There’s a 14-year age difference between the two performers. Both artists are members of the most important idol group from their respective management companies. It is supposedly easier to date artists from the same management company than one from another company, however, Heechul said that he’s never failed when approaching a woman. Even though both Heechul and Momo have denied the rumor, there must be something special between the couple. In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you about Heechul and Momo’s interaction and their alleged relationship. Let’s take a look at their on- and off-screen chemistry!

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TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Heechul’s Interaction and Moments

Knowing Brothers

TWICE visited the set of Knowing Brothers on June 4, 2016. It was the 27th episode of the show and TWICE was already storming Korean entertainment industry, even though they were just getting started. TWICE members gave questions to the Knowing Brothers cast members in order to decide who would be partnering whom. the cast member who answered a given TWICE’s member’s question was partnered with them and they sat next to each other. From the start of the segment, Heechul targeted Momo as his partner. When it was time for Momo to give a question, Heechul answered without any difficulties. He even demonstrated Momo’s dance part in “Cheer Up”. Momo and Heechul performed the dance part together and it was a perfect synchrony. On the episode 51 of the show, all the members participated in the making of Heechul and Min Kyung-hoon’s music video, Sweet Dreams. Momo was invited as the lead woman and Heechul’s one-sided love. The concept of the episode was behind the scenes of the Sweet Dream MV. In the morning, Momo arrived at the waiting room and met the show’s cast members. Heechul smiled brightly upon seeing his love interest. He took a close look at Momo’s face and realized that something was under her eyes. He walked closer to Momo and carefully removed the dirt from under her eyes. His action brought suspicion from Kang Ho-dong and Kim Young-chul. Young-chul tried to imitate what Heechul did to Momo but Heechul swatted Young-chul’s hand and warned him off. It was a very suspicious act from Heechul. On episode 75, Heechul and Momo were separated onto two different teams. Both teams competed in a “Racing on their Backs” game. The winner got to win a folded notebook. When Heechul was racing with Dahyun, he started earlier but he finished later than Dahyun. Heechul purposely dropped the relay stick and raced slower than he could. In the end, Heechul’s team lost the game and Momo’s team got the prize.. Seo Jang-hun suspected that Heechul did that on purpose so Momo’s team could have the prize. On episode 152, Twice appeared for the third time. This time, Momo and Heechul were partnered and sat together. When they stood waiting for their turn to play games, Momo and Heechul stayed close to each other. She performed a short dance before she started playing bunnies and he spontaneously followed her dance moves. He even performed a short victory dance after Momo completed the bunny hat challenge and won the game against Jihyo.

Weekly Idol

On Weekly Idol Episode 261, Heechul appeared as guest MC along with Hani of EXID. TWICE and Girlfriend were invited as guests. Heechul was challenged to withstand Momo’s cuteness. Heechul’s heartbeat was measured to check his response. From the beginning, Heechul couldn’t look into Momo’s eyes. Facing each other and holding hands, he couldn’t look at her directly but kept looking to the side. When he had the courage to look at her eyes, it lasted only two seconds. As Heechul’s heartbeat steadily increased, Momo teased him even more. At one point, Heechul’s heartbeat reached 135 beats per minute. A playboy like Heechul was helpless in front of Momo. On Weekly Idol Episode 249, Momo was challenged to performed a sexy dance to several music styles. Well-known as a dancing machine, Momo nailed the challenge and awed guest MC, Hani. Heechul was struck by Momo’s dancing, he followed her dance moves without even thinking.

Off-Screen Moments

Heechul regularly publishes his activities and interests in his Instagram account, @kimheenim. He frequently uploaded selfies with other celebrities. He posted two pictures and two short video of himself with Momo. In the video and one picture, they were dressed up in high school uniforms. They looked really good as a high school couple. Momo always smiles brightly when hanging out with Heechul. One short video showed Heechul and Momo standing side by side, recording short videos and wearing matching school uniforms. The videos got more than 2 million likes from Heechul’s Instagram followers.

Dating Rumor

On August 6, 2019, internet was swarmed with Heechul and Momo dating rumors. Rumors claimed that the couple has been dating since September, 2017. It was cleared up immediately by both artist’s agencies, SJ Label and JYP Entertainment. Both agencies stated that their artists have been close friends since Momo’s appearance in Heechul’s music video Sweet Dream, in 2016. They are friends with a senior and junior relationship. It is not a romantic relationship. That was all the information about Heechul and Momo’s alleged relationship. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!

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