ⅓’s “Sonatine” slowly faded out, the digital effects opened a new door for LOONA. On the other side of it are Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry. As a trio they are ODD EYE CIRCLE, a name that necessitates capital letters thanks to the moon-evoking imagery of the word “odd.” These three represent the next chapter of the LOONA story. Writing the previous entry to this series on LOONA was a much easier task than this addition. With the added benefit of hindsight, I knew what had come after the first five girls of LOONA so I could more easily chart their progression and what that meant in contrast to the three girls who would become ODD EYE CIRCLE. When the three of them did finally come together though, there was a whole new clarity to the ideas behind LOONA. Whereas the first five girls were moving towards a group identity as a whole, ODD EYE CIRCLE traces individuals.

Official Debut as a LOONA Member

Jinsoul preceded chronologically Choerry with her tumultuous future bass track “Singing in the Rain,” but her song propels ODD EYE CIRCLE’s mythos. Completely shedding any memory of the first five girls, she moves into an edgy digital space. The sawtooth synths and explosive percussion of her song have a dangerous unpredictability to them. Jinsoul is experimenting in the grey area between Choerry and Kim Lip. She’s the first to rap and does so with relish, adding ad-libs to pre-choruses. That pre-chorus changes for the second chorus as well. “Singing in the Rain” is what happens when a group is trying to figure itself out. It’s not as experimental as “Love Cherry Motion” but it’s still not a completely polished product. Jinsoul is much more direct as well, “For the sin of swallowing, up the afternoon sun, I’m right here, so hot,” she coos in the chorus. It’s a forwardness unknown to the other girls. She’s a girl in love, not waiting for someone but taking the lead to the point where she sings loudly about it in the rain.



“JINSOUL” (2017)


“Everyday I Need You” (with ViVi) (2017) “Puzzle” (with Cheorry) (2017) “Egoist” (with Olivia Hye) (2018)



Music Video Appearances

Latest News

Until now, there hasn’t been any information about upcoming projects, but soon she will play and act in some movies and make new music. When she does choose her next project, she will tell us soon and start doing promotions on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or her fan page.

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