Jinjin was popular as the shortest member of Astro. Whenever all the members would stand next to each other, he would visibly become so tiny, making him look more like the maknae instead. He also occasionally would get teased, especially by Sanha and Moonbin. Well, want to know more about Jinjin? Don’t worry, Channel-Korea will provide you with the complete rundown of information about him. Alright then, without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

Jinjin’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Park Jin Woo (박진우) Stage Name: Jinjin (진진) Date of Birth: March 15th, 1996 Birthplace: Ilsan, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea Position: Leader, Main Rapper, and Lead Dancer Blood Type: A Zodiac Sign: Pisces Official Height: 174 cm (5’8″) Real Height: 169 cm (5’6.5″). The other members exposed Jinjin’s real height on their Vlive back in 2019. Weight: 63 kg (138 lbs) Specialty: Playing Drums. Instagram Account: @ast_jinjin

Fun Facts about Jinjin

His nickname is Angelic Smile. Personality traits: a warm person. Education: Hanlim Multi Arts High School (graduated). Jinjin’s family consists of his mother, father, and older brother. His Chinese zodiac sign is rat. Favorite color: Green. Jinjin loves coffee. He can play drums and can also do beatboxing. His favorite dramas are Emperor of the Sea and Jang Bogo (an ‘old school’ historical drama genre). His role model is Big Bang’s G-Dragon. Jinjin’s favorite rapper is San E. Attended NY Dance Academy in Ilsan (before joining as a Fantagio trainee). Jinjin used to be in the same street dance team as GOT7’s maknae Yugyeom (he revealed it during a Vlive). Jinjin started to do street dancing when he just started going to secondary high school, and has won various competitions. Jinjin was the 5th trainee that was officially introduced through ‘Photo Test Cut’ by Fantagio iTeen. In 2015, Jinjin participated as a cast member in Fantagio’s web drama titled 투비컨티뉴드 To Be Continued along with the other members. Was a trainee for 3 years, and eventually debuted as Astro member. He can speak 3 languages including Korean, English and basic Chinese. Jinjin says that he and Eunwoo, are the best English speakers among Astro members. If Jin Woo was a girl, he would choose Eunwoo as his boyfriend. The main reason is that he is extremely handsome. Eunwoo says that Jinjin is the latest member to wake up in the morning, and he often gets annoyed when someone wakes him up. He and Wannaone’s (now soloist and actor) Ong Seung Woo attended the same school, but he was a senior there. From there, both of them became close with each other. He always takes his cellphone with him, even when he goes to the bathroom. Jinjin was once featured in an Eric Nam song titled “Can’t Help Myself” that was released back in 2016. Jinjin is in charge as the photographer of the group since he likes to take photos of the other Astro members. Astro recently moved into a new dorm where he and Moonbin are now roommates. Jinjin’s Ideal Type: A girl with her own opinions and attitude.

Debut with ASTRO

Before debuting with Astro, Jinjin was a part of iTeen Boys (Fantagio Trainee) team along with the other 5 members. Later on, they participated in Fantagio’s web drama series titled To Be Continued back in 2015. Famous actress Kim Saeron, and the other iTeen Girls also participated in the drama project. To Be Continued started to air on August 20th, 2015. The series has 12 episodes, where MBC Every 1 was chosen to air the drama. And every Thursday at 9 p.m. KST, they would update the new episodes. Before we go to the next topic, let’s take a review of Jinjin’s appearance in the drama. As we can see, Jinjin had an undercut hairstyle. With a super light blonde (almost like a white color), and a slight pastel blue color shading on his bangs. This made his appearance fierce, yet adorable at the same time (thanks to his baby face look). Here is a cut clip video from the drama To Be Continued, where Jinjin had a rap battle with the other member named Rocky. Take a look at this video below:

Some of you guys might really want to see the drama, right? Don’t worry, because you can find it easily on YouTube. Just search To Be Continued Astro, and you will find it right away. So, happy watching! Finally, after one year, Jinjin officially debuted as a member of Astro along with the other 5 boys. They debuted on February 23rd, 2016. With their album Spring Up and the title track “Hide & Seek,” Astro showcased their youthful and energetic power. In just a week, Spring Up managed to enter the Billboard World Albums Charts in the US in the 6th position. The album also entered the Gaon Music Chart in the 4th position. Two days later, on February 25th, Astro released a music video for “Cat’s Eye,” which contains a clip from their previous web-drama series To Be Continued. Before we move to the next topic, let’s take a look at Jinjin’s debut teaser photos! And here is the official MV for “Hide & Seek!”

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