Finally, the girl group has been made and named NiziU and consists of nine members, one of them being Riku. After her appearance on Nizi Project and her debut with NiziU, many praises and compliments have been sent to her. She successfully made people even more curious about her. Are you curious about NiziU’s Riku as well? In this article, Channel Korea will explain to you everything about her, so stay tuned!

Full Profile of NiziU’s Riku

Birth Name: Oe Riku (大江梨久) Stage Name: Riku (リク) Birth: Osaka, Japan, October 26, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Height: 162 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood Type: AB Nationality: Japanese Position in NiziU: Lead Vocalist Occupation: Singer Label: JYP Entertainment Years Active: 2020 – present Associated With: Nizi Project, NiziU

Interesting Facts About Riku That You Need To Know

She has an older brother. Riku once attended a K-pop academy. When she was still in middle school, she played the trumpet. Riku is very good at karate. Aside from karate, another specialty from Riku is remembering dates. Riku was 18 years old when she debuted as a NiziU member. When she decided to join Nizi Project, she had no previous experience. She is known as an energetic, affectionate, and friendly person. Riku thinks her most attractive feature is her ear shape which she got from her father. Riku is a big fan of ITZY. Green is Riku’s representative color. She is known as the “Squirrel” in NiziU.

Wanna Know About NiziU’s Riku’s Ideal Type?

On many occasions, NiziU’s Riku has always looked cheerful and adorable. Many fans have fallen in love with her charms and are even curious about how she would be when she is dating someone. It also led people to speculate about Riku’s ideal type. However, Riku has not revealed her ideal type yet since the girl is focused on her career first. But, still, we would love to know her ideal type in the future once she decides to reveal it!

Riku’s Pre-Debut Era: Appearance on Nizi Project and More

Long before Riku’s debut with NiziU, it seemed like she already had an interest in K-pop. It was also revealed that Riku once attended a K-pop academy even though it isn’t known for how long. One day, she decided to join the Nizi Project show without any experience as a trainee. While she participated in Nizi Project, Riku showed off her dancing and singing ability which was very impressive. No wonder she finished in 2nd place on Nizi Project, and she was chosen as a lineup member for the upcoming girl group NiziU!

Riku’s Debut With NiziU

After the Nizi Project show ended, the final lineup members for the upcoming group NiziU finally debuted. With the other eight members, Riku became the lead vocalist in the group, and she is known as the energetic squirrel in NiziU. Before the official debut of NiziU, the girl group released a pre-debut album titled Make You Happy in June 2020 followed by their official single debut “Step and a Step” in December 2020. The meaning behind NiziU’s name is also very thoughtful and wise. It comes from the Japanese word “Niji” which means rainbow. Meanwhile, the “U” means that the fans will always be there to support the girls. JYP Entertainment also explained that people can’t succeed by themselves without support from other people or fans. In 2021, NiziU released the group’s latest single entitled “Take a Picture / Poppin’ Shakin’.”

Watch the Fancam Performance of NiziU’s Riku

Don’t miss out on NiziU’s Riku’s energetic performances in the fancam videos here!

As energetic as her personality, Riku seems to always look bright and powerful while performing. When she made an appearance with her fellow members through the “Take a Picture” performance, she looked very attractive with her red outfit and blonde hair. The way she dances and sings following the rhythm somehow looks very captivating. Don’t you guys adore her even more after watching her performance?

We can never get rid of Riku’s cuteness, can we? During the performance of “Step and a Step,” Riku emphasized her feminine and cute image with a yellow outfit and a half ponytail hairstyle. Since the music emphasizes a cheerful and youthful image, Riku’s cute appearance is well-matched with the song! That’s everything about the lead vocalist of NiziU, the lovely Riku! After she passed the Nizi Project show, she finally made it to debut as one of the NiziU members. We will be looking forward to her next project in the future! So, tell us, what do you think about NiziU’s Riku? Leave a comment below regarding that matter, and don’t forget to share this article on your social media!

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