Find out the hidden meaning behind The Boyz’s fandom name and what the other fandom candidate names were through this article.

The Boyz’s Fandom Name and Meaning

After months of waiting and discussing, The Boyz finally revealed their fandom name. The Boyz’s fans call themselves The B. The B stands for The Boyz’s Vitamin. V from vitamin is pronounced as B in the Korean language, hence The B name. B from The B can also mean The Best or The Boyz’s fans. The Boyz’s management decided on using B instead of the letter V in English because B is the initial of The Boyz. THE CHARISMATIC LEADER OF THE BOYZ: SANGYEON’S PROFILE, FUN FACTS, DEBUT ERA, VISUAL APPEARANCE, AND MORE! The fan’s opinions were divided. They said that The V sounds very catchy and cute and the meaning is also really cute as well. They preferred The V compared to The Fanz or Allwayz.

The Boyz’s Fandom Name Voting

The Boyz’s management set up a poll to decide The Boyz’s fandom name in their Korean fancafe. Fans chose from 4 fandom name candidates: Alwayz, The Virtue, The V, and The Fanz. Always means both The Boyz and their fandom will always be together. The Virtue means that fans will give strength to The Boyz. The V stands for vitamin and that The Boyz considered fans as their vitamins. The Fanz means a group of The Boyz’s fans. LET’S CHECK OUT MALE GROUP THE BOYZ CHARMING PERFORMANCE ON ‘ROAD TO KINGDOM”

The Boyz’s Fandom Name Announcement

The Boyz finally announced their fandom name several months after their debut day. On April 3rd, 2018, the day of their comeback, The Boyz’s management announced the fandom name. The agency was grateful to The Boyz’s fans for participating in deciding the fandom name. On the comeback day, The Boyz released a new album, The Start, that included the single “Giddy Up.”

The Boyz’s Light Stick

On March 20th, 2021, The Boyz surprised their fandom with the announcement of their first official light stick. Fans were extremely excited and hashtag #THEBOYZ_LIGHTSTICK immediately trended on Twitter. The group held a live unboxing event through the V Live streaming platform.

The light stick looks like a megaphone with a heart shape. There are three colors available, red, white, and rainbow. The Boyz claimed that their light stick is the brightest when seen directly without light. The Boyz asked fans to give several name candidates for their light stick. Fans came up with the cute name “Heart Bbyong Bbyong.” The light stick is very easy to assemble, and it also includes a manual inside the box. What do you think about The Boyz’s fandom name, and do you agree with the name? Tell us about your opinion in the comment section. Be sure to share this article with your Twitter account.

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