Along with her career, Park Eun-bin always has good chemistry with her co-star. This built some expectations and speculation from the fans about the dating rumor. However, Park Eun-bin possibly doesn’t have a boyfriend yet, since no official statement about her dating. Check the details of Park Eun-bin’s rumored boyfriend here on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

Park Eun-bin Has No Boyfriend Yet

Park Eun-bin possibly does not have a boyfriend yet. She has the charm and spark whenever acting in her movie and drama. Many fans are curious about her love life, does she has dated an actor she works with, etc. To answer this question, Park Eun-bin is quite reserved about this topic. However, till now, she hasn’t revealed her boyfriend or spotted going out with someone yet. She is single and focuses on her career first.

Park Eun-bin Ideal Type: Someone Like Kim Soo-hyun

In one of her interviews, Park Eun-bin expressed that her ideal type is the actor Kim Soo-hyun. His acting in Moon That Embraces The Sun is the drama that makes her fall into Kim Soo-hyun.

Park Eun-bin Dating Rumor Around Co-star Actor

Park Eun-bin was getting many rumors about her co-star actor whenever she finished drama projects. Her excellent acting and chemistry brought hope to viewers about the relationship outside the drama or movie. Here’s a recap of whom Par Eun-bin is getting rumored with. Find the truth below!

Park Eun-bin with EXO’s Kai

EXO’s Kai and Park Eun-bin worked together in the web drama Choco Bank. This drama is about the struggle of being 20 in starting working and meeting Park Eun-bin as Choco, who just started a business. They both did their first screen kiss in the drama, which brought much jealousy and speculation about them as EXO’s Kai is an idol and member of the boy group EXO from SM Entertainment. He has a visual and attractive figure which bring his fans upset to see him doing the kiss scene. However, they are never in a relationship, which is just a rumor due to the photo of the scene circulated on the internet. Kai, later on, had a relationship with Krystal, the member of girl group f(x).

Park Eun-bin with Kim Min-jae

Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae are also gossiped to be dating after they’re acting together in Do You Like Brahms. Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae did thriving romance scenes that made viewers shipped them in a real-life too. But, Kim Min-jae stated that he felt grateful for the support of Park Eun-bin, his co-star and his senior, that helped him a lot during the drama series. He expressed that Park Eun-bin is his colleague and senior for him. This statement possibly marked that their relationship is professional and friendship matters.

Park Eun-bin with Yoo Seung-ho

Park Eun-bin and Yoo Seung-ho were getting rumored after their work together in the romantic comedy Operation Proposal. They have been friends to build good chemistry before filming. As a result, the drama Operation Proposal aired in 2012, getting hits local and international. The dating rumor remained untrue since they claimed they were friends after the drama finished. Check out more about Park Eun-bin’s activity on her personal Instagram @eunbining0904. It’s all about Park Eun-bin’s boyfriend rumor. Which rumored do you think Park Eun-bin fits with? Put your comment and share your thought below. Don’t forget to always check new articles on this Channel-Korea!

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