Map of The Soul: 7 is the latest comeback from BTS after 10 months. And as you would expect, through the teaser images, teaser videos, photo concepts, and the other essentials, BTS had ARMYs very excited and looking forward for the album. Through this article, Channel Korea will explain the details about Map of The Soul: 7, so stay tuned!

The Meaning of Map of The Soul: 7

Let’s start with the meaning behind Map of The Soul: 7! BTS released it on February 21, 2020, and it’s the group’s fourth studio album from BTS. What is exactly the meaning of Map of The Soul: 7? In an interview on The Zach Shang Show, BTS’s leader, RM, revealed that the number seven can symbolize many things, and it also strong for them. Besides that, he also said that seven was like a lucky number where someone could hit the ‘jackpot’, and with that being said, the members also thought that it was time to use it for an album title. The group also talked about the meaning of he number sever for them. The ‘7’ represents the seven members in BTS, and also reflects the fact that it has been seven years since their first debut. That’s why the number seven became special for them. RM also hoped the fans were getting really excited for the album and the tracklist, since they already did a hard practice and were well-prepared for the album. According to Soompi, BTS’s Jin described the album as reminiscing while they were looking back through the seven years of their career journey with the seven members. They also wanted to share the different experiences they have had since then and now. The album tells the story about BTS’s ups and downs through their career. Each of the members also revealed their own thoughts about Map of The Soul: 7! For Jimin, it was a ‘crazy’ thing, meanwhile Jin said that it was a worldwide album, and J-Hope said that the Map of The Soul: 7 was worth the wait, especially for ARMYs. Through Map of The Soul: 7, BTS is also providing the fans with a new comeback concept, which is divided into three singles. The singles are Interlude: Shadow, Black Swan, and Outro: Ego. Black Swan is the first single from the album. Meanwhile, Shadow and Ego came up as the comeback trailer singles! Big Hit Entertainment’s official website also revealed that Map of The Soul was kind of an album series which started last year with the first version, Map of The Soul: Persona. Then, through Map of The Soul: 7, BTS is showing a new side of themselves and their growth as artists.

Interlude: Shadow

Interlude: Shadow surprised the fans as the first comeback trailer for Map of The Soul: 7! It also represents BTS’s Suga with his solo, as well. The video for the song was released on Jan 10, 2020. Through the single, Suga was showing off his rapping skill and delivering a personal message of his own. Shadow is about Suga’s struggle to be himself while he’s dealing with fame and how he wanted to be. Through the lyrics translation, we can see that it was told what exactly was on Suga’s mind and story. According to Elite Daily, he wanted to be the biggest star. But right after he was reached the top, he was also afraid to lose it all. Implicitly, Suga also revealed the downsides of having fame, and how biggest star dealt with stalkers, as well. It’s quite clear that Shadow tells a story about dealing with fame and the inner conflict that can come with being famous. While you looked into the video trailer, Suga was surrounded by anonymous people who were holding their phones out towards him. It also shows that being famous never as easy as it seems. In addition, RM thought that Shadow was also describing their own pain. Shadow‘s video:

ARMYs gave them a lot of compliments and wrote about their favorite parts of the lyrics from the Shadow single, as well. They felt that the single was related to BTS’s personal preferences, and it made ARMYs love the single even more!

Outro: Ego

Next there was the Outro: Ego with BTS’ J-Hope, and it was released on February 3, 2020! The comeback trailer highlighted J-Hope and the story behind the song, as well. It also revealed that Ego tells a story about identity, the conscious mind, and how someone finds out who they truly are. Ego represents J-Hope’s journey as a BTS members. If you take a look at the video, you can see that there’s a scene where J-Hope was shown a pose of himself with his childhood picture! Besides that, Ego is also related with the previous single, Shadow. If RM said that Shadow was decribing their pain, Ego described a kind of acceptance of their fate, then looks forward. It’s  also clearly shown that through Ego, J-Hope made his own decision to choose his own fate, leaving him more self-assured! Ego‘s music video:

Through the comment section, a lot of ARMYs expressed their fondness with the video! Not only that, they felt touched, and felt way too much admiration within the concept, as well. If you take a look at the video, you might develop a deep admiration for it, as well! Right after Ego was released, ARMYs showed their reaction by making it a worlwide trending topic on Twitter!

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