Born on February 5, 2002, Taehyun is the second-youngest member and one of the rappers in the group. Although he is not the official maknae, he still has a lot of cute charms that mark him as the second beloved maknae of the group. Are you ready to get to know him better? Scroll down the article below to find out all about him!  

Full Profile of TXT’s Taehyun

Stage Name: Taehyun (태현) Birth Name: Kang Tae-hyun (강태현) English Name: Terry Birthday: February 5th, 2002 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 177 cm (5’10″) Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs) Blood Type: A Nationality: Korean Spotify Playlist: TXT: TAEHYUN


TXT’s Taehyun’s Facts That You Need to Know

Taehyun came from Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. Taehyun studied at Seoul Hakdong Elementary School and Hanlim Art School Student. Taehyun used to be a child model. Taehyun is the 4th member who was revealed on January 17, 2019. Taehyun can speak English. Taehyun likes photography and traveling. The animal that he represents is the caique parrot. The flower that he represents is the lily. Taehyun has an older brother and an older sister. Swimming and football are a few of his hobbies. Taehyun loves something sweet like caramel Frappuccino. Taehyun is the type of person who focuses on the now rather than worrying about the future. Taehyun dislikes mint chocolate chip ice cream. Taehyun is left-handed. Taehyun can sleep with his eyes open. Taehyun has a 60° nose angle. Although he is in the maknae line, he is quite mature and very passionate. Taehyun never breaks the company rules. Taehyun said that one of the rules in the dorm is that you have to finish showering within the duration of 3 songs. Taehyun is in charge of passion and fashion in the group. Taehyun cannot eat spicy food. Even slightly spicy seasoned chicken is not good for him. Taehyun loves natural scents. Taehyun sees himself as a cat. Taehyun trained for 3 years before his debut. Inception and Schindler’s List are his favorite movies. Yellow is his favorite color. Taehyun loves singing Jung Seung-hwan’s song “The Snowman” during karaoke. Taehyun is a huge fan of BTS’s V and SHINee’s Taemin. On November 13, 2020, Taehyun appeared as a surprise MC on KBS2’s Music Bank and conducted a comeback interview with SHINee’s Taemin. Taehyun named his cat Hobak. Taehyun named his albino corn snake Aengdu. Taehyun said that the most memorable thing as a trainee was when he passed the debut evaluation. Taehyun loves caramel-flavored popcorn. Taehyun said that he would date himself if he were a girl. Taehyun likes cider more than cola. Taehyun hates the scent of coke. Taehyun has huge respect for the mathematician Gauss and considers Gauss as a genius due to Gauss’s achievements. Taehyun used to act confident until his personality changed. When he was a little kid, he used to do educational videos teaching kids how to speak English. Taehyun shares a room with Huening Kai. Taehyun has quite sharp fangs. At first, Huening Kai thought he was multiracial due to his high nose and big eyes. When Taehyun told a fan that he believes in aliens and he was asked if he had ever seen an alien, he replied, “Even though I have never seen one, I believe that the thought of aliens not existing is like pouring the ocean into a cup and then saying ‘eh? there are no fish.’” His dream, when he was in elementary school, was to be a wizard, and when he was in middle school it was to be a magician. His specialty is card magic. Taehyun plays the same role as an MC during fan signing events and photos. Taehyun likes soccer. Taehyun likes strawberry milk the most. Taehyun doesn’t like vegetables with a clear texture. Taehyun hates bell peppers and paprika the most. Taehyun learned boxing in middle school. His MBTI is ESTP. Taehyun has a dot on his left toe. Taehyun types slowly on computers. Taehyun is a fan of Dustin Poirier. According to Soobin, when he was a trainee, he was very childish and had a lot of charm. If Taehyun hadn’t become a singer, he’d like to be a professor.  

Taehyun’s Pre-Debut and Official Debut with TXT

Before joining Big Hit Entertainment, Taehyun was already quite famous. He worked as an advertisement and video model for paid English language programs. So, it is no wonder that he is really good at speaking English. He is also rumored to have been a model in several local advertisements such as for Dettol Handwash. At the age of 10, he appeared on SBS News, and he even had experience in Pororo computer models. These things resulted in a fan cafe being dedicated to Taehyun Kang since 2008.

In 2017, the rumors of a new boy group that would be the first group in the last 6 years to debut under Big Hit Entertainment after BTS began circulating. This was confirmed in January 2019 when Big Hit Entertainment started to introduce TXT’s members. Since then, many people predicted that they would become one of the monster rookies even before their official debut. After introducing three members (Yeonjun, Soobin, and Huening Kai), Big Hit Entertainment introduced the fourth member Taehyun through their introductory video. Fans were excited to welcome him as a part of Big Hit Entertainment and TXT. In the introductory video, Taehyun gave a similar vibe to BTS’s Jungkook. He is also considered very suitable for the youthful and handsome look that symbolizes TXT’s cheerful image.

A month before its debut, on February 7, 2019, Big Hit Entertainment announced the title of TXT’s debut album, The Dream Chapter: Star. Following in the footsteps of BTS, TXT also received fantastic album requests which amounted to more than 100 thousand copies in just three days.

  TXT officially debuted on March 4, 2019, by releasing its first mini-album. The mini-album contains 5 songs with the lead single titled “Crown.” After its release, TXT’s debut album managed to occupy the 140th position on the Billboard 200 chart. That was an extraordinary achievement considering that position is the highest debut position achieved by a K-pop boy group. A week after their debut, they also topped the Billboard charts on the World Albums, World Digital Song Sales, and Emerging Artist charts. On the World Digital Song chart, “The Crown” managed to occupy the first position followed by “Blue Orangeade” at 10th, “Cat & Dog” at 14th, and “Our Summer” at 17th. It doesn’t stop there, TXT also broke the record for views on YouTube. Within 24 hours, the MV for “Crown” had more than 14 million views. This makes it the most-watched K-pop boy group debut music video. Meanwhile, the record for the overall idol group debut is still held by girl groups such as TWICE and ITZY with more than 17 million views. On March 12, 2019, less than two weeks after they debuted, TXT also managed to get its first victory trophy on SBS’ The Show. It seems like the netizen prediction was proven right, they’re monster rookies!

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