Among the 16 types, here is the MBTI type of each of the TXT members:   To find out more about TXT members’ MBTI personalities in detail, you can read this article. So, keep scrolling down.

TXT’s Soobin’s MBTI: ISFP

This leader of TXT is an ISFP who is known as an “Adventurer” and is listed under the introverted type. ISFP are very sensitive, independent, but very kind. They also enjoy every moment that exists in their life. As an ISFP, Soobin likes to pay attention to details, be calm, and be careful in making decisions. But behind all of this, ISFP is a caring person and highly sympathetic with others. It reflects Soobin’s personality as a leader. Choi Soobin is the type of person who pays attention to each member, he will ask his members for everything in order to avoid conflict.

Soobin’s Ideal Partner: ISFP – ESFJ

As a reliable leader, Soobin also must have a perfect partner to complement his strengths and weakness. An ISFP type of personality would be most compatible with ESFJ. As an introvert, Soobin would find the perfect partner with an extroverted type like ESFJ. ESFJ will be paying attention to the small things about ISFP, they also can be good listeners for ISFP, give them support, and always be by ISFP’s side to face all the difficulties.

TXT’s Yeonjun & Huening Kai’s MBTI: ENFP

This fake maknae (Yeonjun) and real maknae (Huening Kai) share an MBTI type, namely ENFP. They both are extroverted and called “Campaigners.” ENFP people are very imaginative, innovative, and creative. As ENFP, Yeonjun and Huening Kai are warm-hearted, highly empathetic, and caring with others. They both also have good communication skills, are fun persons, and are enthusiastic about all life’s possibilities. The differences between Yeonjun and Huening Kai’s personalities are in their habits. Huening Kai is known for his calmness and caring attitude, he’s also an angelic person. Whereas Yeonjun is more attractive, funny, and spontaneous.

Yeonjun & Huening Kai’s Ideal Partner: ENFP – INFJ

People with this personality type are easy to get mad at something and are very sensitive. They tend to be easily stressed due to overthinking and easily distracted, it can be seen when Yeonjun is often teased by Beomgyu. So, Yeonjun and Huening Kai need someone who can make them comfortable and support them in their sad moments, and it only exists in INFJ. INFJ are known for their creative thoughts, sometimes they can be stubborn and it can only be conquered by an ENFP.

TXT’s Beomgyu’s MBTI: ENFJ

Beomgyu is ENFJ known as extroverted “Protagonist” type. People of this type are highly considerate of other people’s emotions, they are loyal, and warm-hearted. ENFJ people are known for their socializing skills, which is why they have many friends, for example, Beomgyu is close with Stray Kids’ I.N, ENHYPEN’s Heeseung, and JUST B’s Lim Jimin. It’s very suitable for Beomgyu, all TXT members agree that Beomgyu is a friendly and funny person. However, ENFJ has weaknesses as well: they’re very protective and sacrifice themselves sometimes. They also judge other people with themselves in mind sometimes and hope that the other person will have the same intentions as them.

Beomgyu’s Ideal Partner: ENFJ – INFP

As ENFJ, Beomgyu should find the right partner. People with this type need someone who is imaginative and likes to accept the attention that ENFJ can give. ENFJ can be controlled by INFJ who is more introverted, moreover, both of them are willing to commit to a relationship and be very loyal.

TXT’s Taehyun’s MBTI: ESTP

Taehyun is an ESTP called “Entrepreneur”. People of this type are flexible, sociable, and judge something objectively. Based on Taehyun’s behavior, this personality type is suited for him. It’s predicted that among the people in this world, it’s predicted there’s only 10% ESTP. Taehyun is known as “the savage” member because he will talk about everything logically and theoretically. ESTP easily get bored and sometimes they can be impulsive. However, behind all of the weaknesses, people of this type are very friendly and energetic!

Taehyun’s Ideal Partner: ESTP – ISFJ & ISTJ

Although ESTP is very down-to-earth and very outspoken in communication, ESTP has the flaw that he can be an impatient person. So, Taehyun and all ESTP people should find a perfect match. Based on MBTI records, ESTP has two ideal types for their partner, namely ISFJ and ISTJ. ISFJ is a very responsible person, detail-oriented, and concerned about other people’s feelings. Meanwhile, ISTJ can be a dependable person, responsible, and focused on pursuing things that they want. ISTJ and ISFJ have the same character as Taehyun’s MBTI, they’re very realistic and practical, moreover, ISTJ or ISFJ can complement well an ESTP because they’re a spontaneous person. So, that’s all information about TXT members’ MBTI types. Among the four personality types, which MBTI of the members is compatible with yours? Please kindly write it in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to follow our Twitter @CKoreaOfficial and share this article with your fellow MOA so they can match their MBTI with TXT members.

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